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T-800 {Endoskeleton} Review

T-800 {Endoskeleton}
Terminator 2 (Neca) - Series 1
While it looks nicer than the McFarland T-800 it does have some flaws. It is missing articulation that I really liked in the McFarland, the arm on that one rotates at a point under the elbow like a real arm while the Neca version only has a wrist that rotates. The neat feature on this is that the jaw moves. I'm a little annoyed by the eyes, they look like they're rolling back into its head. The gun is a beefy thing that looks pretty accurate to the ones in T2 and even T3. The legs are held together with screws as is the main body, 2 instead of McFarlane's one, and the hoses didn't break off the arms when I opened it as they seem just a bit thicker. The paint job is bleh, seems like a simple wash and some detail work would spice it up. The figure comes with a spare hand to replace the one meant to hold the gun and the hands are much better made than the McFarland even if not quite as accurate looking. All in all the figure is a good improvement even though it basically looks like they just retooled parts of the mold. Head and waste articulation is disapointing as is that lower arm articulation. I'll be ordering at least one more of these for my collection as this one is going to be parts for a custom. Overall I give it a four out of five. Finding a way to improve the articulation to be more realistic like the Sideshow toys ones seeme to be would be a big improvement.

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