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Darth Vader Review

Darth Vader
Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Flashback Photos
Darth Vader, the second baddest person in the galaxy, between his constant love of strangling people and his deep commanding voice Vader is always a force to be reckoned with, this figure in my opinion was my favorite Vader from this line. He has the standard articulation that you'd expect from a SW figure, you can rotate his elbows to make him hold his light saber with with two hands. I don't remember but I'm pretty sure you can also move his wrists which to me was amazing. This Vader also came with a darker red light saber, which I like better than the some that were released with a light pinkish color light saber. The figure also comes with his cape which is nice and flexible and he stands very well, perfect for when you play escape the Death star board game, overall a fantastic early star wars figure in my opinion, should you go out and buy it? I think so, I know it brought me lots of joy having him hire Boba to hunt down Han Solo. Where to get it, well most stores don't carry him anymore except when I went to the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh they were selling all sorts of POTF figures (because of the Vader helmet art there), I'd say go online and check out multiple places who knows maybe the realm has one.. I'm not too sure but if they do snatch it up quick! Overall good figure, good articulation, good fun, and that's what most of us want in a figure.

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