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T-800 {Man or Machine} Review

T-800 {Man or Machine}
Terminator 2 (Neca) - Series 1
Not the most interesting of the T2 figures Neca put out it is a neat mix of Arnie and the endo skeleton. Articulation is poor with the the head, arms at the shoulders and right below the elbow of the expose endo, mid thigh and endo arm wrist being all that moves. The sculpt is pretty good but mine doesn't look as much like Arnie as the one in the promotional picture does so maybe it was the prototype. The paint aps are good and shockingly for once I found no real problems with a Neca figure out of the package. I would have liked more accessories with these figures though. Maybe an endo BAF or even key items like the endo arm and chip that were stored at cyberdyne. You get a single pistol with this figure which doesn't seem like much compared to other stuff. The good part is they have the figure articulated just enough, maybe by accident, so that he can look down at his arm and past it towards the ground like when he's looking down at Dyson. I would have also liked maybe 2 alternate arms for this one: one with skin and one wiht the skin half peeled off. Overall it's a huge improvement over all the other figures of T2 arnie that came before but still only gets a 4.

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