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Dr. Sheen Review

Dr. Sheen
Trash Bag Bunch (Galoob) - Disposers
Not much to say about Fran other than this is the only figure they made of her so far aside from the over priced statues. She is one of the few Final Fantasy 12 characters not to be made even though I saw pics of one that must have been a prototype. This figure is like most Trading Arts figures in that they are small, detailed, and have no articulation what so ever. Also like everything Playarts produced the paint is very well done. Why Fran is smaller than most other figures in the line I don't know other than she seems to be styled after the old Super Deformed way they did the characters in the old games. I got her for a song on a website without having to buy an entire box set thankfully. She's a must for any Final Fantasy fan out there. Now we just need a petition going for Play Arts to give us a 6" version of her. She gets 5 out of 5 since she's the only one of her kind made.

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