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Robocop Review

Movie Maniacs (McFarlane) - Series 7
Prime directive number 1 should be go out and buy this figure. Robocop set a new record for violence in movies. With thugs getting blown away left right in centre in mini explosions of blood. The movie was over the top violent and does not make any excuses for it. I always loved the movie as a kid. I loved seeing bullets bounce off Robocop’s armored chest. I always wanted a figure but I missed the boat on them when they first came out (I was too young) When MacFarlane came out with there rendition of the Detroit’s finest cyborg I was stoked.

Robocop comes with his machine gun pistol and an urban base with what appears to be a garbage can, a small create and features spent shells and bullets on the floor.

Paint -5

Paint apps on my Robocop figure was perfect. The paint was applied smooth and evenly. The spend casing on the floor are well painted. You can even tell the difference from the type of casing on the floor. For example there are bullets and shotgun shells. The base has a layer of dry brushing on it as well. Over all perfect 5


This is where MacFarlane really shines. MacFarlane is extremely well known for there amazing sculpt. Well no surprise here that Robocop looks great. The detail of his amour is just fantastic. His gun looks just like the one from the movie. Over all perfect 5

Articulation 3.5

Now this is where MacFarlane falls short normally. However, this figure features a welcomed surprise. Robocop features 16 points of articulation. A lot of it is useful too. Slightly restrictive modified shoulder joints, ratchet joints on elbows and knees, cut wrists, waist cut, thighs, ratchet ankles and head. This figure is one of the most poseable of the entire Movie Manic line and MacFarlane toys too. I gave this figure a 3.5 which might seem high or low to some. I do recognize that this toy was well articulated for a MacFarlane figure but does not hold up to some of the newer stuff being made today. I gave the rating a little above the middle mark because it is well Articulated for a MacFarlane figure but not as great as the newer stuff.

Accessories -3

Robocop comes with his trademarked machine pistol and a nice base. Those are the core things Robocop comes with but I feel like its still missing things. He could have come with an alterative hand with data spike and an alternative head with no helmet on. Over all you get the necessities but MacFarlane could have added more.

Over all it is a great figure easily one of the best Movie Manic figure ever produced. I really feel like you can get the best of bother worlds: sculpt and articulation with out really compromising one or the other. On a personal note this is my favorite MacFarlane toy ever produced.

      by CplHicks   Update Review

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