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Scourge (TRU) Review

Scourge (TRU)
Transformers - Robots in Disguise (Hasbro) - Exclusives
Ahhh Robots in Disguise. After a long history of animal’s transformers we get back to the roots of what made transformers great…Vehicles!!! Yeah I guess it was kinda cool to see Prime as a gorilla but in my heart I always missed him as a semi truck. Finally RID gives us back our cars, trucks and other metal vehicle forms. I was pumped for this show!!

My favorite character quickly became Scourge. This black and teal semi truck bada$$ was the coolest thing about the show. Megatron the leader of the predacons seemed weak and inferior to this 20 ton 800 horse power metal powerhouse.

Scourge was a Toys R Us excusive. He uses the same mould as the Generation 2 Laser optimus prime. Unlike the Prime which featured lights and sounds Scourge does NOT feature any working electronics. The battery case is still attached to the toy but the screw is missing and the case is glued in. Scourge receives a total repaint to become a black and teal paint scheme. His trailer is an oil tanker that is black and chrome. The trailer opens up to be a battle station. Lots of guns and missiles which some really fire. Scourge comes with a large clear red plastic swords and a double barrel laser gun that comes from the trailer’s battle station.

Paint- 5

The paint is flawless. Perfectly smooth and well applied. The new colors look great on him even better than the original paint job. The chrome is well applied on the trailer and does not chip or come off even after all these years. Over all a perfect rating from me.

Sculpt -5

Sculpt looks great. Yes it is a repaint but the original sculpt from the early 90’s still holds well today. He is a bit blocky but it really fits in with the robot theme so I’m not going to take away any marks.

Articulation 2.5

This is were scrounge suffers. Being a Generation 2 Transformer mould his poa is a bit limited. At the time in the early 90’s it wasn’t bad but compared to modern lines like Classics/universe it is really lacking. Most of his poa is in his arms so you can still play with him but below the waist he is not very poesable. We really need to remember the age of the mould before we can judge so harshly.

Accessories 5

This figure comes with a trailer that transforms into a battle station that has disc launchers, real firing missile batteries and laser cannon mounts…What more do you need? The battle station is great!!! Lots of fun to be had with it. If that’s not enough for you Scourge comes with a big freakn’ sword and can take one of the laser cannons off the battle station and use it as his personal weapon. Another perfect for me.

That’s it this figure is awesome!!! If you can get over the limited poa (keeping in mind when it was made) it is an awesome toy. If you are a Transformers or a RID fan than I’d defiantly pick this figure up.

      by CplHicks   Update Review

User Comments
blaynescott - Tuesday, August 25, 2009
I came across this thread while google-checking the name of the figure for a friend here at F.R, lol.
Scourge is by far the best TF I own too! Although I don''t agree with the assessment of ''limited articulation'' - it has swivels (if I remember correctly) on it''s arms and legs. It comes across as the ideal G1-style transformer. No crazy ball joints, but there''s at least some " O- " style ones so you get a great range of motion.
HeartBreakCustoms - Monday, August 3, 2009
this guy is amizingly awesome I just picked one up at my local place for 30 on saturday I don''t regret it for a second
CplHicks - Thursday, July 30, 2009
Hey glad you liked my review
He is my favorite Transformer I own.
I got the last one at my TRU and the package was really beat up. So I take it to the customer service desk and ask if there was a discount because of it. The person told me they''d take 10% off. That wasn''t good enough so I come back later and get a diffrent person at the desk. Scored myself 25% off the 39.99 retail price
Turth be told he is worth paying full price for. He is just so awesome.
I highly recomend him!
Shinobitron - Thursday, July 30, 2009
Good review on this figure and its all 100% true! I have him and he is one of my most treasured pieces. If you EVER get a chance to own this figure do it cause he isa perfect example of plastic Badassery!

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