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Joker Review

Dark Knight - Movie Masters (DC Direct) - Series 1
Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that that face!!! I loved the Dark Knight. When I herd that Mattel would be producing 6 inch collector geared action figures I was stoked. I bought my first MM toy on a cross border shopping trip into New York State. I walked into the first Wal-Mart and found my first MM toy: a Joker figure. I was excited as back in the early days of MM Jokers were rare and highly sought after and went for crazy prices on a website.

Joker comes with very little. Just an extremely small knife and an evidence bag with a joker card. Not a whole lot of stuff.

Paint 2.5

The paint is well applied on my Joker and is even and smooth. The real issue with paint on this figure is accuracy. The face is completely solid while with little to no bleeding or skin showing through. The black around his eyes are completely solid and not bleeding or messy. It is too uniform. The mouth scar looks more like a fresh cut than a scar. The head paint job is not movie accurate at all. Over all only half marks as the head is so critical to this figure.

Sculpt 4

The sculpt is pretty good. The head looks like Heath Ledger as the joker. The tie and collar are not sculpted as well as they should be. Gloves really needed more detail to really get it right. Over all the sculpt is very good with a few minor imperfections.

Articulation 2.5

The Joker features 17 poa. But something really bothers me. The Joker features less articulation than other MM figures. Joker here misses out on ball jointed shoulders and cut biceps. Also due to the sculpt on the vest the waist does not turn. That means the clown prince of crime features a whopping 5 poa less than its MM counterparts. 17 poa isn’t bad for today’s standard but there is no excuse for remove 5 poa from a figure when even low life goons get the full articulation treatment. Sloppy and lazy treatment on the part of Mattel. Half marks.

Accessories 1

Joker here doesn’t come with very much. He comes with a knife but it is so small you’ll hardly notice it. Also the Joker can’t hold the knife. I had to put sticky tack in the toy’s hand to get it to hold the knife. This figure should have come with a bunch of larger knives that can fit into his hand as well as some guns like the revolver, silver handgun and the machine gun. By not including these accessories is lazy. Mattel already saved money on the lack of poa so why not put it back into the figure with some cool weapons? The other thing the Joker comes with is a little crime scene evidence bag and a trademark joker card. The card is neat but what do you really do with it?

The figure is not some awesome adult collectible Mattel makes it out to be. I paid 12 bucks U.S for this Joker. I think for $12 it’s worth picking up but don’t get your hopes up about this being the definitive Joker figure. Over all its affordable and you really get what you pay for. I do recommend picking this toy up for $12 or less but I wouldn’t want to pay any more than that.

      by CplHicks   Update Review

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