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Deadpool Review

X-Men - X-Force (Toy Biz) - Series 6
Another Deadpool, this figure I just got recently and I'm already loving it. I mainly collect the pre-legends so this figure was right up my alley. The figure itself is the second release of Deadpool, making various changes from the original including beefing up and more accessories with out the whole action feature. The figure itself is pretty massive in the muscle area like in the days of Ed McGuinness unlike the first released Rob Liefeld inspired figure, also he contains I think just one more point of articulation above the old one. I'll start out with the basics on this guy, first off his costume is great, I like the torn costume style because you can make him look like he's been in battle when put on display yet he's not so battle damaged that you can only display like that, also his mask does come off so you can look at his meaty little head, with all of the horrible scaring, actually that's how all of his skin is, very comic realistic. The next thing is the accessories, first off he comes with a gun, knife, and two swords. The swords are like a lot of the old toy biz style weaponry if its thinner it probably will bend, so just stick it in the freezer and bend it to your liking. His gun is big, it fits in well being a huge 90's style weapon (everybody had a huge gun back then). The last thing I can think of is the paint job, the paint on this guy isn't much, from what it looks like they mainly used red plastic painted areas back and then some skin tone where needed. As a fan and collector of the old pre-legends marvel figures I really like this one, so is this a buy or pass. We'll as we know most people are obsessed with Deadpool so I'd say buy it, but if you have one you might not want to upgrade constantly. The price on this figure could be anywhere from 10 dollars to about 30 (seriously some websites want 30+ for this figure). I got mine loose so I didn't pay as much for new, and since most of the people don't usually collect these anymore finding one won't be hard. So snatch this bugger up and set him up in your display case today!

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