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Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice) Review

Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice)
Star Wars - Power of the Jedi (Kenner) - Expanded Universe
Darth Maul is a unique character, he manages to be one of the coolest villains ever, and manages to get some of the most mediocre figure ever, Sith Apprentice Darth Maul is no exception. Every figure has it's ups and down, and I'm going to start with his ups. This figure has a unique design and great paint apps, I applaud the fact that they managed to do what even the new ones still can't get right, paint his face. This coupled with his outfit, which I found to be pretty unique, makes him pretty cool to look at. But I'm sad to say this is all there is for pros, on to cons. Like almost every other Darth maul figure ever produced, this darth maul has swivel arms, so tehy don't bend, and unless you're very creative, it's hard to pose him in a way that makes him look different than with every other Darth Maul in your collection, especially since his collar prevents his head from moving from side to side. His legs don't bend either, then again, I don't expect them to since he's wearing a robe. Saly, the robe's plastic makes it hard to him to move his legs, so ll you can do with those is make him stand straight up, so the most common pose you'll have is him standing there holding a lightsaber at some random angle. Speaking of the lightsaber, it's nothing special, it's painted well, and is just as good as any others coming out around this time. But to make a long story short, if you're looking for display value, he's great, and is something different if you have more than one Darth Maul, but if you're looking for play value, keep looking.

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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