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Lasher Review

Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Venom - Planet of the Symbiotes
I'm a huge symbiote fan, and my favorite one is Lasher, so when I heard about this figure I just had to have him, then one month and thirty bucks later, I took him out of the package. This figure is actually much better than you would expect, while his colors aren't exactly comic accurate, it's only a change of shades. The articulation on this guy is great compared to the other figures I have from this line, most noticeably the fact he has ball jointed shoulders. He has diagonal swivel legs (I don't know the proper name) which is standard when they have a little gimmick in the waist. In Lasher's case, you wind him up, squeeze the legs, and he spins. Sadly, it doesn't work too well and it's hard to get his top half centered with his lower half. He has 8 tendrils, all rubber, 6 on his back and one on each wrist. The wrist ones curl in though his fingers and it gets kind of annoying, but soak it in hot water and you can rearrange all the tendrils any way you want. The paint apps are flawless and his sculpt is good too, he's got deep muscle tone and veins, and they work well with his appearance. This figure is definitely worth the money and I'm happy to say it's hard to pick out the flaws. Bottom line, if you're a symbiote fan, get this, if you're a fan of great figures, get this. Heck, a new paint job and a few more points of articulation and you could easily repack him as a Marvel Legends.

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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