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Vash the Stampede (Red) Review

Vash the Stampede (Red)
Trigun: Planet Gunsmoke (Kaiyodo)
Ah, Vash the Stampede, my namesake. I came across this guy one day at my local toy store and thought to myself "I've gotta have this" so I bought it. Vash comes with a lot of accesories that work well with displaying him, his trade mark upside down barrel six shot gun, a wanted sign featuring him with a chain that attatches to his arm, and Kuroneko Sama, the little black cat that always shows up wherever Vash goes. He's got a great sculpt, great paint apps, and he's pretty stable. The only quirk I can think of off the top of my head is the strange articulation in the shoulders. It's similar to Marvel Legends Moon Knight, however, like I said, that's the only quirk. He's ot a lot of articulation, and his prosthetic arm has thee hidden gun seen in the anime. He's great for display, but if you buy him for play value, he's a tiny bit disappointing. It's not a "WOW BUY ME RIGHT FREAKING NOW OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL" figure, but he's not a "Meh, once he goes on sale" figure. If you like him, buy him, if not, then missing out on him won't hurt your conscience, or your collection.

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User Comments
KA! - Tuesday, July 30, 2013
I only have the base of that Vash. It was because I buy a Vash in a sell garage and it came with the wrong base (this one). My Vash is a Mc FarlaneĀ“s 3D Animation from Japan series 1.

I like the bullet shells that it have.

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