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Reptile Review

Mortal Kombat (Jazwares) - Series 3 - Shaolin Monks
Mortal kombat is my favorite game series, and Reptile is my favorite character. After trying to get this figure since it came out, I can't say I was impressed. I opened the package only to find the stuff of disappointment. While the sculpt is great, the paitn apps are shoddy, as one arm is painted lighter than the other. I'm happy he came wtih two head because one of the had green paint on the black mask. Speaking of what the figure came with, I was happy abotu the second head with the tongue, and it made it fun to post him like he was doing one of his classic fatalities or doign the acid spit. Now for everything good abotu him, there's something bad. For accesories, it's his sword. He came with the same sword all the other MKSM figs came with. It looks similar to the one he uses in the game so I was excited to see it, but sadly, it doesn't go in his hand, no matter how you positioned it, he wasn't meant to hold it. I ahd to use a clear rubber band from my MU figs to make him hold it. He's got good articulation, and is highly poseable, but getting the joints to move can be quite difficult as they're really stiff, so think about how you want to pose him before you start, that way you won't waste time moving it around. Overall I give this 3/5, because while there's a con for every pro, the pros outweigh the cons, albeit slightly.

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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