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Sarah Conner Review

Sarah Conner
Movie Maniacs (McFarlane) - Series 5
I freakin love the terminator franchise! I grew up with the 2 Terminator movies. The action was awesome and the story was good. It took special effects to new heights. Awesome movie. When I herd that MacFarlane’s Movie Maniac line was making a host of toys from T2 I nearly peed my pants in excitement. For this review we will focus on Movie Maniac series 5 Sarah Connor.

The mother of the future resistance leader comes with a boat load of stuff. 2 interchangeable right arms. 2 interchangeable left hands. She comes with sunglasses, a handgun, an M-16 and a knife. Now there are 3 versions of Sarah. There is one with her trademarked black hat, one with no hat but hair in a ponytail and the final one with her hair down. This review will focus on the third variant.

Paint- 3.5

Paint application is good. No split colors and some parts of the figure features dry brushing. But there is one major flaw that you will notice right away. Her shirt is green not black. That is a glaring mistake. It is obvious that her shirt is black not green. Why MacFarlane does this is unknown. Was it bad planning, poor execution, laziness or poor quality control? I’m giving this a 3.5 for good application of paint but I’m taking away 1.5 marks for inaccurate colors.

Sculpt -5

We all know MacFarlane makes great sculpted figures and this is no exception. The likeness of Linda Hamilton is dead on. Her gear and clothing look great. No complaints about this figure’s sculpt.

Articulation 1

Here is where the figure lacks. Being a MacFarlane product we all know this category will not forebode well for this figure. 12 poa very little of it useful. It’s pretty much a Statute with only really 2 poses. The only reason you get 2 poses is that the arms are interchangeable so you can mix it up just a bit. 1

Accessories 5

Sarah comes with lots of accessories as mentioned above. Her belt features a holster for her pistol and a sheath for her knife. Tons of useful movie accurate accessories means she gets a solid 5 from me.

Over all she is a nice statute. But remember if you want a non custom Sarah Connor figure this is your only bet in town at this scale. I do recommend her but don’t over pay for her. She makes a nice display piece but you might get bored of the same two poses after awhile.

      by CplHicks   Update Review

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