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Batman (Blue & Grey) Review

Batman (Blue & Grey)
DC Infinite Heroes (Mattel) - Wave 3
I always see Infinite Heroes wherever I go to buy toys, and I always pass them up, yes they're in perfect scale with my Marvel Universe figs, but while Marvel gives you characters you know and characters you don't, DC gives you characters you don't know and characters you don't like. So one day I'm at Walmart, and I spot a Batman, "Oh my God!" I quickly bought him and stood him up next to my Deadpool, and while it was great, it wasn't as great as the Marvel Universe figs. The sculpt is good, the paint apps are better than the MU figs, and while the articulation isn't as good as Marvel Universe, it's pretty decent. Sadly, there's no playability! Now playability isn't what I want in a figure, I normally just stand them up in a line next to each other, but that doesn't mean I don't look for it. Now look at Deadpool, two swords, a handgun, a machine gun, and a sai, but Batman had nothing! When I buy Batman, a man who's main battle strategy is gadgets, I expect at least a batarang, but no, nothing, just the figure! Every figure in Marvel's current 3 3/4 line comes with something (with the exception of movie Deadpool) but while I wouldn't expect Guy Gardner or Superman to come with anything, I would think Batman, DC's biggest cash cow and one of their best characters, definitely the one with the msot accessories in the comics, would at least have a tiny batarang. If you don't feel like reading all this I'll sum it up, he's a good figure, he's just a bit lackluster compared to the current Marvel figs, this whole line is, and this is coming from a DC fan.

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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