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Sunspot Review

X-Men - X-Force (Toy Biz) - Series 3
I first read about this character sunspot in an late 80's early 90's issue of x-factor, it had cable, cannon ball, sunspot and they were rescuing some mutants from genosha. now enough of that lets get on with this figure, I had recently gotten him and I'm thinking this will be good for a new mutants or x-force, and it was. The figure itself is in good scale to the figures in the series and comes with 10 POA, I know what your thinking pfff only 10 points! but realize this that it was back in the 90's when this was made, and that was pretty good for back then, judging that the first cable release only had 7, or that sabretooth only had 4 not counting his mouth. So back to sunspot he is actually a really sweet figure, his look is close to the comics and he can stand up well with out help or a wacky pose. The paint job on this figure is pretty good nice tight lines and nothing to really worry about there but then you have to watch that from figure to figure. The sculpt on this figure is great due to the fact that one hand is in an energy blast style while the other one can hold a gun that he comes with, or really any gun (lots of old toybiz came with guns? why I don't know, although more accessories like that are always welcomed). The one negative of this figure I really can't say because I haven't found one. Over all good sculpt, good paint, good articulation, and a good amount of fun. Pick this figure up? Well I would say why not! There are lots of great x-men x-force figures out there that you know hasbro will never make so why not get them now and relive the memories of the 90's with toybiz, also good idea if your looking into collecting 90's x-men x-force stuff try checking out the figure realm shop and maybe pick up the seasons of the animated series on dvd, best buy in a long time!

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