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Sideways Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
I got Sideways and Sideswipe this the first day they were released at TRU. I liked the whole look of the line, but I had the need for speed, so I got the two Sports Cars. Sideways is an Audi R8, but lacks any Audi symbols on the car, partly because of trademarks. It has a dark gunmetal grey on him with reddish, pinkish windows. Overall the color scheme seems menacing enough. There is also a black Decepticon symbol on the back of the car. If you look underneath, there are some exposed robot parts, but it's a transformer, most of them have revealed robot parts in alt mode. Another thing to notice is it's missing the black stripe seen in the movies, nothing a customizer can't fix...

His transformation is pretty good. Not your normal fold out transformation, you actually get involved. They first Automorph, Mech Alive gimmick is press the grill, and the front wheels flip in and part of his torso flips out. There are two hinges on his chest that the instructions fail to mention, just flip those up...

Skipping to robot mode, he's a pretty cool robot. He's very nicely detailed, especially the arms, which also feature two Automorph, Mech Alive Gimmicks. When yuo bend the elbow, there is an un-noticeable disk turning slowly, probably as a piston movement. Another is in his biceps there is a gear that turns. His torso that flipped out is a noticeable bright red. It just throws off the realism found in these figures. Again, customizers could fix this...

Overall this is a cool design, many people though this was Barricade' Sister, but it turned out it wasn't, but it's a nice figure if you like the new approach to the TF Franchise, or if you like cool car designs. I know quite a few who despise the movie, but it's something to get used to until a new TF series comes out...

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