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Nightmare Review

Soul Calibur II (McFarlane)
Soul Calibur isn't my favorite series, but Nightmare is my favorite character from it, and his Soul Calibur II costume is definitely the best, so when I saw this I immediately bought it. He's much smaller than you'd think from the pictures, though his god like sculpt makes him look like he's about a foot tall, he's really only about 4 inches, which works to his advantage because it looks even better, especially when compared to other figures in this scale. He has minor articulation because he's really more of a statuette than a figure, but it has good articulation for a statuette. As I said, the sculpt is downright breathtaking, probably the best in my collection, and the paint apps are perfect to the point where it looks exactly like the render online. The only problem and I do mean the ONLY problem, is that his head is looking up, so he always looks a bit weird and facing him off against figs in the same scale or smaller is just weird. The sword is equally great, perfect sculpt great attention to detail, and there's a peg that helps it stay on Nightmare's monster hand. Everything about this figure makes me say, wow, worth what I paid for and about 10 bucks more.

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User Comments
Vash_15 - Friday, August 7, 2009
Huh, never saw a silver one
sweetburritos - Friday, August 7, 2009
nightmare was awesome except I got the silver variant edition

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