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Sideswipe Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
I was able to pick Sideswipe here as a lucky break, the very last one on the pegs out of a sea of Mudflap's and Sideways' along with the Scout Class figure Scalpel which is another one I'll have to review. Anyway, back to Sideswipe, what we have here is a concept model Corvette StingRay, a car that is made of awesome. And metal and plastic, but mostly of awesome. It's dead on to the actual car with sleek lines and a low frame built for speed. Of course that low frame is the first weakness of the figure. In vehicle mode, it rides so low that if you try to roll it, you risk scratching the shoulders and knees of Sideswipe's robot mode which are stuffed up under the car. Still, it is a pretty mode to look at. The sideview mirrors are made of soft rubber, presumably so they won't break as easily. The windows are all made of blue translucent plastic and looks really good.

The transformation from car to robot is a satisfing one, complex too. The front sides become his feet while the back wheels and doors become his swords. The arms and legs are stuffed under the car with the arms at the back and the feet at the front. The hood and roof become a suprisingly posable backpack. The exghaust pipes are set up behind his head and mute the light piping effect but turning the head to the side will help the effect work. There are a few problems with the robot mode. The torso and waist have trouble staying pegged together which is a suprise considering the amount of work that goes into just making the two points connect. However, there is a number of fixes avalibly on the net for this. Also, his feet make him rather hard to stand up. They are essentially wheels with "toes" one them. However, the "toes" are just a smidge too high and the wheels a smidge too low which makes him hard to balance correctly. Still, Sideswipe is a great figure so don't be put off of buying him. His design is cool, his car mode awesome and over all, really fun.

I give Sideswipe four and a half stars out of five.

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