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Shredder Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Animated (Playmates) - Basic Assortment - 2003
The Shredder arch rival of splinter and the turtles after all he did kill plinters beloved master yoshi.I've always found ol shred head cool and evil I think its the amour well patly that any way on with the review.Shredder is back with amore updated and amoured look well was I suppose.He looks very meneching I think its the red eyes that help it look like this.He has spiked shoulder pads wrist amour and calf amour.He features I3 points of articulation good articulation too you can put him in various poses.His colours are grey blue silver black and red.All the ones he needs.He all saw makes a lot of figures in the wave look like dwarfs which he should so the hight colours and articulation are good so is his look this is one evil looking guy and is my main shred head.Now on to the weapons he has a long staff with a blade on the end and a shredder like spike at he end the middle bit looks as if it is made of wood which is another cool detail he ha two ninja disks or throwing stars and twin katannas which look something like the sword of tengu in the cartoon I think there supposed to be that but I recall there only be one and the colur is wrong the swords are red and black while it is actually gold and white but then they can just be used as normal swords.Off course he has his famous or infamous two bladed hand sythe but it aint removable.Overall a truly great figure he looks wayyyy better than the old 1980s 1 and more evil too so overall a really grar figure and if your a fan and do see it if you havent got it then pick him up!
Thanks for reading !!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

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