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Do you have an opinion about an action figure you want to share with everyone? Did you just get ahold of the coolest figure ever, and you want to make sure everybody knows about it? Or are you disappointed with a particular figure from a series? Everyone has their own opinion. Feel free to write up your own review of any action figure, no matter how new or old it is, and share your thoughts with us.
Lord of the Rings - Return of the King (Toy Biz) - Series 2
Of the previous two from The Two Towers and the one as an exclusive in The Coronation Pack this figure of Eowyn I find best. This one comes with amazing accessories and the details are highly fashioned, a beautiful design and such a good example of Rohan's culture.

She reselmbles pretty much Miranda Otto. This figure is a valuable replica of Eowyn in the battle of The Pelennor Fields. Made . . .
5.00 stars by Dorion Thurin
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Fellowship of the Ring - Series 3
I just cannot describe how much I appreciate this one. It's amazing. The details and the whole structure of the figure is just awesome.Based on the Prologue from The Fellowship movie this figure of the elven king Gil - Galad comes with an epic shield and a very nice long spear.

Blue, brown and golden are his colours. He comes with a highly detailed elven typical golden armor with a blue bel. . .
5.00 stars by Dorion Thurin
Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring (Toy Biz) - Series 4
When it's about Lady Galadriel I'm quite tendentious. If I really have to choose a favorite character from Tolkien's legendarium then probably I would go with Galadriel. Just like Gimli I might be overly enchanted by her. But, I believe critical thinking where it is necessary and of need is crucial. ToyBiz made an amazing job releasing this Lord Of The Rings figures. Not is everything so perfect. . . .
4.50 stars by Dorion Thurin
Lord of the Rings - Return of the King (Toy Biz) - Series 4
The King has returned and His figure is not bad at all.Just like the other ToyBiz 6" figures this one is highly detailed as well. King Elessar comes with a long fancy black cloak and of course the reforged Andúril. He comes with a Gondorian fashion crown of silver and gold and the typical wings-like decoration which can also be found on his nice silver armor, golden stars and crown, and as well o. . .
4.50 stars by Dorion Thurin
Designer Series (DC Collectibles) - Greg Capullo's Batman
I love this figure! The Talons, just recently introduced to Batman's world, are without question some of his most formidable opponents and this figure displays their hostility. Armed to the teeth with knives and swords - and even a Court Of Owls Mask (customizers, take note,) the articulation and detail on the Talon are some of the best I've ever seen. DC Collectibles has really raised the bar wit. . .
5.00 stars by BobTheEgg
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Icons - Series 3
A very awesome spider-man figure.the proportions are great.the head sculpt is awesome.he is fully poassible like other toy biz figures which is awesome.he has an unmasked variant which looks awesome. The only problems are that is shoulder joint(not ball joints) are useless and his fingers don't bend that far 3)I don't like the paint job but still an amazing spider-man figure.
5.00 stars by Spidermancustoms2005
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Icons - Series 2
The best venom figure Ever. He's just the right size For a 12 inch venom.not too beffey not too small.his headsculpt is amazing.he has the same awesome articulation that the other toy biz figures have.i have a few tiny flaws with him.

1.he has the symbiote texture I don't like but it isn't too much.

2.the jaw articulation is really useless.

3.the isn't fully poasible not maki. . .
5.00 stars by Spidermancustoms2005
Pacific Rim (Neca)
PERFECTLY EXECUTED!!!!! There is a special smell when you open these guys, almost a diesel-y/oil smell. It adds to the industrial feel of the Gypsy. A little take away is the articulation on Gypsy and Knifehead. Gypsy's head is a little stiff out of package, so some heat and pop will do the trick, and on Knifehead the sculpt is spectacular, so that's accounted for. The price point is really good, . . .
5.00 stars by schnibble
Dragon Ball Z (Irwin Toys) - Cell Saga
My first Dragon Ball Z figure that I got all the way back when I was little. Still today one of my favorite figures for nostalgia, not for articulation, or sculpt. So do I recommend it? Yes, because it still somewhat holds up to the kids toys of today.
4.50 stars by schnibble
Star Wars - 2012 (Hasbro) - Clone Wars - Wave 1
Captain Rex as a Phase 2 clone-trooper certainly looks the part, but its lack of articulation like the other phase 2 clone troopers in this series let it down. It has a ball jointed head, ball hinged arms and elbows and hip and upper leg movement, other than that the wrists, knees and ankles don't move making this figures predecessor (phase 1 Cap' Rex) with the removable helmet a better articulate. . .
4.00 stars by Deaditer
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Latest Review Comments
BFBrown3 - Friday, October 17, 2014
Ha. I found one at a Goodwill. I kept for a while but decided to list it on ebay.
-- in reference to Black Widow (Grapple Blast) by MCollector in Reviews
The Composer - Monday, October 6, 2014
The Green Variant is one of three versions of the "Venom the Madness Figure."

The variants include: A yellow/honey-like translucent version ($$$), Green Variant ($$), and Original Black Version ($).
The translucent variant is RARE and only packaged in a Spider-Man 2000 2-pack made available in Canada. I almost had one but it slipped through my fingers. Oy...
-- in reference to Venom (The Madness) by The Composer in Reviews
Cleaning out the attic - Sunday, October 5, 2014
I have the black version and the green version of Venom the Madness. We bought them years ago when a toy dealer told us that the green one was an error and would be worth something some day. They are still in the box. The green one is in a box with the UPC 3511247241 - the same as the box for the black one which has the UPC 3511247241. Both have item numbers 47241 on the boxes. Was this a manufacturer misprint and is it worth something?
-- in reference to Venom (The Madness) by The Composer in Reviews
Dorion Thurin - Saturday, October 4, 2014
This review is for Galadriel Entranced not this figure ^_^
-- in reference to Galadriel (Lady of Light) by Dr Nightmare in Reviews
MCollector - Monday, September 29, 2014
 Hey,I've found one of these in Mercado Libre,here in Brazil. In US Dollar,should be a price of 12,50 aproximatelly.
-- in reference to Dr Loveless (Spider Blaster) by Mr.jackal95 in Reviews
jake1 - Monday, August 11, 2014
me to don't like the alien face that much either
-- in reference to Mysterio by Spidermancustoms2005 in Reviews
Anishka - Monday, August 4, 2014
Hi, what is the price
-- in reference to Dr Loveless (Spider Blaster) by Mr.jackal95 in Reviews
CB2001 - Friday, July 18, 2014
 I have the same figure now. I picked it up from Troll-N-Toad as well. But at least with Peacekeeper Aeryn, she looks more normal than the episode-centric Aeryn released prior to the PK Aeryn.
-- in reference to Aeryn Sun (The Mutation) by CB2001 in Reviews
heroesmaya - Friday, July 11, 2014
The Peacekeeper special Aeryn is a bit limited in articulation but I own that one dnow courtesy of Troll N Toad and she's great looking. Has some neat accessories, too!
-- in reference to Aeryn Sun (The Mutation) by CB2001 in Reviews
Asleepdevil2002 - Thursday, June 19, 2014
Very cool definitely worth a buy
-- in reference to Wave the Swallow by Maroontails73 in Reviews