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First Figure:One Batman in red suit of KennerFavorite Figure:Tomb Raider - Underworld Lara Croft - Neca
Favorite Series:Dark Alliance - Chaos Comics - Art AsylumComments:1196
Currently Collecting:Batman action figures and Batmobiles,Dragon Ball Z,Amazing Spider-Man 2,He-Man 80's collection,Thundercats.
Want List:Alice Madness Returns Hysteria ver.

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Reviews by MCollector
Batman / Blu-Ray Bundle (Batman (Neca)) - 5.00 StarsBlack Widow (Grapple Blast) (Avengers (Hasbro)) - 4.00 Stars
Dawn (White) (Dawn (Diamond Select)) - 5.00 StarsInvisible Woman (Power Blast) (Fantastic Four - Movie) - 5.00 Stars
T-X Terminatrix (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) - 5.00 Stars

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