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User:BobTheEggCountry:United States
First Figure:Spider-Man Classics Series 2 Classic Spider-ManFavorite Figure:I could not decide on a favorite figure. There are so many great ones.
Favorite Series:Marvel Legends, GI Joe: Pursuit of Cobra, DC Collectibles, Marvel UniverseComments:46
Currently Collecting:Marvel Legends, Marvel Universe, DC Collectibles
Want List:Batman: Knightfall Bane

Reviews by BobTheEgg
Batman (All Star) - 5.00 StarsBatman (Batman Incorporated) - 5.00 Stars
Batmobile (Batman (Mattel)) - 5.00 StarsBeach-Head (City Strike) (G.I. Joe - Pursuit of Cobra) - 4.90 Stars
Bullseye (Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)) - 5.00 StarsDaredevil (Red) (Marvel Legends (Hasbro)) - 4.80 Stars
Deadpool / Taskmaster (Marvel Universe - Fury Files) - 4.80 StarsDeathstroke (Masked) (DC Universe Classics) - 4.80 Stars
Fantomex (Marvel Legends (Hasbro)) - 5.00 StarsG.I. Joe Trooper (G.I. Joe - Retaliation) - 4.80 Stars
Ghost Rider (Marvel Universe - Fury Files) - 5.00 StarsGuardians of the Galaxy (Marvel Universe - Fury Files) - 4.00 Stars
Joker (Missile Launcher) (Dark Knight - Movie Masters) - 4.00 StarsKane (WWE Elite Collection) - 5.00 Stars
Ninja Spawn (Spawn) - 5.00 StarsRorschach (Masked) (Watchmen) - 3.50 Stars
Sandman (Justice Society of America) - 5.00 StarsSpawn (Regular Head) (Spawn - Movie) - 5.00 Stars
Starscream (Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen) - 4.50 StarsStorm Shadow (Desert Battle) (G.I. Joe - Pursuit of Cobra) - 5.00 Stars
Talon (Designer Series) - 5.00 Stars

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