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Customizer:FaceFirst Made:Emma Frost
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Poison Ivy
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:134
Current Projects:marvel now x force,in-humans,classic avengers.
Comments:Just trying out customising and dipping my toe for the first time in the field. Based in the UK

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by Face
Absorbing Man (Marvel Legends)Amora the Enchantress (Marvel Legends)
Angel (Marvel Legends)Aoa Xforce Phoenix (Marvel Legends)
Aurora (Marvel Legends)Black Cat (Marvel Legends)
BLACK QUEEN Jean Grey (Marvel Legends)Black Widow (Marvel Legends)
Black Widow (Marvel Legends)Black Widow (Classic ) (Marvel Legends)
Black Widow (Marvel Now) (Marvel Legends)Black Widow V2 (Marvel Legends)
Blackcat (Marvel Legends)Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) (Marvel Legends)
Catwoman (Marvel Legends)Catwoman (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Classic Dazzler (Marvel Legends)Cloak & Dagger (Marvel Legends)
Colossus ( Xforce) (Marvel Legends)Colosuss (Outback) (Marvel Legends)
Crystal ( Inhumans) (Marvel Legends)Cylcops Uncanny Xmen (Marvel Legends)
Danielle Moonstar (Marvel Legends)Dark Phoenix ( Jean Grey) (Marvel Legends)
Dazzler (Marvel Legends)Dazzler (Marvel Legends)
Dazzler V2 (Marvel Legends)Dazzler 80s (Marvel Legends)
Domino (Marvel Legends)Domino (Marvel Legends)
Elektra (Marvel Legends)Emma Frost (Marvel Legends)
Emma Frost (New Xmen ) (Marvel Legends)Emma Frost (Phoenix Five) (Marvel Legends)
Emma Frost (the White Queen) (Marvel Legends)Emma Frost (White Queen) (Marvel Legends)
Emma Frost (White Queen) (Marvel Legends)Emma Frost Uncanny Xmen (Marvel Legends)
Firestar (Marvel Legends)Gambit AOA (Marvel Legends)
Gamora (Marvel Legends)Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy) (Marvel Legends)
Goblin Queen (Marvel Legends)Goblin Queen (Madelyn Pryor ) (Marvel Legends)
Graviton (Marvel Legends)Groot ( Guardians of the Gslaxy) (Marvel Legends)
Invisible Woman (Marvel Legends)Iron Patriot (Dark Avengers) (Marvel Legends)
Jean Grey/ Phoenix (Marvel Legends)Jocasta (Marvel Legends)
Magik (Marvel Legends)Magik (Phoenix Five) (Marvel Legends)
Magik Uncanny Xmen (Street Fighter)Magneto (Uncanny Xmen) (DC Universe)
Marvel Girl (Marvel Legends)Marvel Now Groot (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Now Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Legends)Meggan (Marvel Legends)
Meggan V2 ( Excalibur) (Marvel Legends)Mockinbird (Marvel Legends)
Mockingbird (Marvel Legends)Mockingbird (Marvel Legends)
Mockingbird (Classic Costume) (Marvel Legends)Mockingbird (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Mockingbird V2 (Marvel Legends)Mockingbird V3 (Marvel Legends)
Moondragon (Marvel Legends)Moondragon (Marvel Legends)
Moonstone (Dark Avengers) (Marvel Legends)Ms Marvel (Marvel Legends)
Ms Marvel (Marvel Legends)Ms Marvel (Marvel Legends)
Ms Marvel/Warbird (Marvel Legends)Mystique (Marvel Legends)
Mystique (Marvel Legends)Northstar (Marvel Legends)
Phoenix (Marvel Legends)Phoenix (Marvel Legends)
Pixie (Marvel Legends)Poison Ivy (DC Universe)
Polaris (Marvel Legends)Polaris (Marvel Legends)
Polaris (Marvel Legends)Professor Pyg (DC Universe)
Psylocke (Marvel Legends)Psylocke (Marvel Legends)
Psylocke (Marvel Legends)Psylocke (Marvel Legends)
Psylocke (Armoured) (Marvel Legends)Psylocke (Lady Mandarin ) (Marvel Legends)
Psylocke(Classic) (Marvel Legends)Psylocke(Lady Mandarin) (Marvel Legends)
Rogue (Marvel Legends)Rogue (Marvel Legends)
Rogue (Marvel Legends)Rogue (Outback) (Marvel Legends)
Rogue 90s X Men) (Marvel Legends)Rogue V2 (Marvel Legends)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends)Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends)Selene the Black Queen ( Hellfire Club) (Marvel Legends)
Sentry (Marvel Legends)Sersi (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Sersi V2 Avengers/Eternals (Marvel Legends)Skurge the Executioner (Marvel Legends)
Snowbird (Marvel Legends)Songbird (Marvel Legends)
Songbird (Marvel Legends)Spawn (Marvel Legends)
Spider Woman ( Julia Carpenter (Marvel Legends)Spider-Woman (Marvel Legends)
Starlord Marvel Now (Marvel Legends)Storm (Marvel Legends)
Storm (Marvel Legends)Storm (Marvel Legends)
Storm (Austrailian Outback) (Marvel Legends)Storm (Outback Era) (Marvel Legends)
Storm 80s (Marvel Legends)Strong Guy (Guido) (Marvel Legends)
The Enchantress (Marvel Legends)Thor (Marvel Legends)
Thunderbird (Marvel Legends)Ultron (Marvel Legends)
Valkyrie (Marvel Legends)Valkyrie (Marvel Legends)
Valkyrie (Marvel Legends)Wasp (Marvel Legends)
Wasp ( Modern) (Marvel Legends)  on eBay Now!Wasp Classic (Marvel Legends)  on eBay Now!
WHITE QUEEN Emma Frost (Marvel Legends)White Queen (Emma Frost) (Marvel Legends)
X-23 (Marvel Legends)Xfactor Polaris (Marvel Legends)