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Customizer:BluehawKFirst Made:Venom (Black)
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Carnage
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:105

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by BluehawK
1st Appearance Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Alex Ross (Amazing Spider-Man) (Spider-Man)
Amazing Spider-Man (Black Variant) (Spider-Man)Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Spider-Man - Movie)
Amazing Spider-Man Black Suit (Spider-Man - Movie)Amazing Spider-Man New Movie Black Suit (Spider-Man)
Amazing Spider-Man Re-Paint (Marvel Legends) (Marvel Legends)Anti Venom (Spider-Man)
Arkham City Animated Catwoman (Batman - Arkham City)Arkham City Batman (Batman - Arkham City)
Arkham Origins Style Robin (Batman - Arkham City)Batman beyond (Batman Beyond)
Batman beyond V1.2 (Batman Beyond)Ben Reilly (Spider-Man)
Ben Reilly (Spider-Man)Ben Reilly 2.0 (Spider-Man)
Ben Reilly 2.5 (Spider-Man)Ben Reilly 3.0 (Spider-Man)
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider (Spider-Man)Big Time Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
Big Time Spider-Man (Green) (Spider-Man)Big Time Spider-Man (Orange) (Spider-Man)
Carnage (Spider-Man)Carnage (Spider-Man)
Carnage V2 (Spider-Man)Classic Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
Deathstroke (Teen Titans) (Teen Titans)Electro (Spider-Man - Movie)
Firefly (Batman - Movie Style)Future Foundation Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
Goblin Gliders (Spider-Man)Green Goblin (Spider-Man)
Hobgoblin (Spider-Man)Iron Spider (Spider-Man)
Joker (Batman)Mac Gargan Venom (Spider-Man)
Marvel Select Green Goblin (Spider-Man)Mary Jane (Spider-Man)
Maximized Carnage (Spider-Man)Mcfarlane Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
Movie Accurate Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Movie Spider-Man (Classic Colors) (Spider-Man - Movie)
Movie Spider-Man Classic Colors 2.0 (Spider-Man)Movie Venom (Spider-Man - Movie)
Negative Zone Spider-Man (Spider-Man)New Scarlet Spider (Spider-Man)
New Scarlet Spider 2.0 (Spider-Man)New Scarlet Spider Revised (Spider-Man)
New Spider Armor (Spider-Man)New Ultimate Carnage (Spider-Man)
New Ultimate Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Nightwing (Batman)
Nightwing (John Blake) (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
Scarlet Spider (Spider-Man)Scarlet Spider 2.0 (Spider-Man)
Scorpion (Movie Style) (Spider-Man - Movie)Shocker (Spider-Man)
Spider Armor (Spider-Man)Spider Switch (Spider-Man - Movie)
Spider-Amputee (Spider-Man)Spider-Carnage (Spider-Man)
Spider-Carnage (90's Repaint) (Spider-Man)Spider-Carnage 2.0 (Spider-Man)
Spider-Carnage 2.5 (Spider-Man)Spider-Carnage Repaint (Spider-Man)
Spider-Carnage Revised (Spider-Man)Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man (Red & Black) (Spider-Man)Spider-Man 2099 (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man 2099 (Spider-Man)Spider-Man 3 Symbiote Spider-Man V.1 (Spider-Man - Movie)
Spider-Man 3 Symbiote Spider-Man V.2 (Spider-Man - Movie)Spider-Man 3 Symbiote Spider-Man V.3 (Spider-Man - Movie)
Spider-Man House of M (Spider-Man)Spider-Man Unlimited (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man Unlimited (Spider-Man)Spider-Man Unlimited (Spider-Man)
Spider-Venom (Spider-Man)Spiderman 3 Black Spiderman (Spider-Man - Movie)
Superior Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Symbiote Scarlet Spider (Spider-Man)
Symbiote Spider-Man 2.0 (Spider-Man)Symbiote Spiderman (Spider-Man)
Tarantula (Spider-Man)Terry Mcginnis (Batman Beyond)
The Amazing Spider-Carnage (Spider-Man)The Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Man - Movie)
The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Accurate Re-Paint (Spider-Man)Tim Drake Robin (Classic) (Batman)
Toxin 1st Form (Toxin)Toxin 2.0 (Toxin)
Ultimate Carnage (Spider-Man)Ultimate Cosmic Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
Ultimate Rhino (Spider-Man)Venom (Spider-Man)
Venom (Black) (Spider-Man - Movie)Venom (Movie Blue Version) (Spider-Man - Movie)
Venom (Spider-Man 3) Revised (Spider-Man - Movie)Venom V.2 (Venom)
Vulture (Spider-Man)Vulture (Movie Style) (Spider-Man - Movie)
Young Justice Nightwing (Young Justice)Young Justice Nightwing V1.2 (Young Justice)
Young Justice Robin (Tim Drake) (Young Justice)