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Customizer:Mutation92First Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Link
Crowd Favorite:Dr. OctopusTotal Customs:218
Current Projects:original characters
Comments:i really enjoy this part of my life, i'm an artist and never want to stop. i hate when a figure is made and the articulation isn't up to snuff. as seen on my amazing spiderman figure, i try my hardest with what i have to make each of my figures the best i can make, with the skill i have. i hope to learn and better myself as time goes by.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:3First Places:0
User Voted Rating:2.66Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jun 28, 2013 Gears & Gadgets IICyke772.68 
Dec 31, 2012 Way of the BladeThe Keeper1052.94 
Nov 9, 2012 Turtle Power!Realistic Donatello1212.36 

All Customs by Mutation92
70's Batman (Marvel Universe)Agent Venom (Marvel Universe)
Amazing Fantasy Spiderman (Marvel Legends)Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel Legends)
Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel Universe)Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Marvel Universe)
Amazing Spider-Man Lizard (Marvel Legends)Amazing Spiderman 2 3.75 (Marvel Universe)
Amazing Spiderman Lizard (Marvel Universe)Amazing Spiderman V2 (Marvel Universe)
Angel (Marvel Universe)Apocalypse, Lockjaw, and Ultron (Marvel Universe)
Arkham Asylum Joker and Poison Ivy (Minimates)Arkham Knight Batman and Penguin (Minimates)
Arkham Knight Red Hood and Scarecrow Minimates (Minimates)Arkham Knight Scarecrow (Marvel Universe)
Artifice (Original)Artifice V2 (Original)
ASF Jerome (Marvel Universe)Astonishing Beast (Marvel Universe)
Astonishing Nightcrawler (Marvel Universe)Avenger Repaints (Marvel Universe)
Avengers 2 Captain America (Marvel Universe)Avengers 2 Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (Marvel Universe)
Avengers Hulk (Marvel Universe)Avirice (Original)
Awesome Android (Marvel Universe)Baron Zemo (Marvel Universe)
Batfleck Color Concept (Marvel Legends)Batman (Marvel Universe)
Batman (Marvel Universe)Batman Final Version (Marvel Universe)
Batman V2 (Marvel Universe)Beast (Marvel Universe)
Beast V.2 (Marvel Universe)Beta (Original)
Black Cat (Marvel Universe)Black Panther (Marvel Universe)
Blob (Marvel Universe)Bowser (Marvel Universe)
Cable & Deadpool (Marvel Universe)Callisto (Original)
Captain America (Marvel Universe)Captain America (Marvel Universe)
Captain Marvel, Shazam (Marvel Universe)Carnage (Marvel Universe)
Carnage (Marvel Universe)Chell and Adele (Original)
Classic Captain America (Marvel Universe)Classic Captain America (Marvel Universe)
Classic Spider-Man (Marvel Legends)Classic Spider-Man and Armored Ant Man (Marvel Universe)
Colossus (Marvel Universe)Concept Dr. Doom (Marvel Universe)
Concept Spiderman (Marvel Universe)Crimson Dynamo (Marvel Universe)
Cw's the Flash Minimate (Minimates)Cyke (Original)
Daredevil (Marvel Universe)Daredevil V.3 (Marvel Universe)
Dark World Thor (Marvel Universe)Deadpool (Marvel Universe)
Destroyed Sentinel (Marvel Universe)Donetello (Marvel Universe)
Doom 2099 (Marvel Universe)Doomsday (Marvel Universe)
Dr. Octopus (Marvel Universe)Dr. Octopus V.2 (Marvel Universe)
Dr.Doom (Marvel Universe)Dr.Doom (Marvel Universe)
Dr.Strange (Marvel Universe)Drax the Destoyer (Marvel Universe)
Eddie Brock Toxin (Marvel Universe)Electro (Marvel Universe)
Electro (Marvel vs Capcom)Elsa (Marvel Universe)
Entrail (Original)Fantastic Four (Marvel Universe)
First Class Wolverine Concept (Marvel Universe)Freakazoid (Marvel Universe)
Gambit (Marvel Universe)Ganon (Marvel Universe)
Ganondorf (Marvel Universe)Ghost Rider (Marvel Universe)
Ghost Rider (Marvel Universe)Giantman and Wasp (Marvel Universe)
Glyph (Original)Goku (Marvel Universe)
Granite (Original)Green Goblin (Marvel Universe)
Green Goblin (Marvel Universe)Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel Universe)
Hagarock (Original)Hawkeye (Marvel Universe)
Hulk (Marvel Universe)Hulk, Thing, and Rhino (Marvel Universe)
Human Torch (Marvel Universe)Iceman (Marvel Universe)
Iceman (Marvel Universe)Infernate (Original)
Inuyasha (Anime)Iron Fist (Marvel Universe)
Iron Fist (Marvel Universe)Iron Man (Marvel Universe)
Iron Man Concept (Marvel Universe)Iron Man Mark 42 (Marvel Universe)
Juggernaut and Thing (Marvel Universe)Keeper Part 2 (Original)
Leonardo (Marvel Universe)Link (Marvel Universe)
Link V2 (Marvel Universe)Link, Hero of Time (Marvel Universe)
Loki (Marvel Legends)Magneto (Marvel Universe)
Malaki (Original)Malaki Minimate (Original)
Malaki V2 (Original)Mandarin (Marvel Universe)
Mario (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Captain America (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Deadpool (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Havok (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Nova (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Vision (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Wolverine (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Diorama (Marvel Universe)
Megaman (DC Universe)Megaman (Marvel Universe)
Mephisto (Marvel Universe)Michelangelo (Marvel Universe)
Modern Cyclops (Marvel Universe)Moleman Monster (Marvel Universe)
Moon Knight (Marvel Universe)Morbius (Marvel Universe)
Movie Concept Giant Man (Marvel Universe)Movie Concept Nova (Marvel Legends)
Movie Concept Wolverine (Marvel Universe)Movie Daredevil (Marvel Universe)
Movie Groot (Marvel Universe)Movie Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Universe)
Movie Vision (Marvel Universe)Mysterio (Marvel Universe)
Namor (Marvel Universe)Namor V2 (Marvel Universe)
Namor V3 (Marvel Universe)Necro Zenith (Original)
Necron (Original)New 52 Raven (Marvel Universe)
New Ghost Rider (Marvel Universe)New Tv Flash (Marvel Universe)
Nick Fury and Black Widow (Marvel Universe)Nightcrawler (Marvel Universe)
Nightcrawler and Colossus (Marvel Universe)Odin Gray (Original)
Omega (Original)Puck (Marvel Universe)
Puck and Doop (Marvel Universe)Punisher (Marvel Universe)
Quicksilver (Marvel Universe)Raphael (Marvel Universe)
Realistic Donatello (Marvel Universe)Repaints (Marvel Universe)
Rhino (Marvel Universe)Rhino (Marvel Universe)
Rogue (Marvel Universe)Sandman (Marvel Universe)
Sandman V2 (Marvel Universe)Scarlet Spider (Marvel Universe)
Scarlet Spider (Kaine) (Marvel Universe)Scorpion (Marvel Universe)
Screech (Original)Simple Movie Concept Wolverine (Marvel Universe)
Slipknot (Original)Solomon Grundy (Marvel Universe)
Sonic (Marvel Universe)Spectacular Spider-Man (Marvel Universe)
Spider-Ham (Marvel Universe)Spider-Man (Marvel Universe)
Spider-Man (Marvel Universe)Spider-Man 2099 (Marvel Universe)
Spider-Man 2099 V.2 (Marvel Universe)Spider-Man and Spider-Man? (Marvel Universe)
Spider-Man Revised (Marvel Legends)Spider-Man...Again. (Marvel Universe)
Spider-Woman (Marvel Universe)Spiderman and Dr. Octopus (Marvel Universe)
Spiderman V.3or so (Marvel Legends)Starlord (Marvel Universe)
Starlord V.3 (Marvel Universe)Stephen King's Pennywise (Marvel Legends)
Storm/Jubilee (Marvel Universe)Superior Spiderman (Marvel Universe)
Sweeney Todd (Minimates)Symbiote Spider-Man (Marvel Universe)
Thanos (Marvel Universe)The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Universe)
The Keeper (Original)The Keeper Minimate (Original)
The Keeper V.4 (Original)The Keeper V2 (Original)
The Mutation (Original)Toxin (Marvel Universe)
Twisted Disney Minimate Dolls (Minimates)Twisted Mickey Mouse (Marvel Universe)
Ultimate Spiderman Green Goblin (Marvel Universe)Ultron (Marvel Universe)
Ultron (Marvel Legends)Venom (Marvel Universe)
Venom V3 (Marvel Universe)Vulture (Marvel Universe)
Warlord (Original)Winter Soldier (Marvel Universe)
Wolverine (Marvel Universe)Wolverine (Marvel Universe)
Wolverine (Marvel Universe)Wolverine Casual Suit (Marvel Universe)
Wolverine Symbiote (Marvel Universe)Zelda-Link (Marvel Legends)