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 dark dagger 
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Customizer:dark daggerFirst Made:Superman Cyborg.
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Lobo ´S Back
Crowd Favorite:Bane Arkham MaxTotal Customs:46
Current Projects:red hood, genetic ingeniered ironman.
Comments:just som few really can make a custom, and the taste of people sometimes letus dawn, but allways talent rises, and shine. thank u for your support and feedbackinputs

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:1First Places:0
User Voted Rating:2.49Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jun 19, 2012 Make Mine MarvelRed Hulk1232.49 

All Customs by dark dagger
Agent Venom, Alternate Head and Simbiant Limbs. (Marvel Select)Antman Marvel Select. (Marvel Select)
Archangel, Xforce. (Marvel Famous Covers)Ares God of War. (Marvel Select)
Bane Arkham Max (Batman - Arkham City)Bane, Even Bigger Green Vains.(3rd V) (Batman - Arkham City)
Batman Broken Future Dcu, Online (DC Universe)Batman the Dark Knight. (Batman)
Cable (Marvel Legends)Cable Future Lost (Marvel Legends)
Classic Doomsday (DC Direct)Darkseid New 52 Justice War. (DC Direct)
Doomsday First Awake (Superman)Doomsday Classic Formal. (Superman Returns)
Dormmammu Lord of Darkness. (Marvel Legends)Dove Don. (DC Direct)
Full Loaded General. Marine, War Hammer (Warhammer)Green Arrow Black Lantern (DC Direct)
Hulk Red Hulk Masive Mad Smille. (Incredible Hulk)Invinsible. (Boom Comics)
Ironman What if, T,Strk Was a Genetic Engineer (Iron Man)John Maclane.Bruce Willis, Hard to Die 5 (Movie Masters)
Kasey Johnes (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Lex Luthor Dc Universe Online. Mechasuit. (DC Universe)
Lobo ´S Back (DC Direct)Mad Dog. with Lobo (DC Direct)
Mephisto (Marvel Select)Mephisto Trone of Tortured Souls (Marvel Select)
Moon Knight (Marvel Knights)Nemesis Loaded (Resident Evil)
Nemesis, (Resident Evil)Piramid Head and Nurse (Silent Hill)
Red Hulk (Avengers)Rhino Rampage (Marvel Select)
Rogue from 90´S (Marvel Legends)Sauron. (Lord of the Rings)
Spectre Black Lantern (DC Direct)Starfire Teen Titans (Teen Titans)
Superboy Black Lantern. (DC Direct)Superman Cyborg Cover from Superman #79 (DC Direct Statue)
Superman Cyborg. (Superman Returns)Superman Last Son of Kripton. (Superman)
Superman, Hunter Prey (DC Direct)Superskrull Avengers (Marvel Select)
Venom in Rage. (Spider-Man Web of Shadows)Wonderwoman Injustice. (Wonder Woman)