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Customizer:KnightTakesPawnFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:"Movie Masters" Tumbler
Crowd Favorite:Movie Masters "Batman Begins" (Tumbler Edition)Total Customs:10
Current Projects:-"Movie Masters" Black Mask
-Movie Masters Catwoman (Batpod Edition with properly articulated goggles)
-Arkham City Nightwing
-Movie Masters Bane (along with everyone else here! haha!)
-Jason Todd / Red Hood
-Something VERY special and time consuming....but I assure you...pants WILL be pooped when it's revealed. It's like that movie..."There Will Be Poop"?
Honorable Mentions:I once sold a "The Crow" custom figure to a friend. It was made from a "Dark Knight Collection Quick-Change Bruce Wayne". I think he paid me $5 for it. You're all like "$5...LAME!" but I'm all like..."I was s**k it!" Haha!
Comments:Mattel started a good thing with the "Movie Masters" line...but it seems every one of the line needs some tweaking. I strive to find the middle ground between Mattel and Hot Toys by focusing more on functionality and articulation over repaints ...see my Tumbler for reference ;)

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Total Contest Entries:1First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.23Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jul 23, 2012 Before They Were HeroesComedian Fall-Guy "Red Hood"1143.23