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Customizer:shatterbladeFirst Made:Killer Croc
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Spawn
Crowd Favorite:Ice MaidensTotal Customs:55
Current Projects:DCSH HArley Quinn, DCSH Two Face, The Batman The Joker, Bruce Wayne Coupe and
Tumbler (Camouflouge)

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by shatterblade
Bane (Batman - New Animated Series)Batcave and Memorial (Batman Beyond)
Bonk & Joker (Batman Beyond)Bruce Wayne (Batman Animated)
Bruce Wayne (Batman - New Animated Series)Captain America (Captain America)
Catwoman (Batman - New Animated Series)Chucko (Batman Beyond)
Clark Kent (Batman - New Animated Series)Clayface (Batman - New Animated Series)
Cur, Lar and Mo; Jokers henchman (Batman - New Animated Series)Curare (Batman Beyond)
Dee Dees (Batman Beyond)Dr. Hugo Strange (Batman Animated)
Etrigan (Batman - New Animated Series)Ghoul (Batman Beyond)
Green Arrow (The Batman) (Batman Animated)Harley Quinn (Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight)
Harley`S Car (Batman - New Animated Series)Huntress (Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight)
Ice Maidens (Batman - New Animated Series)Illidan (World of Warcraft)
Illidan (World of Warcraft)J-man (Batman Beyond)
Jim Gordon (Batman Animated)Joker (Batman - New Animated Series)
Jokerz Gang (Batman Beyond)Jokerz Gang "Happy" (Batman Beyond)
Jokerz Gang "Smirk" (Batman Beyond)Killer Croc (Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight)
Killer Croc (Batman Animated)Lex Luthor (Batman - New Animated Series)
Lois Lane (Batman - New Animated Series)Mad Hatter (Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight)
Mercy Graves (Batman - New Animated Series)Mr. Freeze (Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight)
Mr. Freeze (Batman Beyond)Poison Ivy (Batman - New Animated Series)
R.F.G. Ace (Batman Beyond)R.F.G. Jack (Batman Beyond)
R.F.G. King (Batman Beyond)R.F.G. Queen (Batman Beyond)
R.F.G. Ten (Batman Beyond)R'as Al Ghul (Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight)
Ripclaw (Cyberforce)Roxy Rocket w. Rocket (Batman - New Animated Series)
Spawn (Spawn)Spellbinder (Batman Beyond)
Superman (Batman - New Animated Series)The Riddler (Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight)
Two Face (Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight)Two Face (Batman - New Animated Series)
Woof (Batman Beyond)World of Warcraft ORC Statue (World of Warcraft)
ZANDER; Cobra Leader (Batman Beyond)