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 Davey Blaze Customs 
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Customizer:Davey Blaze CustomsFirst Made:Archangel with Real Metal Wings
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Captain America: Classic
Crowd Favorite:Red Skull and HöLlenhund: World War IITotal Customs:36
Current Projects:a Custom of a friend's son who is battling Cancer and a Custom of singer Ian Curtis of Joy Division.
Comments:I started out (from my Youth) as a visual artist with the desire to draw comic books, and have a fine arts background focused mainly on drawing, but with a bit of sculpture thrown in. Over the years I've delved into different forms of Art. The first custom I ever made was converting a 1980's Rocky toy into a "Rambo" when I was a kid. Later in High School I started making customs of my friends and I to make them laugh. Only later did I discover how much someone can really put into this artform and how great and unique a piece of Art a Custom Action Figure can be. I Love comic books, storytellign and art of all kinds. I think Comics contain some of the Greatest Art, Drama and poetry of our time and I really hope to capture some of that magic with my Customs and I Hope you enjoy them!

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:2First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.80Second Places:0
   Third Places:1

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Aug 13, 2013 ShenanigansTANK-GIRL with MISSILE BRA and "Charlie Dont Surf" Helmet834.22 
Aug 13, 2013 ShenanigansTank-Girl's CAMP KOALA Original Sculpt673.37 

All Customs by Davey Blaze Customs
Archangel with Real Metal Wings (Marvel Select)Bishop: as Seen in "Cable:Divided We Stand" (Marvel Select)
Blob (X-Men)Bucky Barnes (Marvel Legends)
CABLE: Cable & Toddler Hope Summers (Marvel Select)Captain America: Classic (Marvel Select)
Dazzler (Marvel Select)Emily Supernurse a.K.a. the One and Only (Original)
Ghost Rider: 1960's Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider)HöLlenhund: Red Skull's Loyal German Shepherd (Original D.B.C. Character) (Captain America)
Itty Bitty Hinson : King of the Country Western Marionettes (Original)Magneto (X-Men)
Magneto: Master of Magnetism - Version 2 (X-Men)Mastermind (X-Men)
Mastermind - 1st Appearance Style : Version 2 (X-Men)Pilar a.K.a. "Beta Block-Her"- Mobtown Mods - Charm City Roller Girls (Original)
Quicksilver (X-Men)Raven Riot as Tank-Girl (Punk)
Red Skull and HöLlenhund: World War II (Captain America)Red Skull W/ Custom German Sheperds (Marvel Legends)
Ricky B. (Original)Rikki Barnes Custom Figure: Nomad-Girl without a World #1 (Marvel Select)
Runner Sharon Piepho Silver Anniversary (Running Man)Scarlet Witch (X-Men)
Scarlet Witch-1st Appearance: Version 2 (X-Men)Tank Girl & Booga: Tank- Girl (DC Universe)
Tank-Girl & Booga: BOOGA!!! (DC Universe)TANK-GIRL with MISSILE BRA and "Charlie Dont Surf" Helmet (Prototype)
Tank-Girl's CAMP KOALA Original Sculpt (Prototype)The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Select)
The Missing Link : 1st Appearance Version (Marvel Select)The Punisher-1st Appearance Style (Punisher)
Toad -Part of 'Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' Set (X-Men)Toddler Hope Summers: Cable & Toddler Hope Summers (Marvel Select)
Unknown Hinson with Itty Bitty Hinson (Original)Unknown Hinson: King of the Country Western Troubadors (and the Voice of Early Cuyler in Squidbillies) (Original)