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 Michael Condello 
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Customizer:Michael CondelloFirst Made:Superman Ultimate Rage Battle Damage
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Jim Lee Superman V.3
Crowd Favorite:Jim Lee Batman V.2Total Customs:101
Current Projects:random spur of the moment projects... mostly for my own personal enjoyment,, just cause i have zero time,,,
Comments:Customizing is great but just think if those darn toy companies would just make the figures we all want instead of 4 million versions of a bad figure, then might all not be here today. If you havent noticed i sorta have a thing for superman. I may retire from customizing one of these days. Not becuase i dont like it. Just because I almost feel like i have made everything i everwanted to..UPDATE: When lifes sucks nothing is more relaxing then to maybe i will be back to customizing for a little while..

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:1First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.12Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jun 9, 2006 Conquerors & MonstersThe Statesman83.12 

All Customs by Michael Condello
12 Inch Death of Superman- Restored (DC Universe)2 up Ultimate Cyborg Superman (Superman)
Action Comics #1 Superman (DC Direct)Alan Moore 70's and 80's Miracle Man (DC Superheroes)
Alex Ross Cyborg Superman Version 1 (Superman)Alex Ross Super Soldier Amalgam (Superman)
Alex Ross Superman (Kingdom Come)Batman Dead End, Battle Damaged (Batman)
Batman No mans Land (DC Superheroes)Battle Damaged Batman (DC Superheroes)
Christopher Reeve Superman with Custom Light up Fortress of Solitude Stand (Movie Masters)Composite Superman (Superman)
Con EL Superboy-Jim Lee Style (DC Universe)Current Story Line Sentry (Marvel Legends)
Cyborg Superman (DC Superheroes)DC Direct Superman Brave New Metropolis (DC Direct)
Dc Flashpoint Superman-Subject 1 with Custom Containment Vault Box!! (DC Universe)DC Multiverse Overman: Superman of Earth-10 with Custom Packaging (DC Universe)
DC Multiverse the Unknown Superman of 4500 a.D. with Custom Original Box (DC Universe)DC Superheroes World War III Black Adam (DC Superheroes)
DC Superheroes 2-up Ultimate Green Lantern (DC Superheroes)DC Superheroes 6inch Cyborg Superman New costume (DC Superheroes)
DC Superheroes Captain Atom (DC Superheroes)DC Superheroes Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Dead or Alive)
DC Superheroes Johnathan Kent "Hyperman" (DC Superheroes)DC Superheroes Nightwing (DC Superheroes)
DC superheroes The Flash- prototype (DC Superheroes)DC/Marvel 1st Appearance Classic Marvel Man (DC Superheroes)
DCSH 2up Ultimate Cyborg Superman New Costume (DC Superheroes)DCSH Amalgam Super Soldier (Superman)
DCSH Amazo (DC Superheroes)DCSH Cyborg Superman (Repaint) (DC Superheroes)
DCSH Cyborg Superman Sinestro Corps (DC Superheroes)DCSH Cyborg Superman true colors (Dan Jurgens style) (DC Superheroes)
DCSH Eradicator (DC Superheroes)DCSH Superman batman beyond version 2 (DC Superheroes)
DCSH The Flash version 2 (DC Superheroes)DCSH: Jim Lee Batman (DC Superheroes)
DCSH: Superman Prim (DC Superheroes)DCUC New 52 Action Comics #1 Superman W/Custom Box Custom #100 (DC Universe)
DCUC-Doomsday Battle Superman (DC Universe)Death of Superman Anniversary Set (DC Universe)
Death of Superman: Battle to the Death (Superman)Earth 2 Superman (DC Superheroes)
Earth 2 superman v.2 (DC Superheroes)Earth D Superman (DC Direct)
Gladiator (Marvel)Grifter (DC Direct)
Hyperion (Squadron Supreme)Hyperion (Squadron Supreme)
Invincible (DC Direct)Jim Lee Batman V.2 (DC Universe)
Jim Lee Battle Damaged Superman (DC Superheroes)Jim Lee Hal Jordan GL (DC Universe)
Jim Lee Superman (DC Superheroes)Jim Lee Superman V.3 (DC Universe)
Jim Lee superman Version 2 (DC Superheroes)Jim Lee Superman Version 3.5 (DC Universe)
Jim Lee Wonder Woman (DC Universe)JLU Cyborg Superman (Justice League Unlimited)
Kal-L Superman Earth 2 (DC Direct)Kingdom Come Final Battle Superman (DC Superheroes)
Kingdom Come Superman (Superman)Marvel Legends Superman version 1 (Marvel Legends)
Michael Turner Superman (DC Superheroes)Modern Eradicator (Superman)
Modern Ultraman (DC Direct)Mr. Majestic (DC Superheroes)
Stan Lee Superman Version 1 (DC Direct)Super Soldier (Elseworlds Amalgam)
Super Soldier (Marvel Icon)Superboy Prime (DC Superheroes)
Superboy Prime post infinite crisis (DC Superheroes)Superman "Where is Thy Sting" Future Superman (DC Direct)
Superman Action Comics #1 2011 with Special Edition Custom Packaging (DC Universe)Superman Battle Damage Battle Rage Jim Lee Style! V2.0 W/ Custom Flight Stand (DC Universe)
Superman Blue (DC Superheroes)Superman Justice Lord (DC Superheroes)
Superman Last Son of Earth (DC Superheroes)Superman ML Style Version 0 (DC Superheroes)
Superman One Man JLA:IF superman landed on OA (DC Superheroes)Superman One Million (DC Superheroes)
Superman One Million v2 (DC Superheroes)Superman Prime (DC Superheroes)
Superman Red Son (DC Superheroes)Superman Speeding Bullets Version 0 ML Style (Superman)
Superman the Movie Christopher Reeve with Custom Fortress of Solitude Box (Movie Masters)Superman Ultimate Rage Battle Damage (Superman)
Superman: A Nation Divided (DC Superheroes)Superman: Speeding Bullets (DC Direct)
Superman: The Call (DC Superheroes)Superman: True Brit (DC Superheroes)
The Kyrptonian (DC Direct)The Statesman (Marvel Legends: City of Heroes)
Todd Mcfarlane Miracle Man (DC Superheroes)True Colors Long Haired Superman (DC Superheroes)
True Colors Superman (DC Superheroes)Ultimate Death of Superman (DC Superheroes)
Ultimate Superman (DC Superheroes)Ultraman Version 3 (DC Superheroes)
War World Superman (DC Superheroes)