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Customizer Profile
Customizer:CustomcaveFirst Made:Barbara Gordon
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Jorel and Lara Memorial
Crowd Favorite:ZorroTotal Customs:102
Current Projects:Batcave. Daily Planet diorama

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:11First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.35Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Sep 28, 2013 ShenanigansBatman without Suit ??692.70 
Jul 11, 2013 Alternate Realities IIPink Harley1013.40 
Jul 11, 2013 Alternate Realities IIDeathstroke Injustice1023.15 
Jul 10, 2013 Gears & Gadgets IIBatcycle833.18 
May 15, 2013 DC NationClark and Jonathan Kent Truck1093.46 
May 15, 2013 DC NationGreen Lantern in Action1113.18 
Mar 25, 2013 Museum Of CuriositiesMr Freeze Cryogenic Chamber814.01 
Feb 14, 2013 Alienated AnatomyTurtle Boy Jimmy Olsen913.32 
Jan 28, 2013 Sight UnseenWonder Woman Armory893.46 
Jan 27, 2013 Sight UnseenDaily Planet853.38 
Jan 27, 2013 Sight UnseenMr Freeze Truck823.56 

All Customs by Customcave
Ace the Bat-Hound (Batman Beyond)Ace the Bathound (Batman Beyond)
Anastasia (Misc)Aquaman (Justice League)
Barbara Gordon (Batman Animated)Batcopter (Batman - New Animated Series)
Batcycle (Batman Animated)Batman (Batman)
Batman beyond Exo Suit (Batman Beyond)Batman JLA Unlimited (Justice League Unlimited)
Batman T.J. (Batman)Batman without Suit ?? (Batman)
Batman. Punisher.W. - Removable Mask (Batman)Big Barda (Jack Kirby?s Demon)
Black Cannary Bikini (Justice League Unlimited)Boogie El Aceitoso (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Brozo El Payaso (Legendary)Bruce Wayne (Batman)
Catwoman (Batman)Clark and Jonathan Kent Truck (Superman)
Clark Kent Crows Quarterback (Superman)Clark Kent - Smallville (Superman)
Clark Kent Manga (Superman)Clay Face Action Moving Jaw (Batman Animated)
Conan Fighter (Conan)Conan the Barbarian (Conan)
Conan the Cimmerian (Conan)Conan War Paint (Conan)
Conan Warrior (Conan)Daily Planet (Superman)
Damaged Clark Kent (Superman)Darkseid Animated (Justice League)
Deathstroke Injustice (DC Universe)El Santo Animated (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
El Zorro Mignola Style (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Fantomas (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Fantomas. L.a.E. (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Flash Memorial (Batman Animated)
Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider)Gotham City Zeppelin (Batman)
Green Arrow (Justice League)Green Arrow Armory (DC Universe)
Green Arrow Oliver (Justice League)Green Lantern in Action (Justice League Unlimited)
Greystoke (Tarzan)Hall Jordan (Green Lantern)
Harley Swim (Batman Animated)Hawkgirl Bikini (Justice League Unlimited)
Huntress Bikini (Justice League Unlimited)James Gordon (Batman Animated)
Jimmy Olsen Reporter (Superman)Jimmy Olsen Elastic Lad (Superman)
Jimmy Olsen Porcupines (Superman)Jimmy Olsen S.T.a.S. (Superman)
Jimmy Olsen Wolf - Man (Superman)Jimmy Olsen. Jack Kirby (Superman)
JLA Meeting Room Diorama. (Justice League)Jorel and Lara Memorial (Superman)
Judge Anderson (Judge Dredd)Judge Dred (Judge Dredd)
Kalibak (Justice League)Katma Tui Bikini (Justice League Unlimited)
Lana Lang Smallville (Superman)Lex Luthor Lexbot (Superman)
Lois Lane (Superman)Lois Lane (Superman)
Lois Lane Barbiemated (Superman)Maggie Sawyer (Superman)
Maggie Sawyer Barbiemated (Superman)Maggie Sawyer. Captain (Superman)
Maggie Sawyer. S.C.U. (Superman)Master Roshi - Jackie Chun (Dragonball Z)
Metallo (Superman)Metallo (Superman)
Metallo - Fortress of Solitude Chamber (Superman)Metalo Star Labs (Superman)
Mr Freeze Cryogenic Chamber (Batman)Mr Freeze Truck (Batman Animated)
Munster Koach (Halloween)Paradise Island (Justice League Unlimited)
Phantom Daughter (Phantom)Pink Harley (Batman)
Rarotonga (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Renee Montoya (Batman Animated)
Superboy Animated (Superman)Supergirl Bikini (Justice League Unlimited)
Superman .- This Is a Job for (Superman)Superman Returns (Superman Returns)
Talia Al Ghul (Batman)The Joker Brave and the Bold (Batman)
Turtle Boy Jimmy Olsen (Superman)Vigilante (Justice League Unlimited)
Wonder Christmas Y Miss Wonder Clos (Wonder Woman)Wonder Woman - Diana Prince Barbiemated (Justice League Unlimited)
Wonder Woman Amazons Atack (Wonder Woman)Wonder Woman Armory (DC Universe)
Wonder Woman Kingdome Come (Kingdom Come)Wonder Woman Slave (Wonder Woman)
Wonder Woman Wetsuit (Wonder Woman)Young Clark Kent (Superman)
Zatana Bikini (Justice League Unlimited)Zorro (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)