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 The Wiley-Barja Project 
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Customizer:The Wiley-Barja ProjectFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Frank Drake & Linda - the Nightstalkers
Crowd Favorite:ThulkTotal Customs:66
Current Projects:90s Midnight Sons, Outsiders, Psycho-Man
Comments:This profile is a team-up between Rexticon and twiztidtunes. While all customizing work will be performed by Rex, we have teamed-up to find and produce the obscure character of the Marvel Universe. twiztidtunes will be giving insight on details and finding the characters that will be made.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:7First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.70Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jun 29, 2014 Waffle HouseBishop1013.71 
Jun 19, 2014 Hocus PocusNightmare963.81 
Jun 6, 2014 Summertime SirensSilhouette - the New Warriors833.84 
Sep 21, 2013 ShenanigansMr. Fish703.69 
Sep 21, 2013 ShenanigansRazorback - the Battalion713.94 
Aug 28, 2013 ShenanigansFrog-Man - Action Pack713.58 
Jun 25, 2013 Gears & Gadgets IIFirebrand (Russ Broxtel) - Force of Nature (Figure Realm First)813.31 

All Customs by The Wiley-Barja Project
"Kid" Nova - the New Warriors (1st New Warriors Costume) (Marvel Legends)90's Morbius (Marvel Legends)
Ape-Man - the Ani-Men (Marvel Legends)Aqueduct - Force of Nature (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)
Asylum (Marvel Legends)Barricuda - Heavy Mettle (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)
Birdman - the Ani-Men (Marvel Legends)Bishop (Marvel Legends)
Blackwing II - Heavy Mettle (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)Blade - the Nightstalkers (Marvel Legends)
Bloodstrike - Folding Circle (Marvel Legends)Captain Amerihulk (Marvel Legends)
Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) - the Avengers (Marvel Legends)Cat-Man - the Ani-Men (Marvel Legends)
Chondu the Mystic - the Headmen (Marvel Legends)Coronary (Marvel Legends)
Darkhawk - the New Warriors (Marvel Legends)Digger - Night Shift (Marvel Legends)
Digger (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)Dragonfly - the Ani-Men (Marvel Legends)
Firebrand (Russ Broxtel) - Force of Nature (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)Firestar - the New Warriors (Marvel Legends)
Firestrike - Heavy Mettle (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)Frank Drake & Linda - the Nightstalkers (Marvel Legends)
Frog-Man - Action Pack (Marvel Legends)Frog-Man - the Ani-Men (Marvel Legends)
Gorilla Man - the Headmen (Marvel Legends)Hazmat - Avengers Acadamy (Marvel Legends)
Impulse (Marvel Legends)Lascivious - the Grapplers (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)
Left Hand - Folding Circle (Marvel Legends)Letha - the Grapplers (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Boy - the New Warriors (Marvel Legends)Mathemaniac (Marvel Legends)
Mettle - Avengers Acadamy (Marvel Legends)Midnight's Fire - Folding Circle (Marvel Legends)
Mr. Fish (Marvel Legends)Mr. Jip (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)
Namorita - the New Warriors (Marvel Legends)Night Thrasher - the New Warriors (Marvel Legends)
Nightmare (Marvel Legends)Pouncakes - the Grapplers (Marvel Legends)
Pretty Persuasions (Marvel Legends)Prowler - the Outsiders (Marvel Legends)
Psycho-Man (Marvel Legends)Rage - the New Warriors (1st New Warriors Costume) (Marvel Legends)
Razorback - the Battalion (Marvel Legends)Riot - Heavy Mettle (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)
Ruby Thursday - the Headmen (Marvel Legends)Screaming Mimi - the Grapplers (Marvel Legends)
Shrunken Bones - the Headmen (Marvel Legends)Silhouette - the New Warriors (Marvel Legends)
Silk Fever - Folding Circle (Marvel Legends)Skybreaker - Force of Nature (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)
Sleepwalker (Marvel Legends)Smiling Tiger - Folding Circle (Marvel Legends)
Speedball - the New Warriors (Marvel Legends)Starfox - the Avengers (Marvel Legends)
Stilt-Man (Marvel Legends)Stronghold - Heavy Mettle (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)
Swithchblade(Midnightsons) (Marvel Legends)Terraformer - Force of Nature (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)
Thulk (Marvel Legends)Veil - Avengers Academy (Marvel Legends)
Walrus - Fear Itself (Marvel Legends)Warbow - Heavy Mettle (Figure Realm First) (Marvel Legends)