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Customizer:1andonly5711First Made:Marvel Legends Custom Ares
Showcase Rank:DukePersonal Best:Fin Fang Foom
Crowd Favorite:TerraxTotal Customs:800
Current Projects:Anything that peaks my interests. Basically marvel, dc, He man, MOTU and many many more
Comments:Hope you like my customs

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:14First Places:3
User Voted Rating:4.00Second Places:3
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jan 15, 2015 Morphin Time!Dragonzord Redeisgn894.47 
Jul 1, 2014 Hocus PocusNecro Master1084.28 
Feb 15, 2014 Package DealFrozen Captain America Variant743.76 
Feb 1, 2014 Silver AgeRed Guardian763.79 
Feb 1, 2014 Silver AgeSilver Age Captain Marvel774.10 
Nov 15, 2013 Angels and DemonsHellbound Hulk & Hellbound Red She Hulk783.83 
Oct 31, 2013 Bullseye!Taskmaster Redesign924.36 
Oct 15, 2013 Ninja IIPsylocke Redesign963.78 
Oct 15, 2013 Ninja IIWhat if April O'neil?1013.71 
Oct 15, 2013 Ninja IIAdult Raphael1164.11 
Sep 15, 2013 Gotham City IISteampunk Penguin1064.56 
Sep 15, 2013 Gotham City IIHuntress1004.35 
Sep 15, 2013 Gotham City IIThomas Wayne (Batman)903.34 
Aug 25, 2013 Food for ThoughtChip the Dog723.58 

All Customs by 1andonly5711
A.H Figuarts Price Vegeta (Dragonball Z)Abigail Brand (Marvel Universe)
Abra Kadabra (DC Infinite Heroes)Adult Gear (DC Universe)
Adult Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Adult Static Shock (DC Universe)
Agent Venom Flash Thompson (Marvel Universe)Agent Veonom (Marvel Universe)
Alliance of Evil Stinger (Marvel Universe)Amadeus Cho (Marvel Universe)
Angel (Marvel Legends)Angel (Marvel Legends)
Anger the Screamer (Marvel Universe)Annihilus (Marvel Universe)
Antman (Marvel Universe)Aoa Aurora (Marvel Universe)
Aoa North Star (Marvel Universe)Ape X (Marvel Universe)
Apocalypse (Marvel Legends)Aquaman (Marvel Universe)
Archangel (Marvel Legends)Archangel (Marvel Universe)
Archangel (Marvel Universe)Ares (Marvel Universe)
Ares (Marvel Legends)Ares the God of War (DC Infinite Heroes)
Ares V2 (Marvel Legends)Armor (Marvel Universe)
Arnim Zola (Marvel Universe)Arnim Zola Red Skull Variant (Marvel Universe)
Asajj Ventress (Star Wars Clone Wars)Asp (Marvel Universe)
Astonishing Beast (Marvel Universe)Atlas (Marvel Legends)
Attuma (Marvel Universe)Avalanche (Marvel Universe)
Azezal (Marvel Universe)Azezal (Marvel Universe)
Azrael Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Backlash (Marvel Universe)
Banshee (Marvel Legends)Banshee (Marvel Universe)
Baron Blood (Marvel Universe)Baron Struker (Marvel Universe)
Baron Von Strucker (Marvel Universe)Basilisk (Marvel Universe)
Bastion (Marvel Universe)Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman with Bat Stand (DC Universe)Batroc the Leaper (Marvel Universe)
Battle Damage Vegeta Oozaru (Dragonball Z)Beta Ray Bill (Redesigned) (Marvel Legends)
Beyonder (Marvel Universe)Big Barda (DC Infinite Heroes)
Big Daddy (Kick-Ass)Binary (Marvel Universe)
Bishop (Marvel Universe)Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Bishop (Marvel Universe)Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Bishop (Marvel Universe)Black Ant (Marvel Universe)
Black Cat (Marvel Universe)Black Cat (Marvel Universe)
Black Goilath (Marvel Universe)Black Heart (Marvel Universe)
Black Manta (Marvel Universe)Black Racer (Marvel Universe)
Black Suit Superman (Marvel Legends)Black Tarantula (Marvel Universe)
Black Vulcan (DC Infinite Heroes)Blackheart (Marvel Universe)
Blade (Marvel Legends)Blink (Marvel Universe)
Blizzard (Marvel Universe)Bloodshed (Marvel Universe)
Blue Eagle (Marvel Universe)Blue Goliath (Marvel Universe)
Blue Marvel (Marvel Legends)Blue Streak (Marvel Universe)
Boba Fett (Star Wars)Bojack (Dragonball Z)
Boom Boom (Marvel Universe)Boomerang (Marvel Universe)
Box (Marvel Universe)Box (Marvel Universe)
Brainac (Marvel Universe)Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan (Dragonball Z)
Bruce Banner (Marvel Universe)Bruce Lee (Marvel Universe)
Bushmaster (Marvel Universe)Cable Now (Marvel Legends)
Cannon Ball (Marvel Universe)Cannonball V2 (Marvel Universe)
Captain Cold (Marvel Universe)Captain Falcon (Marvel Universe)
Captain Marvel (Marvel Legends)Cardiac (Marvel Universe)
Carnage / Venom Fused (Marvel Universe)Cell Saga Trunks (Dragonball Z)
Chameleon (Marvel Universe)Chameleon Boy (DC Infinite Heroes)
Cheetah (Marvel Universe)Chip the Dog (Original)
Chun Lee (Marvel Universe)Citizen V (Marvel Universe)
Citizen V (Marvel Universe)Classic Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Classic Dazzler (Marvel Universe)Classic Katana (Marvel Universe)
Classic Kingpin V2 (Marvel Universe)Classic Nighthawk (Marvel Universe)
Classic Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Classic Wasp (Marvel Universe)
Collector (Marvel Universe)Color Kid (Marvel Universe)
Commando (Marvel Universe)Conan the Barbarian (Conan)
Concept Moondragon (Marvel Universe)Cooler (Dragonball Z)
Corsair (Marvel Universe)Corsair (Marvel Universe)
Cosmic Kid (DC Infinite Heroes)Count Nefaria (Marvel Universe)
Crossbones (Marvel Universe)Crystal (Marvel Universe)
Cyberpunk Hulk (Marvel Legends)D-Arts Mega Blastoise (Pokemon)
Dani Moonstar (Marvel Universe)Daredevil (Marvel Universe)
Dark Avenger Dark Hawkeye ( Bullseye ) (Marvel Universe)Dark Avengers Ares (Marvel Universe)
Dark Avengers Dark Hawkeye ( Barney Barton ) (Marvel Universe)Dark Avengers Dark Wolverine / Daken (Marvel Universe)
Dark Ms Marvel (Marvel Universe)Dark Phoenix Cyclops (Marvel Universe)
Dark X Men Mimic (Marvel Legends)Darkseid (DC Infinite Heroes)
Dc Universe Custom Batman beyond (DC Universe)Dc Universe Custom Concept Green Arrow (DC Universe)
Dc Universe Custom Cyborg (DC Universe)Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Marvel Universe)Deadpool with Battle Armor (Marvel Universe)
Deadshot (DC Infinite Heroes)Deathbird (Marvel Universe)
Deathlok (Marvel Universe)Deathurge (Marvel Universe)
Demigoblin (Marvel Universe)Demon Form Magik (Marvel Universe)
Disco Dazzler (Marvel Universe)Doc Oct (Marvel Universe)
Doctor Voodoo (Marvel Universe)Domino (Marvel Universe)
Domino (Marvel Universe)Domino (Marvel Universe)
Don Mario (Marvel Legends)Donatello Redeisgned (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Doop (Marvel Universe)Dormammu (Marvel Universe)
Dormammu (Marvel Universe)Dormammu (Marvel Universe)
Double Header (Marvel Universe)Doubleganger Spiderman (Marvel Universe)
Dr . Light (DC Infinite Heroes)Dr Druid (Marvel Universe)
Dr Fate (DC Infinite Heroes)Dr Nemesis (Marvel Universe)
Dracula (Marvel Universe)Dragoness (Marvel Universe)
Dragonman (Marvel Universe)Dragonzord Redeisgn (Power Rangers)
Drax (Marvel Universe)Drax (Marvel Universe)
Drax the Destroyer (Marvel Universe)Dread Knight (Marvel Universe)
Ecstasy (Marvel Universe)El Aguila (Marvel Universe)
Elixir (Marvel Universe)Elvis Presley (Masters of the Universe)
Emh Reaper (Marvel Legends)Emma Frost (Marvel Universe)
Emma Frost (Marvel Universe)Epic Deadpool & Headppol (Marvel Universe)
Epic Future Trunks (Dragonball Z)Erik the Red (Marvel Universe)
Face off Kingpin (Black Suit) (Marvel Universe)Fantomex (Marvel Universe)
Fantomex (Marvel Universe)Fantomex (Marvel Universe)
Female Furies Lashina (DC Infinite Heroes)Female Furies Mad Harriet (DC Infinite Heroes)
Female Furies Stompa (DC Infinite Heroes)Feral (Marvel Universe)
Fin Fang Foom (Marvel Legends)Firebird (Marvel Universe)
Firelord (Marvel Universe)Firelord (Marvel Universe)
First Appearance Daken (Marvel Universe)Flashback (Marvel Universe)
Flashback (Marvel Universe)Flex (Marvel Universe)
Fool Killer (Marvel Universe)Four Horsemen Death ( Gambit ) (Marvel Universe)
Four Horsemen Death ( Gambit ) (Marvel Universe)Four Horsemen of Apocalypse Famine ( Mystique ) (Marvel Universe)
Four Horsemen of Apocalypse Pestilence ( Caliban ) (Marvel Universe)Four Horsemen of Apocalypse War ( Abraham Kieros) (Marvel Universe)
Franklin Richards (Marvel Universe)Franky (One Piece)
Frenzy (Marvel Universe)Frog Man (Marvel Universe)
Frogman (Marvel Universe)Frozen Captain America Variant (Marvel Legends)
Full Power Trunks (Dragonball Z)Fully Loaded Deapool (Marvel Universe)
Gaintman Now (Marvel Legends)Gambit (Marvel Universe)
Gambit (Marvel Universe)Gambit (Marvel Universe)
Gamora (Marvel Universe)Gamora (Marvel Universe)
Gamora (Marvel Universe)Gargoyle (Marvel Universe)
Genis Vell (Marvel Universe)Ghost (Marvel Universe)
Ghost Girl (Marvel Universe)Ghost Rider (Marvel Legends)
Giantpool Deadpool (Marvel Universe)Giganta (Marvel Universe)
Gladiator (Marvel Legends)God of War Kratos (Marvel Legends)
Golden Archer (Marvel Universe)Goliath (Gargoyles)
Gorgon (Marvel Universe)Grandmaster (Marvel Universe)
Granny Goodness (DC Infinite Heroes)Graviton (Marvel Universe)
Grey Gargoyle (Marvel Universe)Griffin (Marvel Universe)
Groot (Marvel Legends)Guardian (Marvel Universe)
Gw Bridge (Marvel Universe)Harley Quinn (DC Infinite Heroes)
Havok V2 (Marvel Legends)He Man (Masters of the Universe)
Heimdall (Marvel Universe)Hela (Marvel Universe)
Hellbound Hulk & Hellbound Red She Hulk (Marvel Legends)Hellboy (Hellboy)
Hellcat (Marvel Universe)Hellion (Marvel Universe)
Hemsdal (Marvel Universe)Hepzibah (Marvel Universe)
High Evolutionary (Marvel Universe)Hit Girl (Kick-Ass)
Holocaust (Marvel Universe)Hourman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Howard the Duck (Marvel Universe)Hulk (Marvel Universe)
Hulked out Goku (Marvel Legends)Hulkling (Marvel Universe)
Huntress (DC Universe)Ice Princes (Marvel Universe)
Iceman (Marvel Legends)Ichigo (Bleach)
Ionic Wonder Man (Marvel Universe)Jack Russell Werewolf (Marvel Universe)
Jackal (Marvel Universe)Jean Grey (Marvel Universe)
Jim Lee Blob (Marvel Universe)Jim Lee Cyclops (Marvel Legends)
Jim Lee Domino (Marvel Universe)Jim Lees Jean Grey (Marvel Universe)
Jim Lees Storm (Marvel Universe)Jim Morita (Marvel Universe)
John Carter (Marvel Universe)Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt (DC Infinite Heroes)
Joker (DC Infinite Heroes)Kaine (Marvel Universe)
Kamikaze (Marvel Universe)Kanjar Ro (DC Infinite Heroes)
Karate Kid (DC Infinite Heroes)Karma (Marvel Universe)
Kick-Ass (Kick-Ass)Kid Flash (Marvel Universe)
King Cold (Dragonball Z)King Pin (Marvel Universe)
Kingpin (Marvel Universe)Korath the Pursuer (Marvel Universe)
Korvus (Marvel Universe)Kratos the God of War (God of War)
Kratos the God of War (Marvel Legends)Kratos the God of War / Concept God Armor (Marvel Universe)
Kree Soilders (Marvel Universe)Kruse (Marvel Universe)
Kurse (Marvel Universe)Lady Bullseye (Marvel Universe)
Lady Deathstrike (Marvel Universe)Lady Loki (Marvel Universe)
Lady Mastermind (Marvel Universe)Lady Sif (Marvel Universe)
Lady Trapjaw (Masters of the Universe)Lamprey (Marvel Universe)
Last Resort Ares (Marvel Universe)Last Resort Dazzler (Marvel Universe)
Last Resort Electro (Marvel Universe)Last Resort Galactus (Marvel Universe)
Last Resort Gambit (Marvel Universe)Last Resort Hawkeye & Wasp (Marvel Universe)
Last Resort Lockjaw (Marvel Universe)Last Resort Marvel Boy (Marvel Universe)
Last Resort Moon Knight (Marvel Universe)Last Resort Odin (Marvel Universe)
Last Resort Pyro (Marvel Universe)Last Resort Swordsman (Marvel Universe)
Last Resort Tomahawk Aka Thunderbird (Marvel Universe)Lastreasort Magik (Marvel Universe)
Lastreasort Star Lord (Marvel Universe)Leonardo Redesigned (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Lightning Lad (DC Infinite Heroes)Lightray (DC Infinite Heroes)
Lilandra (Marvel Universe)Lion O (Thundercats)
Lion-O (Marvel Universe)Lionheart (Marvel Universe)
Living Laser (Marvel Universe)Living Lightning (Marvel Universe)
Lizard (Marvel Universe)Mach V (Marvel Universe)
Machine Man (Marvel Universe)Machine Man (Marvel Universe)
Machineman (Marvel Universe)Madamn Hydra (Marvel Universe)
Maggot (Marvel Universe)Magic (Marvel Universe)
Magik (Marvel Universe)Magik Now (Marvel Universe)
Magneto (Marvel Legends)Malekith the Dark Elf (Marvel Universe)
Malekith the Dark Elf (Marvel Universe)Mammomax (Marvel Universe)
Man Thing (Marvel Universe)Mandrill (Marvel Universe)
Manifold (Marvel Universe)Manikin X 4 Set (Marvel Universe)
Marina (Marvel Universe)Mario (Marvel Universe)
Marrow (Marvel Universe)Martian Manhunter (Marvel Universe)
Martian Manhunter (DC Infinite Heroes)Marvel Legends Custom Ares (Action Force)
Marvel Legends Custom Ares (Marvel Legends)Marvel Legends Custom Havok (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Legends Master Mold (Marvel Legends)Marvel Now Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Captain Marvel (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Gamora (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Rogue (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Shatterstar (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Wolverine. (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Custom Deadpool (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Universe Custom Gambit (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Custom Gambit Now (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Universe Custom Nova (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Custom Red Hulk (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Universe Custom Valinor (Companion/Mount of Marvel's Black Knight) (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Custom X Team Gambit (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Universe Last Resort Wasp (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Mark 42 Ironman (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Universe Omega Red (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe X Force Shatterstar (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Vs Capcom Ryu (Capcom)Mastermind (Marvel Universe)
Matter Eater Lad (DC Infinite Heroes)Meggan (Marvel Universe)
Melter (Marvel Universe)Mephisto (Marvel Universe)
Mephisto (Marvel Universe)Merpool / Mermaid Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Micheal Myers (Hack / Slash)Michelangelo Redesigned (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Mimic (Marvel Universe)Mimic (Marvel Universe)
Mirror Master (Marvel Universe)Miss America (Marvel Universe)
Misty Knight Now. (Marvel Universe)Molecule Man (Marvel Universe)
Mon-El (DC Infinite Heroes)Monet St Croix (Marvel Universe)
Monica Rambeau : Spectrum / Photon (Marvel Legends)Moon Dragon (Marvel Universe)
Moon Knight (Marvel Legends)Moon Knight (Marvel Legends)
Moondragon (Marvel Universe)Moondragon (Marvel Universe)
Moonglow / Arcanna (Marvel Universe)Moonstone (Marvel Universe)
Morbius (Marvel Universe)Morg (Marvel Universe)
Movie Style Domino (Marvel Legends)Movie Style Iron Man Now (Marvel Legends)
Mr Fantastic (Marvel Universe)Mr Fantastic (Marvel Universe)
Mr Hyde (Marvel Universe)Mr Miracle (DC Infinite Heroes)
Mr. Freeze (DC Infinite Heroes)Ms America Chavez (Marvel Universe)
Ms Marvel Sexy Style (Marvel Legends)Namor (Marvel Legends)
Namorita (Marvel Universe)Necro Master (Original)
Nick Furry ( Samual L Jackson ) (Marvel Legends)Nick Furry Marvel Now (Marvel Legends)
Nico Minoru (Marvel Universe)Night Thrasher (Marvel Universe)
Nightmask (Marvel Legends)Nightmask (Marvel Universe)
Nimrod (Marvel Universe)Nite Owl (Watchmen)
Nocturne (Marvel Universe)Now Dr Strange (Marvel Universe)
Odin (Marvel Universe)Omega Sentinel (Marvel Universe)
Oozaru Bardock (Dragonball Z)Orion (DC Infinite Heroes)
Paladin (Marvel Universe)Penance (Marvel Universe)
Petter Cannon / Thunderbolt (DC Infinite Heroes)Phoenix (Marvel Universe)
Phoenix (Marvel Universe)Phoenix Five Colossus (Marvel Universe)
Phoenix Five Cyclops (Marvel Universe)Phoenix Five Emma Frost (Marvel Universe)
Phoenix Five Magik (Marvel Universe)Phoenix Five Namor (Marvel Universe)
Photon Aka Captain Marvel (Marvel Universe)Plantman (Marvel Universe)
Plasticman (DC Infinite Heroes)Polaris (Marvel Universe)
Polaris (Marvel Legends)Popeye (Marvel Universe)
Power Girl (DC Infinite Heroes)Power Man (Victor Alvarez) (Marvel Universe)
Power of Grayskull Orko (Masters of the Universe)Predator (Marvel Universe)
Prehistoric Batman/Bruce Wayne (DC Universe)Princess Power (Marvel Universe)
Protector (Marvel Universe)Protector (Marvel Universe)
Protector (Marvel Universe)Psylocke (Marvel Legends)
Psylocke Redesign (Marvel)Pyro (Marvel Universe)
Quagmire (Marvel Universe)Quasar (Marvel Universe)
Quasar / Phyla Vell (Marvel Universe)Queen Bee (DC Infinite Heroes)
Quicksilver (Marvel Universe)Rachel Summers (Marvel Universe)
Rachel Summers (Marvel Universe)Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Raza (Marvel Universe)Razor Fist (Marvel Universe)
Razor Fist (Marvel Universe)Razorback (Marvel Universe)
Reaper (Marvel Universe)Reaper Redeisgn (Marvel Legends)
Red Ghost (Marvel Universe)Red Goliath (Marvel Universe)
Red Guardian (Marvel Legends)Red Shift (Marvel Universe)
Red Sonja (Marvel Legends)Red Sonja (Marvel Universe)
Red Stone (Marvel Universe)Red Wolf (Marvel Universe)
Redbird (DC Universe)Redbird V2 (DC Universe)
Rescue (Marvel Universe)Rictor (Marvel Universe)
Riddler (Marvel Universe)Ringmaster (Marvel Universe)
Ripclaw (Marvel Legends)Rock Python (Marvel Universe)
Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Universe)Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Universe)
Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Universe)Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Universe)
Rocketeer (Marvel Universe)Ronan the Accuser (Marvel Universe)
Ronan the Accuser (Marvel Universe)Ronan the Accuser (Marvel Universe)
Ronan the Accuser (Marvel Universe)S,H Figuarts Vegeta , Majin Vegeta , Ss3 Vegeta and God Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figaurts the Great Saiyaman Gohan (Dragonball Z)S.H Figarts Majin Buu (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figaurts Aang the Last Air Bender (Avatar the Last Airbender)S.H Figaurts Bills (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figaurts Dabura (Dragonball Z)S.H Figaurts Kid Buu (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figaurts Pikkon (Dragonball Z)S.H Figaurts Pokemon Trainer Red (Pokemon)
S.H Figaurts Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta (Dragonball Z)S.H Figaurts Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figaurts Super Sayian 4 Goku (Dragonball Z)S.H Figaurts Super Sayian Bardock (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figaurts Super Sayian Gotanks (Dragonball Z)S.H Figaurts Tien (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figaurts Tien Shinan (Dragonball Z)S.H Figaurts Yamcha (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts 100% Frieza (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Armored Nappa (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Bardock (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Bardock (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Battle Damaged Goku (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Battle Damaged Majin Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Battle Dameged Bardock (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Battle Dameged Goku (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Beerus (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Beerus (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Beerus (Bill) (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Broly (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Broly (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Broly (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Bulma (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Buuhan (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Buutanks (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Cooler (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Cooler (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Coolers Armored Squadron (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Dodoria (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Dr Gero Aka Android 20 (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Dragonball Heros Genome (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Dragonball Z Custom Dodoria (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Dragonball Z Custom Vegeta , Frieza Saga (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Epic Fat Buu (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Epic Pikkon (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Evil Buu (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts False Super Saiyan Goku (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Final Form Cooler (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts First Form Frieza (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Full Power Frieza (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Future Gohan (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Future Gohan (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Ginyu Force (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Gogeta (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Goldar (Power Rangers)S.H Figuarts Goten (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Gotenks (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Gotenks (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Green Psycho Ranger (Power Rangers)S.H Figuarts Imperfect Cell (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Janemba (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Kaioken Goku (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Kid Buu (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Kid Gohan (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Kid Prince Vegeta (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Kid Trunks (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts King Vegeta (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Majin Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Majin Yamu (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Majuub (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Mystic Gohan (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Mystic Gohan with Z Sword (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Nail (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Nappa Battle Damaged (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Neil (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Nouva Shenron (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Olibu (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Omega Shenron (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Pui Pui (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Quantum Ranger (Power Rangers)
S.H Figuarts Raditz (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Raditz (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Raditz (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Rigor the True Legendary Super Saiyan #800 (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Semiperfect Cell (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Sister of Vegeta Cilandra (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Ssj Gogeta (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Super 17 (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Super Android 17 (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Super Buu (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Super Saiyan 4 Broly (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Super Saiyan 4 Goku (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Super Saiyan 4 Goku (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Super Saiyan 5 Goku Concept (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Super Saiyan Bardock (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Super Sayian 4 Gohan Concept (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Super Sayian 4 Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Super Trunks (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Super Trunks (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Tapion (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Tarble (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts the End of Z Goku (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Tien (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Tien (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Tien Shinhan (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Trunks Unbound (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Turles (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Turles (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Ultimate Gohan (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Uub (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Whis (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Whis (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Yamcha (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Yamcha (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Yardrat Goku (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figuarts Yardrat Goku (Dragonball Z)S.H Figuarts Zarbon (Dragonball Z)
S.H Figurats Cui (Dragonball Z)Samurai Jack (Samurai)
Samurai Jack (Samurai)Sand Man (Marvel Universe)
Sasquatch (Marvel Legends)Sasquatch (Marvel Universe)
Satana (Marvel Universe)Satana Hellstorm (Marvel Universe)
Saturn Girl (DC Infinite Heroes)Sauron (Marvel Universe)
Sauron (Marvel Universe)Sauron (Marvel Universe)
Scarlet Spider (Marvel Universe)Scorpion (Marvel Universe)
Scorpion (Marvel Legends)Scorpion (Marvel Universe)
Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)Scorpion (Marvel Legends)
Scourge (Marvel Universe)Scourge (Marvel Universe)
Sebastian Shaw (Marvel Universe)Selene (Marvel Universe)
Sentry (Marvel Universe)Sersi (Marvel Universe)
Shang Chi (Marvel Legends)Shang Chi (Marvel Universe)
Shatterstar (Marvel Universe)Shi'ar Warbird (Marvel Universe)
Shield against Dum Dum Dugan (Marvel Universe)Shield Agent Clay Quartermain (Marvel Universe)
Shield Agent Nick Fury (Marvel Universe)Shocker (Marvel Universe)
Shogun Sword-Master Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Shroud (Marvel Universe)
Shuma Gorath (Marvel Universe)Sidewinder (Marvel Universe)
Silhouette (Marvel Universe)Silk Spectre (Watchmen)
Silver Age Captain Marvel (Marvel Legends)Silver Sable (Marvel Universe)
Silver Samurai (Marvel Legends)Silver Surfer (Marvel Universe)
Silvermane (Marvel Universe)Siryn (Marvel Universe)
Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)Sleep Walker (Marvel Universe)
Snowbird (Marvel Universe)Songbird (Marvel Universe)
Spawn (Marvel Universe)Spawn (Spawn)
Spectrum (Marvel Universe)Speedball (Marvel Universe)
Spiral (Marvel Universe)Spit Fire (Marvel Universe)
Squadron Supreme Dr Decibel (Marvel Universe)Squadron Supreme Shape (Marvel Universe)
Squadron Supreme Amphibian (Marvel Universe)Squadron Supreme Haywire (Marvel Universe)
Squadron Supreme Master Menace (Marvel Universe)Squadron Supreme Mink (Marvel Universe)
Squadron Supreme Moonglow (Marvel Universe)Squadron Supreme Nighthawk (Marvel Universe)
Squadron Supreme Redstone (Marvel Universe)Squadron Supreme Remnant (Marvel Universe)
Squadron Supreme Tom Thumb (Marvel Universe)Squirrel Girl (Marvel Universe)
Ss3 Goku (Marvel Universe)Stan Lee / Stan the Janitor (Marvel Legends)
Star Brand (Marvel Legends)Star Brand (Marvel Universe)
Star Fox (Marvel Universe)Stardust Figure Realm First (Marvel Universe)
Starhawk (Marvel Universe)Starman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Steampunk Black Cat (Marvel Legends)Steampunk Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)
Steampunk Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Steampunk Mr Fantasic (Marvel Legends)
Steampunk Penguin (DC Universe)Steampunk Sinister Six Doc Oct (Marvel Legends)
Steampunk Sinister Six Electro (Marvel Legends)Steampunk Sinister Six Green Goblin (Marvel Legends)
Steampunk Sinister Six Rhino (Marvel Legends)Steampunk Sinister Six Scorpion (Marvel Legends)
Steampunk Sinister Six Vulture (Marvel Legends)Steampunk Spider-Man (Marvel Legends)
Steampunk Superman (DC Universe)Steel Serpent (Marvel Universe)
Steppenwolf (DC Infinite Heroes)Stinger (Marvel Universe)
Strider Hiryu (Marvel vs Capcom)Strobe (Marvel Universe)
Stryfe (Marvel Universe)Stryfe (Marvel Universe)
Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)Sunspot (Marvel Universe)
Sunspot Now (Marvel Universe)Sunstroke (Marvel Universe)
Super Android 13 (Dragonball Z)Super Articulated Spider-Man (Marvel Universe)
Super Skrull (Marvel Universe)Surge (Marvel Universe)
Surtur (Marvel Universe)Swordsman (Marvel Universe)
Talisman (Marvel Universe)Tarantula (Marvel Universe)
Tarra (DC Infinite Heroes)Taskmaster Redesign (Marvel Legends)
Terrax (Marvel Universe)Terrax (Marvel Universe)
Terrax (Marvel Universe)Texas Twister (Marvel Universe)
The Answer (Marvel Universe)The Execution (Marvel Universe)
The Flash (Marvel Universe)The Mighty Tick (Marvel Legends)
The Spectre (DC Infinite Heroes)Thomas Wayne (Batman) (DC Universe)
Thumebelina (Marvel Universe)Tigra (Marvel Universe)
Tigra (Marvel Universe)Timber Wolf (DC Infinite Heroes)
Timeshadow (Marvel Universe)Titan (Marvel Universe)
Tmnt Set (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Toad (Marvel Universe)
Tombstone (Marvel Universe)Tower (Marvel Universe)
Toyman (Marvel Universe)Triton (Marvel Universe)
Typhoid Mary (Marvel Universe)U-Foes (Marvel Universe)
U-Foes Set Vector X-Ray Vapor and Ionclad (Marvel Universe)Udon Taskmaster (Marvel Universe)
Ulik (Marvel Universe)Ultimate Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Giantman (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Invisible Women / Sue Storm (Marvel Universe)
Ultimate Sabortooth (Marvel Universe)Undon Taskmaster (Marvel Universe)
Unicorn (Marvel Universe)Unicorn (Marvel Universe)
Usagi Yojimbo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Valkyrie (Marvel Universe)
Vance Astro (Marvel Universe)Venom (Marvel Legends)
Venom (Marvel Universe)Vindicator (Marvel Universe)
Vision (Marvel Universe)Volcana (Marvel Universe)
Vulture (Marvel Universe)Warhawk (Marvel Universe)
Warpath (Marvel Legends)Warpath (Marvel Universe)
Wasp (Marvel Universe)Wasp ( Hank Pym) (Marvel Universe)
Weapon Omega (Marvel Universe)Weather Wizard (Marvel Universe)
Wendigo (Marvel Universe)Wendigo (Marvel Universe)
Wesley Snipes Blade (Marvel Universe)What if April O'neil? (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
White Tiger (Marvel Universe)Whizzer (Marvel Universe)
Wild Child (Marvel Universe)Wildside (Marvel Universe)
Winter Solider (Marvel Universe)Witchblade (Marvel Universe)
Wizard (Marvel Universe)Wizard (Marvel Universe)
Wolfsbane (Marvel Universe)Wolverine (Marvel Universe)
Wonder an (Marvel Legends)Wonder Twins (Marvel Universe)
X Force Archangel (Marvel Legends)X Force Cable Now (Marvel Universe)
X Force Now Psylocke (Marvel Universe)X Force Now Spiral (Marvel Universe)
X Force Psylocke (Marvel Universe)X Force Psyloke Now (Marvel Legends)
X Force Vanisher (Marvel Universe)X Force Warpath (Marvel Legends)
X Force Warpath (Marvel Universe)Xorn (Marvel Universe)
Zaran (Marvel Universe)Zarbon (Dragonball Z)
Zatanna (DC Infinite Heroes)Zatanna (DC Infinite Heroes)
Zeus (Marvel Universe)Zzzax (Marvel Legends)