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Customizer:CaptainJackHarkness7First Made:7 of 9 Full Borg
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:River Song the Time of Angels
Crowd Favorite:Donna Noble Partners in CrimeTotal Customs:103
Current Projects:Weeping Angel Statue of Liberty!
Honorable Mentions:Also featured and followed on DeviantArt.
Comments:Glad to have found this site, very informative and fun!

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:12First Places:0
User Voted Rating:2.52Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Dec 31, 2014 Cyborg Science FairCyberlocutus782.79 
Sep 7, 2014 New DudsHalloween Who902.36 
Aug 21, 2014 Orion 2Joshua Nolan - Chief Lawkeeper622.65 
Jul 24, 2014 Polaris 2Eye-Lectro642.95 
Jul 4, 2014 House of MouseSofia the Witchblade752.15 
Jun 14, 2014 Summertime SirensAmish Maid732.67 
Oct 12, 2013 Angels and DemonsThe Antichrist682.32 
Oct 8, 2013 Bullseye!Susan Pevensie692.45 
Oct 5, 2013 Angels and DemonsMastema662.55 
Aug 13, 2013 ShenanigansPretty in Pink Weevil - Torchwood682.16 
Aug 13, 2013 ShenanigansCyber-Churchill682.63 
Jul 29, 2013 Gears & Gadgets IIDarth Dalek762.59 

All Customs by CaptainJackHarkness7
10th. Doctor / the End of Time Part 1 (Doctor Who)10th. Doctor in Tuxedo (Doctor Who)
10th. Doctor Olympic Torchbearer - Fear Her (Doctor Who)10th. Doctor Regeneration Burgundy Shirt (Doctor Who)
11 Th. Doctor Series 7 Concept Outfit (Doctor Who)11th.Doctor - Aged / Time of the Doctor (Doctor Who)
11th.Doctor in Spacesuit - Hide (Doctor Who)12th. Doctor - Kill the Moon (Doctor Who)
1st. Doctor - the Daleks Master Plan (Doctor Who)1st. Doctor - the Gunfighters (Doctor Who)
2nd. Doctor-the Two Doctors Androgum Doctor (Doctor Who)4th. Doctor Prydonian Robes - the Deadly Assassin (Doctor Who)
5th. Doctor - Black Orchid (Doctor Who)6th. Doctor - Blue Peter/Trial of a Time Lord (Doctor Who)
6th. Doctor - Colin Baker (Doctor Who)7 of 9 Full Borg (Star Trek)
7th. Doctor - the Movie (Doctor Who)8th.Doctor (Doctor Who)
8th.Doctor Night of the Doctor (Doctor Who)9th. Doctor Newly Regenerated - Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who)
9th. Doctor Victorian Style (Doctor Who)Admiral Mark Jameson (Star Trek)
Admiral Picard - Future Imperfect (Star Trek)Akhaten Alien #1 (Doctor Who)
Amanda Rosewater Mayor of Defiance! (Defiance)Ambassador Spock (Star Trek)
Amelia Pond the Wedding of River Song (Doctor Who)Amish Maid (Original)
Amy Pond / Eliza Dooley (Doctor Who)Androzani Android - Caves of Androzani (Doctor Who)
Bad Wolf Girl /the Moment - the Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who)Castithan Merchant (Defiance)
Clara Oswin Oswald (Doctor Who)Commander Rand (Star Trek)
Cyber-Churchill (Doctor Who)Cyberlocutus (Cyborgs)
Cybershade from the Next Doctor (Doctor Who)Dalek Candie (Doctor Who)
Dalek Interrogator (Doctor Who)Dalek Puppet Darla- Asylum of the Daleks (Doctor Who)
Dark Eyes 8th. Doctor (Doctor Who)Darth Dalek (Doctor Who)
Data De-Fleshed from First Contact (Star Trek)Deep Space Kylie (Star Trek)
Doctor Selar (Star Trek)Doctor WHO??? (Doctor Who)
Donna Noble Partners in Crime (Doctor Who)Eye Drive Doctor/ the Wedding of River Song (Doctor Who)
Eye-Lectro (Original)Father Octavian - the Time of Angels/Flesh & Stone (Doctor Who)
Governor Kor (Star Trek)Grace Holloway (Doctor Who)
Gulanee (Defiance)Gwen Cooper TORCHWOOD (Doctor Who)
Halloween Who (Doctor Who)Headless Monk - a Good Man Goes to War. (Doctor Who)
Intendant Kira (Star Trek)Irathient Ark Hunter (Defiance)
Jadzia Dax (Star Trek)Jadzia Risa Swimsuit (Star Trek)
Jedi Jim (Star Wars)Jenny the Doctors ' Daughter (Doctor Who)
John Lumic Cybercreator Rise of the Cybermen (Doctor Who)John Smith - Human Nature/the Family of Blood (Doctor Who)
Joshua Nolan - Chief Lawkeeper (Defiance)Klingon Bride Jadzia Dax (Star Trek)
Lt. Commander Shelby (Star Trek)Madame Vastra (Doctor Who)
Maid of Mirkwood (Lord of the Rings)Martha Jones M.D. (Doctor Who)
Mastema (Original)Mercy Hartigan - CYBERKING! (Doctor Who)
Miss Evangelista - Silence in the Library (Doctor Who)Other Dave Vashta Nerada (Doctor Who)
PC Gwen Cooper TORCHWOOD (Doctor Who)Pretty in Pink Weevil - Torchwood (Doctor Who)
Pyroville Angel - the Time of Angels (Doctor Who)Regeneration Process (Doctor Who)
Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel Set (Doctor Who)River Song the Time of Angels (Doctor Who)
Ro Laren (Star Trek)Romulan Senator (Star Trek)
Rose Tyler : Earth Defence (Doctor Who)Scaroth (Doctor Who)
Sensoth Elder (Defiance)Sharaz Jek Unmasked-Caves of Androzani (Doctor Who)
Sibylline Sister Spurrina Fires of Pompeii (Doctor Who)Sofia the Witchblade (Witchblade)
Soothsayer Karen / Fires of Pompeii (Doctor Who)Souffle Girl - Asylum of the Daleks (Doctor Who)
Sulu Mirror Mirror (Star Trek)Susan Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia)
Tasha Yar Dress Uniform (Star Trek)The Antichrist (Original)
The Curator - the Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who)The Last Centurion (Doctor Who)
The Mara - from Kinda & Snakedance (Doctor Who)Time Lord President - the Deadly Assasin (Doctor Who)
Time War Time Lord (Doctor Who)Trickster - Sarah Jane Adventures (Doctor Who)
Troi as Major Rakal (Star Trek)Volge Stalker (Defiance)
War Doctor - Time War High Council Robes (Doctor Who)