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Customizer:BYGTOPPFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:240

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:12First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.17Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Aug 31, 2010 Legendary RidersTyler the Boss993.00 
May 13, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2Andy The Apeman732.49 
May 13, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2Fallyn732.74 
May 13, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2White Rabbit From Alice In Wonderland763.01 
Apr 30, 2008 Ostentatious OriginalsStinkerball633.16 
Apr 30, 2008 Ostentatious OriginalsCondiment King663.44 
Apr 30, 2008 Ostentatious OriginalsIron "Bill"692.94 
Jun 28, 2007 Deadly DemonsScroteus - Lord of the Demons443.59 
Jun 28, 2007 Deadly DemonsSSSixxxx SSSlyxxxx413.34 
Mar 19, 2007 BarbarianArathos243.50 
Mar 19, 2007 BarbarianFuBar243.79 
Feb 20, 2007 NinjaOni the Cyborg Ninja213.05 

All Customs by BYGTOPP
'Regou (Chinese for hot dog ) Master of Wein Fu (Wrestling)6 armed spiderman (Marvel Legends)
A.D.I. (Automated Death Inflictor) (Marvel Legends)Abrams of the S. W. A. T. (Marvel Legends)
Absorbing Man (Marvel Legends)Agent Zero (Marvel Legends)
Albert (Marvel Legends)Amadeus Cho (Marvel Legends)
Andy The Apeman (Wrestling)Apocalypse (Marvel Legends)
Arabian Knight (Wrestling)Arak - Son of Thunder (Marvel Legends)
Arathos (Wrestling)Arkham Joker (Marvel Legends)
Arnim Zola - Krang (Marvel Legends)Awesome Android (Marvel Legends)
Bane (Marvel Legends)Bane-Monster Size (DC Universe)
Baron Mordo (Marvel Legends)Baron Von Struker (DC Universe)
Baron Zemo - Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)Bastion (Marvel Legends)
Batman-beyond (DC Universe)Battle Damage Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Bishop..What If He Was Part Of Xforce? (Marvel Legends)Black Bolt (Marvel Legends)
Black Knight (Dane Whitman) (Marvel Legends)Black Tarantula (Marvel Legends)
Black Tom Cassidy (Marvel Legends)Black Widow (Marvel Legends)
Blizzard (Marvel Legends)Bloodshot (Valiant)
Bonebreaker (Marvel Legends)Boozee Beckee (Original)
Brawn (Original)Bruce Wayne-Daily Driver (Batman - Movie Style)
Buckeye Steelers (Marvel Legends)Bulldozer (Marvel Legends)
Bushwhacker (Duke Nukem)Cannonball (Marvel Legends)
Capt America - Frozen In Ice (Marvel Legends)Capt Americas Motorcycle (Marvel Legends)
Capt. America - What If Enemy of State (Marvel Legends)Captain Boomerang (Batman - Movie Style)
Captain Comode (Marvel Legends)Cardiac (Marvel Legends)
Catface Beast (Marvel Legends)Chamber (Marvel Legends)
Clark Kent (Batman - Movie Style)Condiment King (Superhero Showdown)
Condiment King (Marvel Legends)Constrictor -House of M (Marvel)
Crawler ( Here Comes Tomorrow ) X-men (Marvel Legends)Crossbones (Marvel Legends)
Cutthroat Unmasked (Marvel Legends)Cyber (Marvel Legends)
Cyclops - New X-Men (X-Men)Daken - Son of Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Daken Part 2 (Wrestling)Danny Rand Iron Fist (Marvel)
Dark Beast (Marvel Legends)Daryl Dixon (Walking Dead)
Dead Wing (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Destoyer (Marvel Legends)Domino (Marvel Legends)
Doomsday (Superman)Dr Doom (Marvel Legends)
Dr Doom Sorcerer Supreme (Marvel Legends)Drax the Destroyer (Marvel Legends)
Earthworm Jim (Sat. Night Fever Edition) (Marvel Legends)Ego The Living Planet (Marvel Legends)
Electro (Marvel Legends)F. A. Terrax the Tamer (Marvel Legends)
Fallyn (Wrestling)Fantomex (Marvel Legends)
Flag Smasher (Marvel Legends)Foolkiller (Marvel Legends)
Forearm (Marvel Legends)Forge (Marvel Legends)
FuBar (Wrestling)Fyr Fyt (Marvel Legends)
Gateway (Marvel Legends)Gauntlet (Marvel Legends)
Genesis (Marvel Legends)Gentle aka Nehzno (Marvel Legends)
Gideon (Marvel Legends)Give me a name (D.C. Universe)
Green Lantern (Fantastic Four)Grim Reaper (Marvel Legends)
Growing Man (Marvel Legends)Guy Gardner - Warrior (Marvel Legends)
GW Bridge Agent of Shield (Marvel Legends)Hammerhead (Marvel Legends)
Havok (Marvel Legends)Hellboy - 1st Appearance (Hellboy)
High Evoluntionary (Marvel Legends)Hitman (Marvel Legends)
Holocaust (Marvel Legends)Hyperion (Marvel Legends)
Ice Borg (A.K.A. Icepick) (Marvel Legends)Ice Pick (Marvel Legends)
Ice Pick (Duster Version) (Marvel Legends)Icepick Part 2 (Marvel Legends)
Iron "Bill" (Misc)Iron Man (Namor Buster) (Marvel Legends)
Jasher (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Johnny Dee (Marvel Legends)
Juggernaut (Marvel Legends)Juggernaut Unmasked (Marvel Legends)
Kane ( Weapon X) (Marvel Legends)Karnak (Marvel Legends)
Kgbeast (DC Universe)Korg (Marvel Legends)
Kraven (Marvel Legends)Lex Luthor (DC Universe)
Lex Luthor (Batman - Movie Style)Lifeguard (Marvel Legends)
Lobo (Marvel Legends)Lobo The Duck (Marvel Legends)
Lock Jaw (Marvel Legends)Logan Civies (X-Men - Movies)
Logan Expendables (Expendables)Logan Japanese Civies (X-Men - Movies)
Logan- Blood Drenched (Marvel)Logan-the Hunter the Killer the Protector (Rambo)
Lt. Howard Stark (Marvel Legends)Luke Cage - Modern Version (Wrestling)
Lving Tribunal (Marvel Icon)Mammomax (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants / 198) (Marvel Legends)
Mammomax Version 2 (Marvel Legends)Maverick (Marvel Legends)
Mega Man Sentinel (Marvel Legends)Melokoi - of Sector 2856 (D.C. Universe)
Mimic (Exiles) (Marvel Legends)Mimic Exile Version 2 (Marvel Legends)
Mole Man (Marvel Legends)Moloids - Larry ,Darryl and Darryl (Marvel Legends)
Moon Knight's Sky Cycle (Marvel Legends)Morg (Marvel Legends)
Morph AOA / Exiles (Marvel Legends)Mr Freeze (D.C. Universe)
Mr T (Marvel Legends)Mr. X (Marvel Legends)
Namor (Marvel Legends)Nate Gray - X-Man (Marvel Legends)
Nocturne (Marvel Legends)Nomad (biker version) (Marvel Legends)
Nova (Marvel Legends)Nyt (Marvel Legends)
Odin (Marvel Legends)Ongfacekillah (Marvel Legends)
Oni the Cyborg Ninja (Marvel Legends)Origin Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Orka (Marvel Legends)Paibok (Marvel Legends)
Paladin (Marvel Legends)Patch Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Pestilence (New Polaris Version) (Marvel Legends)Protocide (Marvel Legends)
Prowler (Marvel Legends)Puck (Marvel Legends)
Punisher (Camo Edition) (Marvel Legends)Punisher House of M ( L.M.D. Edition) (Marvel Legends)
Punisher War Machine (Marvel Legends)Punisher's Bike (Marvel Legends)
Punisher's Skull Glider (Marvel Legends)Quicksilver (Marvel Legends)
Random (Marvel Legends)Red Hood (Batman - Movie Style)
Red Skull (Marvel Legends)Red Skull In Civies (Marvel Legends)
Rhino (Marvel Legends)Rockslide - New X-Men (Marvel Legends)
Rypper of the S. W. A. T. (Marvel Legends)Sam Fisher Splinter Cell (Marvel Legends)
Sargent James Howlett (Marvel Legends)Sauron (Marvel Legends)
Scarecrow (Batman - Movie Style)Scarlett Spider (Marvel Legends)
Scroteus - Lord of the Demons (Marvel Legends)Sentinel (Iron Man Sized) (Marvel Legends)
Silver Sable (Marvel Legends)Silvermane (Marvel Legends)
Slayback (Marvel Legends)Solo (Marvel Legends)
Spider-Man - X-Mas (Superhero Showdown)SSSixxxx SSSlyxxxx (Marvel Legends)
Stealth Hawk Man (D.C. Universe)Stealth Iron Man or Stealth Batman (Marvel)
Stinkerball (Lord of the Rings)Sublime Beast (Marvel Legends)
Sugar Man (Marvel Legends)Sundancer (Marvel Legends)
Sunfire (AOA or Horsemen) (Marvel Legends)Super Buff Jesus Diorama (Marvel Legends)
Super Pusseekat (Marvel Legends)Super Soldier (D.C. Universe)
Swamp Thing (Marvel Icon)Sym (Marvel Legends)
Tarantula (Marvel Legends)The Fury (Marvel Legends)
The Owl (Marvel Legends)The Question (D.C. Universe)
The Russian (Marvel Legends)The Tin Man From The Comic Wizard Of Oz (Lord of the Rings)
The Vulture (Marvel Legends)Thunderstrike (Marvel Legends)
Tombstone (Marvel Legends)Tommy of 2nd Hand Porn (Marvel Legends)
Tony Montana (Marvel Legends)Tony Stark Agent of Shield (Marvel Legends)
Trench Expendables (Expendables)Tygar the Tamer of the Devyls Horn (Wrestling)
Tyler the Boss (Marvel Legends)Ult Thor (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Ant Man (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Cable (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Colonel (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Green Goblin (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Nick Fury (Marvel Legends)Ultron Maxx (Marvel Legends)
Union Jack (Marvel Legends)Usagi Yojimbo (Marvel Legends)
Viper (Marvel Legends)Vulcan (Marvel Legends)
Warpath (Marvel Legends)Wendigo (Marvel Legends)
What if the Punisher was Venom (Marvel Legends)White Rabbit From Alice In Wonderland (Zombies)
Wildchild (Marvel Legends)William Stryker (Marvel Legends)
Wizard (Marvel Legends)Wolverine - X-Mas (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine -Earth 2549 (Marvel)Wolverine (What if Wolverine was the Punisher) (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine: What if?... (Marvel Legends)Wolverine's Adamantium Skeleton (Hellboy)
Wrecker (Marvel Legends)Zombie Wolverine (Marvel Legends)