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Customizer:panchopanteraFirst Made:Captain America
Showcase Rank:BaronPersonal Best:Lady Sif
Crowd Favorite:FirelordTotal Customs:36
Current Projects:Working on a Caiera the Oldstrong and a DC SupermanDoomsday for my son.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:2First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.28Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Dec 5, 2013 Mythic MightKing Thor, the Failed Ruler of Asgard and Killer of God Butchers833.36 
Nov 12, 2013 Mythic MightTorunn, Daughter of Thor and Sif883.20 

All Customs by panchopantera
Ages of Thunder Thor (Marvel Legends)Angel (X-Men)
Armored Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman)Belit, Queen of the Black Coast (Conan)
Black Widow (Avengers)Caiera the Oldstrong (Incredible Hulk)
Captain America (Avengers)Captain Marvel (Marvel)
Carol Danvers as Captain America (Marvel Universe)Carol Danvers as Captain America (Marvel Universe)
Conan (Conan)Cyclops - Original X-Men (X-Men)
Doomsday (DC Universe)Fandral the Dashing (Marvel Legends)
Firelord (Marvel Legends)Freyja, All-Mother of Asgardia (Marvel)
Hogun the Grim (Marvel Legends)Iceman (X-Men)
King Thor, the Failed Ruler of Asgard and Killer of God Butchers (Marvel Legends)Lady Sif (Marvel Legends)
Maleficent (Misc)Maleficent V2 (Sleeping Beauty)
Marvel Girl (X-Men)Modern Thor (Marvel Legends)
Modern Valkyrie (Marvel)Namora (Marvel Universe)
Princess Diana of Themyscira (300)Queen Hippolyta as Wonder Woman with Armor (Wonder Woman)
Rogue (X-Men)Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel)Shanna the She-Devil (D.C. Universe)
The Lady (Misc)Thor, Prince of Asgard (Marvel)
Torunn, Daughter of Thor and Sif (Avengers)What if?......Thor, the God of Metal (Marvel Select)