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Customizer:GoldenwolfFirst Made:Marcus Fenix
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Marcus Fenix (Gears Of War ) Version 2
Crowd Favorite:Deadpool W/ Headpool on a Stick !Total Customs:78

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:5First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.22Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jul 16, 2009 Clown ContestThe Crow753.13 
Feb 26, 2009 Dioramas IMarcus Fenix In " Rookie COG Alley Attack " *GEARS OF WAR*893.33 
May 25, 2007 Alternate RealitiesBlade 2099403.73 
Apr 30, 2007 Zombies - Dead or AliveLopaka Goldenwolf243.25 
Feb 11, 2007 NinjaElektra222.68 

All Customs by Goldenwolf
" Nicky Sin " ( Nicholas Sintoro) & " Johnny Auto " ( John Autiveta) Guns for Hire ! (Criminal Macabre)12 Inch Punisher (Punisher)
90's Random Action Movie Guy (Criminal Macabre)Apocalypse (X-Men - Movies)
Ares w/Removeable Armor (Marvel Legends)Ash (Army of Darkness)
Batman (Batman)Blade 2099 (Blade)
Bullseye (Marvel Knights)Cable (X-Force)
Camo Punisher (Punisher)Criminal Macabre's "Cal McDonald" (Criminal Macabre)
Daredevil (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)DC Style Punisher (Punisher)
Deadpool (Criminal Macabre)Deadpool (Criminal Macabre)
Deadpool (X-Men)Deadpool W/ Headpool on a Stick ! (X-Men)
Deadpool Commando (X-Men - Movies)Dean Winchester (Criminal Macabre)
Dutch (Predator)Elektra (Marvel Legends)
Enforcer - Golden Wolf (Criminal Macabre)Evoloutiion of Dead Pool V.1 Blanx Alpha Style (Marvel Universe)
Free (Original)Ghost Rider / Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider)
Goldenwolf (Criminal Macabre)Green Lantern - Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
Grifrer W/ Bullett Bike (Wildcats)Grifter (Wildcats)
Grifter - Version 2 (Wildcats)HALO - EOD Spartan - Flame Rage Paint Job (Halo)
Halo Master Chief Snake Eyes (Halo)Harvey " Two Face " Dent (Batman - Movie Style)
Hitman "Agent 47 " (Hitman)Hitman (Agent 47) (Hitman)
Hulk (Incredible Hulk)Joe Armstrong " American Ninja" (Special Forces)
Joker On Vacation & Dark Knight Movie Version (Batman)Kai (Criminal Macabre)
Keoki Lopaka Goldenwolf Ke : NX Agent : Goldenwolf (Criminal Macabre)Keoki Lopaka Goldenwolf Ke (Criminal Macabre)
Lopaka Goldenwolf (Criminal Macabre)Marcus Fenix (Gears Of War)
Marcus Fenix In " Rookie COG Alley Attack " *GEARS OF WAR* (Gears Of War)Marcus Fenix (Gears Of War ) Version 2 (Gears Of War)
Merc in the Ironsuit Deadpool Verion .1 (X-Men)Metal Gear - Black Ops Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Movie Punisher W/ Vest (Punisher)Ninja Master ! (Ninja Gaiden)
Oldman Logan (X-Men)Predator Hunter (Predator)
Punisher (Punisher)Punisher (Punisher)
Punisher W/ Skull Mask & Trenchcoat. (Punisher)Punisher Warzone Movie Body Armor & Gloves. (Punisher)
Resident Evil - Leon : Years Later (Resident Evil)Sabertooth (X-Men)
Sam Winchester (Criminal Macabre)Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
Secret Invasion " Skrull Giantman " with Interchangable Heads (Avengers)Shot Up Jigsaw (Punisher)
Snake ! (Metal Gear Solid)Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)
T-700 -W/ Light Up Eyes - Treminator Salvation (Terminator)Terminator t-800 (Terminator)
The Crow (Crow)The Punisher (Punisher)
Ultimate Magneto (X-Men - Movies)Wade "Deadpool" Wilson - Version 2 (X-Men - Movies)
Weapons Cache - Everyone Needs One ! (Criminal Macabre)Witchblade (Witchblade)
Witchblade (Witchblade)Wolverine , with Custom Painted Motorcycle (X-Men - Movies)
Wolverine (X-Force) (X-Men - Movies)Wolverine Origins : Gambit ( Deluxe Movie Version ) (X-Men - Movies)
Wolverine Origins : Gambit Movie Version (X-Men - Movies)Young Frank Castle / First Night Out !!!! (Punisher)