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Customizer:quantum7customsFirst Made:Ultimate Ant-Man II
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Shredder
Crowd Favorite:Black LightningTotal Customs:51
Current Projects:Oh my...there are SOOO many on the work bench right now. Marvel Legends - Hawk girl, Ultimate Power suit - Red Skull, Ultron, The Tick, Scourge from Thunderbolts and on and on...
Honorable Mentions:My mom said they looked "Neat!!"....does that count?? ;)
Comments:I have been customizing action figures for about 16 years. Still haven't totally got the hang of it yet...but I am trying to get better every day.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by quantum7customs
Absorbing Man (Marvel Legends)Arctic Roadblock (G.I. Joe)
Arsenal - DC Universe (Marvel Legends)ATLAS from Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)
BLACK GOLIATH ( Classic Costume ) (Marvel Legends)Black Lightning (Marvel Legends)
Blackstar (Masters of the Universe)Cobra Stealth Viper (G.I. Joe)
Cyborg (DC Superheroes)Cyborg Superman (DC Superheroes)
Cyborg Superman - Sinestro Corps (DC Superheroes)Dark Claw (DC Superheroes)
Darth Aquilius (Star Wars)Darth Chaotus (Star Wars)
Darth Maul Visionaries (Star Wars)Darth Nihl (Star Wars)
Ethereal 1 ( Original : Ironman Enemy - Character ) (Marvel Universe)Fallen (Transformers)
Female Clone Trooper (Star Wars)Fin Fang Foom (Marvel Legends)
Gentleman Ghost (DC Universe)Ghost Rider (Marvel Universe)
GI JOE: Cobra Asphalt-VIPER (G.I. Joe)Green Lantern (DC Universe)
Green Lantern Corp Member (DC Universe)Green Lantern Corps: ABIN FAUX (DC Universe)
Green Lantern Corps: BLUX (DC Universe)Horror Show (G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary)
Invisible Woman: Fantastic Four (Marvel Universe)IRONMAN - Armory (Marvel Legends)
Lanter Corps : Red & Green (DC Universe)Magneto - DIORAMA (Marvel Universe)
Mandalorian : KRILL (Star Wars)Megatron and Sam Witwicky (Transformers)
MOTU Ultimate Universe HE-MAN (Marvel Legends)MOTU Ultimate Universe SKELETOR (Marvel Legends)
NOVA ( Frankie Raye ) (Marvel Legends)Pimp Destro with Missle Station (G.I. Joe)
Red Hulk (Marvel Legends)Red Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Red Lantern (DC Universe)Red Lantern Corps : DEATHMERE (DC Universe)
Red Skull (Marvel Universe)Scorpion (Marvel Universe)
Shadow Hawk (Marvel Legends)Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
THUNDERBIRD (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Ant-Man II (Marvel Legends)
Vulture (Marvel Universe)World War HULK (Marvel Universe)
Zombie DEATH TROOPERS (Star Wars)