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Customizer:Bob-A-FerretFirst Made:Dr Fate
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:282
Current Projects:My current projects list is constantly changing but there is usually one or two lanterns in the list. Right now my big project is Hulk 2099 2.0, GL Larvox, GL Norchavius, Rockslide2.0, ML Sentinel 4.0, TF Devastator,
Honorable Mentions:My Ghost Rider 2099 was signed by the character creator Len Kaminski and given his personal letter of approval.
Comments:I am the one and only Bob-A-Ferret.
For the last few years I have been pretty quiet it took a huge wow factor to get me to comment on someones work. NO MORE!!! I am a harsh critic & do not want to offend. So I will not comment unless you have commented on my work. Do not ask my opinion unless you really want it. If I compliment you know it is honest. If I'm a tad harsh know it is because I see potential & if I'm brutal & harsh you asked me too.

For those who want to know.

Feel free to get to know me on face book I am Bob-A-Ferret where ever I go I am the one and only.

I am 36 & married, No kids of my own.

I have ferrets for pets, I feel a close kinship to the little guys. So I regularly talk in the third person or make comments as if I was a ferret,{it keeps me young and it is me being silly so deal}Ferreting away your ideas is my way of saying it was not my idea or I like your idea. take it as a compliment!

I have 3 thumbs literally, So I give 3 thumbs ups regularly.

I love making customs it keeps me sane. I especially enjoy alternate universes/timelines, what have you. To name a few of my favorites MC2, 2099, Elseworlds, MutantX, Ultimate, Etc.

When it comes to teams I like seeing them completed as much as possible. Alpha flight , Green Lantern Corps, JLA, Avengers what ever I like the whole team no one left out if at all possible. Those of you who have done that are usually the guys I become fans of.

I love and desire real honest critiques of my work. Which means I want to know what you found faulting in my work, but what you think I did good as well. I will treat you with the respect you deserve if you are honest and fair. I might defend my work but that does not mean i do not respect your opinion in fact it means I will be looking even harder at it. So please I love a good critique cause I want to grow and become as good as those I admire.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:15First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.14Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Feb 19, 2012 Vile Volitions IIJohnny Quick of the CSA1072.78 
Nov 16, 2011 MonochromaticStatue of Darkseid823.23 
Oct 1, 2011 Golden OldiesStar Sapphire973.35 
Aug 29, 2011 Golden OldiesHawkman1023.36 
Aug 9, 2011 Golden OldiesInvaders Humantorch972.45 
Jul 5, 2011 Dearly DepartedBL Death Storm1173.18 
Jul 4, 2011 Dearly DepartedBL Superdead1173.07 
Jul 3, 2011 Dearly DepartedBL Wonderwoman1253.26 
Aug 1, 2007 Green LanternsGL Ocloptics373.27 
Aug 1, 2007 Green LanternsGL RRU-9-2383.32 
May 7, 2007 Alternate Realities(2099)Ghost Rider413.88 
May 7, 2007 Alternate Realities(2099) Hulk 2099393.38 
Apr 30, 2007 Zombies - Dead or AliveZombie Grimmace152.53 
Apr 30, 2007 Zombies - Dead or AliveZombie Ronald McDonald193.32 
Apr 17, 2007 Zombies - Dead or AliveZombie Venom182.72 

All Customs by Bob-A-Ferret
(2099) Daredevil 2099 (Marvel Legends)(2099) Doom 2099 (Marvel Legends)
(2099) Flipside 2099 (Marvel Legends)(2099) Hulk 2099 (Marvel Legends)
(2099) Junkpile (Marvel Legends)(2099) Punisher (Marvel Legends)
(2099) Spiderman 2099 (Marvel Legends)(2099) Spiderman 2099 version2 (Spider-Man)
(2099)Ghost Rider (Marvel Legends)(AF) Aurora (Marvel Legends)
(AF) North Star (Marvel Legends)(AF) Puck (Marvel Legends)
(AF) Sasquatch (Marvel Legends)(AF) Weapon Omega Aka Wild Child (Marvel Legends)
(Amalgam) Bizarnage (Amalgam)(Amalgam) Iron Lantern (Amalgam)
(Amalgam) Kid Demon (Amalgam)(Amalgam) Speed Demon (Amalgam)
(Amalgam) Super Soldier (Amalgam)(Amalgam)Spider Boy (DC Direct)
(AoA) Blink (Marvel Legends)(AoA) Sabertooth (Marvel Legends)
(MC2) American Dream (Marvel Legends)(MC2) Doc Strange (Marvel Legends)
(MC2) DocMagus (Marvel Legends)(MC2) Freebooter (Marvel Legends)
(MC2) J2 (Marvel Legends)(MC2) Stinger (Marvel Legends)
(MC2) Thing (Marvel Legends)(MC2) Thunderstrike (Marvel Legends)
(Mutant x) Bloodstorm (Marvel Legends)(Mutant X) Brute (Marvel Legends)
(Mutant X) Goblin Queen (Marvel Legends)(Mutant X) Havok (Marvel Legends)
(Mutant X) Iceman (Marvel Legends)(Mutant X)The Fallen (Marvel Legends)
(Ult.) Falcon (Marvel Legends)(Ult.) Giantman (Marvel Legends)
(Ult.) WhirlWind (Marvel Legends)(Ult.)Cap. America WWII (Marvel Legends)
8ball (Marvel Legends)Abyss (Marvel Legends)
Aqualad 2 (DC Universe)Arachnoid (Marvel Legends)
Armor Daredevil (Marvel Legends)Arnim Zola (Marvel Legends)
Awesome Android "Andy" (Marvel Legends)Azbats (DC Universe)
Banshee (Marvel Legends)Banshee (Marvel Legends)
Batgirl (DC Universe)Batman Gaslight (DC Universe)
Batman JSA Liberty Files ETC. (DC Universe)Batman Unmasked (DC Universe)
BB Terry Mcguiness (DC Universe)Bizzaro Bugs (Misc)
Bizzarro Wonder Woman (DC Direct)BL Aquaman Aka Deadwater (DC Universe)
BL Death Storm (DC Universe)BL Martian Manhunter & BL Reverse Flash (DC Universe)
BL Superdead (DC Universe)BL Wonderwoman (DC Universe)
Black Adam (DC Universe)Black Costume Ironspider (Marvel Legends)
Black Mask (DC Universe)Black Widow (blonde) (Marvel Legends)
BLL B'con (Transformers)BLL Blue Constructs (Misc)
BLL Ferine (Halo)Blue Devil (DC Universe)
Classic Angel (Marvel Legends)Clay Quartermain of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Legends)
Commisonr Gordon (DC Universe)CrossBones (Marvel Legends)
Cyber (Marvel Legends)Cyborg (DC Universe)
Daredevil, Yellow Costume (Marvel Legends)Dark Beast (Marvel Legends)
Dark Flash (DC Direct)Dark Flash (DC Universe)
Death Flash (DC Direct)DemoGoblin (Marvel Legends)
Donna Troy (DC Universe)Dr Fate (Marvel Legends)
Electro Armor Spiderman (Marvel Legends)Elsiee Dee (Marvel Legends)
Eradicator (DC Universe)Fire Lord (Marvel Legends)
Forge (Marvel Legends)General ZOD (DC Universe)
GL 'Judge" Varix (DC Universe)GL Aa Version 1 (DC Universe)
GL Aa Version 2 (DC Universe)GL Abin Sur (DC Direct)
GL Adoy (Star Wars)GL Alisand'r (DC Direct)
GL Apros (DC Universe)Gl Ar-N-D-Q (DC Universe)
GL Arkkis Chummuck (DC Direct)GL Arx Version 1 (DC Direct)
GL Arx Version 2 (DC Universe)GL B'dg (DC Universe)
GL B'ox (DC Universe)GL Batman (DC Universe)
GL Bogosar (DC Universe)GL Brik (DC Direct)
GL Bzzd (DC Universe)GL Ch'p of H'lvn (DC Universe)
GL Cimfet Tau (DC Universe)GL Circa 2029 (DC Universe)
GL Daniel Young (DC Universe)GL Dark Lantern (Evil Kilowog) (Green Lantern)
GL Driq Version1 (DC Universe)GL Duck Dodgers /Daffy Duck (DC Universe)
GL Eddore (DC Universe)GL Ei-Foyre (DC Universe)
GL Ei-Foyre Version1 (DC Universe)GL El'qa Squa Zreenah (DC Universe)
GL FlodoSpan (DC Direct)GL G'paak (Green Lantern)
GL Gaurdians (Green Lantern)GL General Kreon (DC Universe)
GL Ghr'll Version 1 (DC Direct)GL Ghr'll Version 2 (DC Universe)
GL Glaius Zed (DC Direct)GL Haljordan as Spectre (DC Universe)
GL Hannu (DC Universe)GL Isamot Kol (DC Universe)
GL K-Zuki (DC Universe)GL Kendatha Kr'neh (DC Universe)
GL Kyle Rayner 2nd Costume or There Abouts (DC Universe)GL Kyle Rayner Original Costume (DC Universe)
GL Laham Version 1 (DC Direct)GL Leezle Pon & GL Xax (DC Direct)
GL Medphyll Version 1 (DC Universe)GL Medphyll Version 2 (DC Universe)
GL Medphyll Version 3 (DC Universe)GL Movie/Comic Hal or Daniel Young Version 3 (DC Universe)
GL Ocloptics (Green Lantern)GL Ocloptics Version2 (DC Universe)
GL of Penelo (DC Direct)GL Procannon Kaa Version2 (DC Universe)
GL Procanon Kaa Version1 (DC Direct)GL Puffball Collective (DC Universe)
GL RRU-9-2 (Green Lantern)GL RRU-9-2 Version 2 (Marvel Legends)
GL Salaak (DC Direct)GL Spol of Cyc Version 1 (DC Direct)
GL Spol Version2 (DC Universe)GL Stalactite (Green Lantern)
GL Symon Terrynce (DC Universe)GL T'cher (Star Wars)
GL Talmadge (DC Universe)GL Tomar Tu/Tomar Re (DC Universe)
GL Turytt (DC Universe)GL Vath Sarn (DC Universe)
GL Young Chaselon or Diamalon (Green Lantern)GL Young M'dhana (DC Universe)
GL/BL Driq Version 2 (DC Universe)Hawkgirl (DC Universe)
Hawkman (DC Universe)Hellcat (Marvel Legends)
Hour Man (DC Universe)Hydra Agents (Marvel Legends)
Hydroman (Spider-Man)Impulse (DC Direct)
Impulse Version 2.0 (DC Universe)Invaders Humantorch (Marvel Legends)
IT Black Hand (DC Universe)IT Brachsydrosis (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
IT Cromeo (Halo)IT Skalpull (Transformers)
Johnny Quick (DC Direct)Johnny Quick JSA (DC Universe)
Johnny Quick of the CSA (DC Universe)Kid Flash (Wally) (DC Universe)
Kid Flash II (Bart Allen) (DC Universe)Loki (Marvel Legends)
Luke Cage 1980's Outfit (Marvel Legends)Magneto (Marvel Legends)
Magog (DC Universe)Magog 2.0 (DC Universe)
Martian Manhunter (DC Universe)Mary Jane (Marvel Legends)
Max Mercury (DC Universe)Morbius (with GeneSimmons Tounge Action) (Marvel Legends)
Multiple Man (Marvel Legends)Namor (Marvel Legends)
Namor (Marvel Legends)Non (DC Universe)
Nova (Marvel Legends)Oberon (DC Universe)
OL Grm Ln (Misc)OL Kuvet Us (Halo)
OL La Vsh (Halo)OL Space Ghost (Green Lantern)
OL Vor Acius (Halo)Original Wasp (Marvel Legends)
Power Ring (DC Universe)Power Ring Guard Guyner (DC Universe)
Power Ring III Version 2 (DC Universe)Powerring III (Green Lantern)
Professor X EXO LEGS (Marvel Legends)Professor Zoom (DC Direct)
Professor Zoomii Hunter Zoloman (DC Direct)Quicksilver (Marvel Legends)
Raven in White (DC Universe)Red Hood Jason Todd (DC Universe)
Red She Hulk (Marvel Legends)Ricochet (Marvel Legends)
Ricochet 2.0 (Marvel Legends)RL Bl'd Prz'm (Halo)
RL Construct (Halo)RL Major Hyst Rrak (Halo)
RL R'ook (Halo)RL Red Line (Transformers)
Robin Stephanie Brown (DC Universe)Robin Costume (DC Universe)
Robin Earth 2 (DC Universe)Rockslide (Marvel Legends)
SC Batman (DC Universe)SC Apalonious (Spawn)
SC Bizzaro Lantern (Green Lantern)SC Braach (DC Universe)
SC Bur' Gunza (DC Universe)SC Chod (Halo)
SC Cyborg Superman (DC Universe)SC Devil Dog (DC Direct)
SC Guy Gardner (Green Lantern)SC Guy Gardner Version 2 (DC Universe)
SC Kong (Halo)SC P'wn (Halo)
SC Predator (Predator)SC Qwardian Thunderer1 (DC Universe)
SC Qwardian Thunderer2 (DC Universe)SC Qwardian Thunderer3 (DC Universe)
SC Ruin (Transformers)SC Schlagg Man (DC Universe)
SC Sinestro (DC Universe)SC Sir Vay (Halo)
SC Skeeter (Gears Of War)SC Superboy Prime (DC Direct)
SC Yellow Construct (Halo)Scarlet Spider (Marvel Legends)
Sentinel 1U9.5 (Marvel Legends)She-Thing (Marvel Legends)
Snow Bird (Marvel Legends)Spectre of Gotham (DC Universe)
Squadies Anti-Venom (Super Hero Squad)Squady Bucky Cap (Super Hero Squad)
SS Q-Pid (Transformers)Star Sapphire (DC Universe)
Starsapphire (DC Universe)Statue of Darkseid (DC Universe)
Sunfire (Marvel Legends)Sunspot (Marvel Legends)
Superant (DC Universe)Superbeast (DC Universe)
Superbrain (DC Universe)Supergirl Black & Silver (DC Universe)
Supernova (DC Universe)Tarantula (Marvel Legends)
Tempest (DC Universe)The Differnt Faces of TONY STARK (Marvel Legends)
Thunderstrike (Marvel Legends)Timothy Dum Dum Dugan (Marvel Legends)
Titanium Man (Marvel Legends)Tony Stark (Marvel Legends)
Twofaced Bat (DC Universe)Ultraman (DC Direct)
Ursa (DC Universe)US Agent Classic (Marvel Legends)
US Agent Mixed Costume (Marvel Legends)US Agent of S.T.A.R.S. (Marvel Legends)
Vindicator/Guardian (Marvel Legends)Warpath (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine (Secret Wars) Icon (Marvel Icon)X-Force Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
X-Force Domino (Marvel Legends)Zombie Grimmace (Misc)
Zombie Ronald McDonald (Misc)Zombie Venom (Marvel Icon)