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Customizer Profile
Customizer:CriscoFirst Made:Skeletor
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Classic Tri-Klops
Crowd Favorite:He-ManTotal Customs:115
Current Projects:MOTU stuff
Honorable Mentions:Issue 51 of Wizard Magazine - I got third place with an Animated Superboy. I was 15 years old :)
Comments:I love customising toys, MOTU are definatley my favourite, but if I get an idea for a figure, I will try and make it. My inspiration comes from movies, comics, cartoons and video games.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:8First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.11Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Dec 31, 2012 Way of the BladeBarbarian Warrior1012.35 
Dec 28, 2012 Way of the BladeGuybrush Threepwood1062.84 
Apr 17, 2011 Armor UpMetello1413.84 
Jul 31, 2010 Way They Should BeSuperman1293.25 
Jul 31, 2010 Way They Should BePower Armour Lex Luthor1333.56 
May 15, 2010 Past Toys RebornCliff Dagger with Jack Hammer932.85 
Oct 30, 2009 Post-ApocalypticFallout 3 Enclave Power Armour842.85 
Oct 11, 2009 Post-ApocalypticFallout 3 Combat Marine863.36 

All Customs by Crisco
Atomicus (Marvel Legends)Atomicus V2 (Marvel Legends)
Barbarian Warrior (Fantasy)Batman (Movie Maniacs)
Battle Damaged Faker (Masters of the Universe)Beast Man (Masters of the Universe)
Beast Man V 2.0 (Masters of the Universe)Black Adam (DC Superheroes)
Buzz-Off (Masters of the Universe)Captain Randor (Masters of the Universe)
Captain Randor "Madtinker Style" (Masters of the Universe)Carl Donewicz - Steel Jack (Marvel Legends)
Clamp Champ (Masters of the Universe)Classic Tri-Klops (Masters of the Universe)
Clawful (Masters of the Universe)Cliff Dagger with Jack Hammer (M.A.S.K.)
Colonel Miles Quaritch (Avatar)Conan (Conan)
Confessor (Marvel Legends)Count Marzo (Masters of the Universe)
Count Marzo V2.0 (Masters of the Universe)Crackdown Agent (Marvel Legends)
Darth Vader (Star Wars)Draken Fyre (City of Heroes)
Eldar (Masters of the Universe)Eradicator (Marvel Legends)
Evil Seed (Masters of the Universe)Evil-Lyn (Masters of the Universe)
Faker (Masters of the Universe)Fallout 3 Combat Marine (Fallout)
Fallout 3 Enclave Power Armour (G.I. Joe)Fisto (Masters of the Universe)
Green Lantern (Movie Maniacs)Guybrush Threepwood (Marvel Universe)
Hardcase (Ultraverse)Hawk (Masters of the Universe)
He-Man (Masters of the Universe)He-Man (Masters of the Universe)
He-Man & Battle Cat (Masters of the Universe)He-Man 2.0 (Masters of the Universe)
Hordak (Masters of the Universe)Horde Trooper (Masters of the Universe)
Jango Fett (Star Wars)Jitsu (Masters of the Universe)
John Carter (Marvel Universe)Keldor (Masters of the Universe)
Keldor (Masters of the Universe)King Conan (Conan)
King Conan V2 (Conan)King Hsss (Masters of the Universe)
King Leonidas (300)Kraven (Marvel Legends)
Kronis (Masters of the Universe)LEGO Battle Suit (Original)
Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)Man-At-Arms (Masters of the Universe)
Man-E-Faces (Masters of the Universe)Mattias Nilsson (G.I. Joe)
Mek-A-Nek (Masters of the Universe)Mer-Man (Masters of the Universe)
Metaphysique (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Metello (DC Universe)
Moss Man (Masters of the Universe)Motu E.R.G. (Masters of the Universe)
MOTU Robots (Masters of the Universe)Mr Incredible (Incredibles)
Ninjor (Masters of the Universe)Pallantides (Conan)
Power Armour Lex Luthor (DC Superheroes)Power Armour Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)
Power Armour Skeletor V2.0 (Masters of the Universe)President Superman (DC Superheroes)
Prince Adam (Masters of the Universe)Prototype (Ultraverse)
Ram Man (Masters of the Universe)Rio Blast (Masters of the Universe)
Roboto (Masters of the Universe)Rogue Prime (Ultraverse)
ROTF Skywarp (Transformers - Movie)ROTF Thrust (Transformers - Movie)
Samaratin (Marvel Legends)Samaritan (Marvel Legends)
Scorpion (Marvel Legends)Sideswipe (Transformers - Movie)
Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)
Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)Skeletor & Panthor (Masters of the Universe)
Skeletor V 3 (Masters of the Universe)Skeletor v2.0 (Masters of the Universe)
Sludge (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Snake Plissken (Movie Maniacs)
Spikor (Masters of the Universe)Spy Fly (Masters of the Universe)
Stinkor (Masters of the Universe)Stratos (Masters of the Universe)
Superman (Super Powers)Superman (DC Superheroes)
Supersonic (Marvel Legends)Sy-Klone (Masters of the Universe)
The Confessor (Marvel Legends)The Flash (TV Version) (Super Powers)
The Gentleman (Marvel Legends)The Infidel (Marvel Universe)
The Parasite (DC Superheroes)The Plutonian (Marvel Legends)
The Samaritan (Marvel Universe)Trap Jaw (Masters of the Universe)
Trap-Jaw V2.0 (Masters of the Universe)Tri Klops (Masters of the Universe)
Tri-Klops (Masters of the Universe)Webstor (Masters of the Universe)
Whiplash (Masters of the Universe)Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Zodac (Masters of the Universe)