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 Mint Condition Customs 
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Customizer:Mint Condition CustomsFirst Made:Silver Surfer
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Skeletor (2002) MOTU Classics
Crowd Favorite:Janine Melnitz in Ghostbusters UniformTotal Customs:160
Current Projects:Everything! Really, I have no boundaries. I do all kinds of customs from different media. I do a lot of Ghostbusters customs and anything Marvel related.
Honorable Mentions:Several "custom of the week" awards from Toy News International, and a couple from Figurerealm as well. Also been featured in several interviews on several toy websites.
Comments:As you can tell, my big thing besides customizing is drawing. I have a pretty popular Webcomic called Mint Condition. The website is mintconditioncomic (dot) com. I also take commissions for customizing full time.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:5First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.73Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Apr 29, 2014 Winged WondersCastiel the Fallen Angel (Supernatural)974.06 
Jul 30, 2010 Way They Should BeCable, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 21353.77 
Jun 20, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!T - B.U.G. Transformers/Terminator Crossover873.77 
Aug 25, 2008 Vile VolitionsRed Skull, Movie Style913.38 
Aug 25, 2008 Vile VolitionsEn Sabah Nur, Movie Style943.69 

All Customs by Mint Condition Customs
Agent Phil Coulson (Marvel Legends)Agent Smith: The Matrix (Matrix)
Akuma, Street Fighter 4 Style (Street Fighter)Alfred Pennyworth (Batman)
Aliens Chestburster Mutant (Aliens Arcade Game) (Aliens)Amazing Spider-Man (Movie Accurate Repaint W/ Magnetic Feet) (Spider-Man - Movie)
Amazing Spider-Man 2 W/ Magnetic Feet (Spider-Man)Angel - X3 Movie Style (X-Men - Movies)
Angel, Age of Apocalypse Style (X-Men)Ashram the Black Knight (Anime)
Aurelio Voltaire - Gothic Folk Singer (Music)Banshee - Age of Apocalypse (Marvel)
Bat Alien (SNES Alien Vs. Predator Game) (Aliens)Bat Signal (Classic Comic Style) (Batman)
Batman (Arkham Origins) W/ Added Articulation (Batman)Batman (Modern Comics Style) (DC Universe)
Batman (the Animated Series Style) (Batman Animated)Batman 1989 Movie Style (Batman)
Batman Arkham Origins (Battle Damaged W/ Shock Gloves) (DC Universe)Beast, X-Men First Class (X-Men - Movies)
Binary (Ms. Marvel) (Marvel Legends)Blade Trinity (Blade)
Brock "Murderfly" Samson (Venture Bros.)Bruce Wayne (Arkham City Style) (Batman - Arkham City)
Bull Alien (Kenner Style) (Aliens)Bushwacker Movie-Style (Punisher)
Cable, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Marvel Legends)Captain America, Movie Style (Captain America)
Castiel the Fallen Angel (Supernatural) (Supernatural)Cesar Romero Joker (Batman)
Charles Xavier (X-Men First Class Movie Style) (X-Men - Movies)Christopher Reeve Superman, Movie Style (Superman)
Cobra Commander with Removable Mask (G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra)Cobra Commander, Rise of Cobra (G.I. Joe)
Commissioner Gordon (DC Universe)Contra Mad Dog and Scorpion Movie Concepts (Marvel Legends)
Corporal Teresa "Tequila" Aquila Colonial Marine (Aliens)Custom Magneto (X-Men First Class Movie Style) (X-Men - Movies)
Custom Nightwing (New 52) (DC Universe)Dante's Inferno "Heaven Dante" Concept (Dante's Inferno )
Dark Knight Batman (Batman - Movie Style)Dark Knight Joker (Batman - Movie Style)
Dark Knight Scarecrow (Batman - Movie Style)Darth Knight - Batman / Star Wars Crossover (Batman)
Darth Knight Version 2.0 (Amalgam)Deadshot (Gotham Knight Style) (DC Universe)
Dean Winchester (Supernatural) (Supernatural)Deathstroke (Arkham Origins Style) (DC Universe)
Deep Six, Rise of Cobra Movie Style (G.I. Joe)Dial Tone (25th Anniversary Style) (G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary)
Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man - Movie)Doomstroke (Doomsday/Deathstroke Amalgam) (DC Universe)
Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen)Dr. Manhattan, Version 2 (Watchmen)
Drake, Colonial Marine (Kenner Style) (Aliens)Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem)
Eddie Brock Venom (Super Posable) (Marvel Legends)En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) Movie Concept, V2 (X-Men - Movies)
En Sabah Nur, Marvel Movie Icons (X-Men - Movies)En Sabah Nur, Movie Style (X-Men - Movies)
Eye-Lash, Mistress of Torture for the Evil Horde (Masters of the Universe)Falcon (Sam Wilson), Movie Style (Marvel Legends)
Flash Thompson Venom (Marvel Legends)Freddy Krueger 2010, Super Poseable (Nightmare on Elm Street)
Galvatron - War for Cybertron (Transformers)Ghostbusters Containment Unit W/ Lights and Sounds, Movie Style (Ghostbusters)
Green Lantern & Hal Jordan Movie Masters (Movie Masters)Hannibal King (Blade)
Hannibal King, V2 (Blade)He-Man (2002) MOTU Classics (Masters of the Universe)
Hellcat (Defenders)Ian Glover Vampire Hunter (Web Comics)
Ironclad (Marvel U-Foes) (Marvel Universe)James Bond (Daniel Craig) (James Bond)
Janine Melnitz - Ghostbusters 2 (Ghostbusters)Janine Melnitz in Ghostbusters Uniform (Ghostbusters)
Janine Melnitz in Ghostbusters Uniform - Version 2 (Ghostbusters)Jocasta (Avengers)
Joker W/ Improved Articulation (Arkham Asylum Style) (DC Universe)Justice Lords Batman (Movie Concept) (DC Universe)
Justice Lords Superman (Man of Steel Movie Concept) (Movie Masters)Kraven the Hunter, Movie Concept (Spider-Man)
Lilandra Neramani (X-Men)Logan/Wolverine - Movie Style (X-Men - Movies)
Louis Tully W/ Bus Driver Slimer - Ghostbusters 2 (Ghostbusters)Mark 3 Iron Man (Iron Man)
Mephistopheles, Movie-Version (Ghost Rider)Milton Fine - BrainI.A.C. (Superman)
Moondragon (Marvel Legends)Movie Punisher (Punisher)
Mr. Sinister, Age of Apocalypse Style (X-Men)Mumm-Ra W/ Light up Eyes (Thundercats)
Neo Viper Officer (Metallic Orange) (G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra)Neo: The Matrix Reloaded (Matrix)
Nick Fury Movie Style - V.2 (Iron Man 2)Nick Fury, Movie Style (Iron Man)
Night Fighter Robocop (W/ Gun Arm) (Robocop)Nightcrawler Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)
Nightwing (John Blake), Dark Knight Rises Movie Concept (Batman - Movie Style)Niteowl (Watchmen)
Ozymandias (Watchmen)Phoenix - Age of Apocalypse (X-Men)
Predator Armor Dutch Schaefer (Predator)Professor Xavier (Marvel Legends)
Prototype Iron Man (Iron Man)Quicksilver - Age of Apocalypse (X-Men)
Ra's Al Ghul (DC Universe)Ra's Al Ghul, League of Shadow (Movie Style) (DC Universe)
Raiden - Mortal Kombat 9 (Mortal Kombat)Red Hood (DC Universe)
Red Skull, Movie Style (Captain America)Rene Belloq (White Suit) (Indiana Jones)
Retro Action Real Ghostbusters with Custom Proton Streams (Ghostbusters)Roadblock, Rise of Cobra Movie Style (G.I. Joe)
Robin the Boy Wonder (Young Justice/Teen Titans Amalgam) (Young Justice)Rorschach (Watchmen)
Rudolph the Hitman Reindeer (Original)Scorpion - Mortal Kombat 9 (Mortal Kombat)
Scott Pilgrim in Plumtree T-Shirt (Scott Pilgrim)Sgt. Apone Colonial Marine (Kenner Style) (Aliens)
Shockwave (Dark of the Moon) W/Light-up Eye and Triple Change Feature (Transformers)Shroud (Marvel Legends)
Silk Spectre (Watchmen)Silver Surfer (Marvel Legends)
Skeletor (2002) MOTU Classics (Masters of the Universe)Snake Eyes, Reactive Armor Movie Concept (G.I. Joe)
Space Neo Viper Version 2.0 (G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra)Space Neo Viper, Rise of Cobra Movie Concept (G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra)
Springer (Triple Changer) - Transformers Generations (Transformers)Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen (Marvel Legends)
Storm - Age of Apocalypse (Marvel)Storm Shadow, Rise of Cobra Movie Concept (G.I. Joe)
Sub-Zero, Mortal Kombat 9 (Mortal Kombat)Super Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Superman Man of Steel Classic Repaint W/ Heat Vision Blasts (Movie Masters)T - B.U.G. Transformers/Terminator Crossover (Transformers)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Repaint Set (2012 Nickelodeon Series) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)The Comedian (Watchmen)
The Flash (TV Series Style) (DC Universe)The Penguin, in Black & White Tuxedo (DC Universe)
The Russian (Punisher)The Shredder (Nickelodeon TMNT Style) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
The Spirit, Comic Accurate Movie Figure (Independent Comics)The Winter Soldier, Movie Accurate (Marvel Legends)
Thor the Dark World (Poseable Cloth Cape) (Marvel Select)TMNT (2014 Movie Accurate Repaints) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Two-Face (Dark Knight) (Batman - Movie Style)Ultraman (DC Cinematic Universe Movie Concept) (DC Universe)
Vapor (Marvel U-Foes) (Marvel Universe)Vector (Marvel U-Foes) (Marvel Universe)
Venom (Classic) W/ 3 Alternate Heads and Web Line (Marvel Legends)Wade Wilson, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (X-Men - Movies)
Walter Kovacs (Watchmen)Wedding Avengers (Groom & Groomsmen Gifts to each Other) (Marvel Legends)
Whiplash Mark 2 Armor, Movie Style (Iron Man 2)White Suit Storm Shadow, Movie Style (G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra)
Wonder Twins with Gleek (DC Infinite Heroes)X-Ray (Marvel U-Foes) (Marvel Universe)
Yoshicrawler (X-Men)Zartan, Rise of Cobra (G.I. Joe)