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Customizer:matthancockFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Henry Cavill SUPERMAN: Man of Steel
Crowd Favorite:Henry Cavill SUPERMAN: Man of SteelTotal Customs:140
Current Projects:Trying to wrap up a bunch of Superman-related movie figures and other movie figures
Comments:What can I say? It's a great hobby! I've been at it since 2005 and still going strong and improving. I've come a long way and look forward to what lies ahead. I'd say my main areas of interest are Superman and Batman related figures as I'm a big DC fan. I've done about 175 custom figures so far and have at least 15 in progress at any given time. I must give credit to my custom mentors, the ones who inspired me to get into this hobby and those are...Matt "Iron Cow" Cauley, Bruce "Glorbes" Ross, and Jin Saotome. There are several others who I've learned from and continue to learn from but those three guys really helped me develop my own style and taught me so much about paints, sculpt, fabrics, you name it!

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All Customs by matthancock
1602 Captain America/Rohaz (Marvel Legends)Action Comics SUPERMAN (DC Universe)
Adam West BATMAN (Batman - Movie Style)Alt. Verse SUPERMAN: Farmer (Superman)
Andrew Garfield: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Spider-Man - Movie)Ant-Man Movie (Marvel Legends)
AQUAMAN - Jason Mamoa: Bvs Dawn of Justice Master Edition (Movie Masters)  on eBay Now!Arkham Asylum Batman (Batman)
Armored Batman (Night of Owls/Court of Owls) (Batman)Arrow: Deluxe Edition (Movie Masters)
BANE (Tom Hardy) (Movie Masters)Bard of Laketown - Rankin Bass Version (Hobbit)
BATMAN - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Super Articulated) (Movie Masters)BATMAN - Michael Keaton (Batman - Movie Style)
Batman - Michael Keaton v.2.0 (Batman)Batman 1989 - Michael Keaton Deluxe (Movie Masters)
Batman 1989 - Michael Keaton Master Edition (Movie Masters)Batman 1989 (Super-Articulated) Deluxe (Movie Masters)
Batman 1989 Jack Nicholson as The Joker (Batman)BATMAN 1989 Michael Keaton (Batman - Movie Style)
Batman 1989 Michael Keaton as Batman (Batman)BATMAN Armored: Dawn of Justice (Movie Masters)
Batman Forever Val Kilmer (Sonar Suit) (Batman)Batman Returns (Movie Masters)
BATMAN RETURNS - Bruce Wayne (Batman - Movie Style)BATMAN RETURNS - Michael Keaton (Batman - Movie Style)
BATMAN RETURNS - Michael Keaton Master Edition (Movie Masters)Batman Returns Michael Keaton (Batman)
BATMAN: Dawn of Justice (Movie Masters)Ben & Abbey Boutwell Cake Topper (Superman)
Big Chill Majestic (Wildcats)Bilbo Baggins - Rankin Bass Animated (Hobbit)
Bilbo Baggins the HOBBIT (Lord of the Rings)Black Dynomite (Marvel Legends)
BLACK PANTHER - Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel Legends)Bruce Leroy - the Last Dragon (Movie Masters)
Captain America Avengers Movie Suit (Marvel Legends)Catwoman - Michelle Pfeiffer - Master Edition (Movie Masters)
Chris O'Donnell Robin Version 2.0 (Batman Forever) (Batman - Movie Style)Christopher Reeve as Superman (Superman)
Christopher Reeve as Superman Headsculpt (Superman)Christopher Reeve as SUPERMAN Version 6, 7, or 8 (Superman)
Condorman (Prototype Suit) (Movie Masters)Danny DeVito as Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin (Batman)
Danny Devito Penguin (Batman - Movie Style)Danny Devito PENGUIN: Master Edition (Movie Masters)
Darth Maul Hologram - Star Wars Black Series (Star Wars)DCSH Cyborg Batman (Batman)
Dr. Strange (Marvel Legends)Entropy Aegis Armor Superman/Steel (Superman)
Flash CW Show Version (DC Universe)FLASH: John Wesley Shipp V. 2 (Movie Masters)
Gal Gadot - WONDER WOMAN (Movie Masters)Gandalf - Rankin Bass (Hobbit)
Gargoyle Goliath (Gargoyles)George Reeves SUPERMAN - Master Deluxe Edition (Movie Masters)
George Reeves-Ish Superman 2006 (Superman)Gleek (DC Superheroes)
Goblin King - Rankin Bass Hobbit (Hobbit)Godfall Superman (DC Superheroes)
Godfall Superman (DC Universe)Greatest American Hero (DC Universe)
Green Arrow (DC Direct)Green Arrow/Oliver Queen (Smallville) (DC Universe)
He-Man - Dolph Lundgren (Masters of the Universe)HE-MAN(Dolph Lundgren) (Masters of the Universe)
Helen Slater SUPERGIRL (Movie Masters)Henry Cavill SUPERMAN - Bvs: Dawn of Justice (Movie Masters)
Henry Cavill SUPERMAN: Man of Steel (Movie Masters)HERCULES - Thracian Wars (Hercules)
Injustice Elseworlds Finest FLASH (DC Universe)Injustice Red Son Superman (DC Universe)
Iron Man (Movie - Mach I) (Iron Man)Jailhouse Joker (Batman - Movie Style)
Jeep Swenson as BANE (Batman - Movie Style)Jesus Christ - Savior of the World (Misc)
Joker (Heath Ledger) (Batman)Joker 1989 - Jack Nicholson Master Edition (Movie Masters)
Jor-El (Superman)Jor-el (Marlon Brando) (DC Direct)
JUBEI - Ninja Scroll (Ninja Scroll)KARATE KID - Daniel Larusso (Movie Masters)
KATANA (DC Superheroes)Lee Bermejo BATMAN (Batman Noel) (Batman)
Lewis Wilson BATMAN 1943 Serial (Movie Masters)Lion-O (Thundercats)
Luke Skywalker & Yoda (Star Wars)Lynda Carter Wonder Wiman (DC Universe)
Majestic (DC Universe)MAN of STEEL - Henry Cavill (Movie Masters)
MAN of STEEL Version 5 (Movie Masters)MAN of STEEL: Christopher Reeve (Movie Masters)
MAN of STEEL: Master Edition (Movie Masters)Marty Mcfly (Movie Masters)
Meteor Man (Movie Masters)Michael Keaton BATMAN (Batman - Movie Style)
Michelle Pfeiffer as CATWOMAN (Batman - Movie Style)Miracle Man (Marvel Legends)
Movie CAPTAIN AMERICA (Captain America)Panthro (Thundercats)
President Superman (Earth 23) Calvin Ellis (DC Universe)Prime (Marvel Legends)
Quicksilver - Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel Legends)Robert Lowery BATMAN Serials 1949 (Movie Masters)
Robin (Chris O' Donnell) (Batman)Rockabilly Batman (DC Universe)
Russell Crowe JOR-EL: Man of Steel (Movie Masters)Scarlet Spider (Marvel Legends)
SHO NUFF: the Last Dragon (Movie Masters)SKELETOR: Frank Langella (Masters of the Universe)
Smallville Green Arrow Ver. 2.0 (Superman)Superman - DCSH Animated (Superman)
SUPERMAN - Dean Cain: Master Edition (Movie Masters)Superman (Brandon Routh) (DC Superheroes)
Superman (Henry Cavill 2.0) (Movie Masters)Superman (Lee Bermejo Style) (Superman)
SUPERMAN Christopher Reeve V. 4 (Superman)SUPERMAN Lee Bermejo Style (Superman)
SUPERMAN New 52 (DC Universe)SUPERMAN RETURNS - Brandon Routh (Superman Returns)
SUPERMAN: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Movie Masters)SUPERMAN: Christopher Reeve Master Edition 2 (Movie Masters)
SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice V. 3 (Movie Masters)SUPERMAN: MAN of STEEL Henry Cavill (Superman)
SUPERMAN: Master Edition (Movie Masters)SUPERMAN: Master Edition (George Reeves) (Movie Masters)
Superman: Return to the West (DC Universe)TEEN WOLF - Michael J. Fox (Movie Masters)
The Dark Knight - Christian Bale (Batman)The Flash - John Wesley Shipp (Movie Masters)
Thorin - Rankin Bass Animated (Hobbit)Tom Welling as Red K (Superman)
Tom Welling as Superman (Superman)Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) (Batman)
Val Kilmer BATMAN (Batman - Movie Style)Victor Freeze (Batman - Movie Style)
Victorian Batman (Icon) (Batman)VISION: Age of Ultron (Marvel Legends)
William Wallace - Braveheart (Misc)Yellow Jacket - Marvel Cinematic (Marvel Legends)

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