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Customizer:LesternessmanFirst Made:Robin OYL
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:DCUC Captain America
Crowd Favorite:Marvel Universe Classics SpidermanTotal Customs:112
Current Projects:DC customs, which are back on the menu, now that the line is coming to a close. There wasn't any interest in doing them for a while, needed a break as there were plenty of characters I customized that eventually made it to production. That said, I have worked on a number of Marvel characters on DCUC bodies. With Marvel characters, there's plenty to choose from so I should be busy for a while. Commissions are nice when I've got time to do them.
Honorable Mentions:I've done a couple tutorials for theFwoosh; "How to make a Perez Robin" and "How to Customize SC Sinestro".
Comments:I can't wait so I make it myself.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

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90's Kyle Rayner (DC Universe)Alfred Pennyworth (DC Universe)
Amon Sur (DC Universe)Batgirl (DC Superheroes)
Batman (DC Superheroes)Batman Beyond (Marvel Legends)
Batman beyond Bruce Wayne (DC Universe)Batman Beyond V.2 (DC Superheroes)
Batman Beyond V2 (DC Universe)Bruce Wayne (DC Superheroes)
Bucky Barnes Cap V2 (DC Universe)Bucky Barnes Captain America (DC Universe)
Cassie Cain Batgirl (Marvel Legends)Classic Dick Grayson Robin (DC Universe)
Classic Nightwing (DC Universe)Dark Flash (DC Universe)
DCSH SC Cyborg Superman (DC Superheroes)DCUC Alfred V2 (DC Universe)
DCUC Arisia (DC Universe)DCUC Azbats (DC Universe)
DCUC Batgirl (DC Universe)DCUC Batgirl (DC Universe)
DCUC Bruce Wayne Unmasked V3 (DC Universe)DCUC Captain America (DC Universe)
DCUC Classic Nightwing V2 (DC Universe)DCUC Commissioner Gordon (DC Universe)
DCUC Composite Superman (DC Universe)DCUC Earth2 Robin (DC Universe)
DCUC First Appearance Batman (DC Universe)DCUC Grayson Batman (DC Universe)
DCUC Green Lantern Sinestro (DC Universe)DCUC Huntress (DC Universe)
DCUC Huntress V2 (DC Universe)DCUC Ion (DC Universe)
DCUC Jason Todd Batman (DC Universe)DCUC Jason Todd Red Hood (DC Universe)
DCUC Jason Todd Robin (DC Universe)DCUC Kgbeast (DC Universe)
DCUC Mirror Master (DC Universe)DCUC Poison Ivy (DC Universe)
DCUC Ra's Al Ghul (DC Universe)DCUC Red Hood V2 (DC Universe)
DCUC Sinestro Corp Hal Jordan (DC Universe)DCUC Talia Al Ghul V2 (DC Universe)
DCUC the Dark Knight Returns (DC Universe)DCUC Tim Drake Robin V2 (DC Universe)
DCUC Unmasked Batman (DC Universe)Dick Grayson Robin (DC Universe)
Doomsday (DC Universe)Eradicator (DC Universe)
GL Arkkiss Chummuck (DC Universe)Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (DC Universe)
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (DC Universe)Guy Gardner (DC Universe)
Kingdom Come Red Robin (DC Universe)Knightfall Batman (DC Superheroes)
KnightsEnd Batman (DC Superheroes)Martian Manhunter (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Punisher (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Angel (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Black Panther (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Black Widow (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Bucky (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Cable (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Captain America (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Carnage (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Cyclops (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Daredevil (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Deadpool (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Doctor Doom (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Falcon (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Ghost Rider (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Green Goblin (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Havok (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Hawkeye (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Human Torch (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Iceman (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Invisible Woman (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Ironman (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Magneto (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Moon Knight (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Mr. Fantastic (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Namor (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Nick Fury (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Psylocke (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Silver Surfer (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Spiderman (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Super Skrull (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Thor (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics US Agent (DC Universe)
Marvel Universe Classics Venom (DC Universe)Marvel Universe Classics Wolverine (DC Universe)
MUC Archangel (DC Universe)MUC Cyclops V2 Jim Lee Era (DC Universe)
MUC Morph (DC Universe)MUC Professor X (DC Universe)
MUC Punisher V2 (DC Universe)MUC Sandman (DC Universe)
MUC Wolverine V2 (DC Universe)Murr the Melting Man (DC Universe)
Red Lantern Hal Jordan (DC Universe)Red Lantern Skallox (DC Universe)
Red Robin (DC Universe)Robin OYL (DC Superheroes)
SC Sinestro (DC Universe)Sinestro Corps Batman (DC Universe)
Superman Prime (DC Superheroes)Talia Al Ghul (DC Universe)
Tim Drake Robin (DC Universe)Vath Sarn (DC Universe)
Wally West (DC Universe)White Lantern Sinestro (DC Universe)