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Customizer:chaosemperorFirst Made:Zombie Spider-Man
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Vampire Hunter D & Cybernetic Steed
Crowd Favorite:Death - Scythes of the Fallen SeraphimTotal Customs:119
Current Projects:As a big fan of the Toybiz ML line, I work and continue the series in my own way by making wave after 7 to 8 figure themed wave. Toybiz stopped at wave 16: Giant man wave, I have completed to this date 06/08...wave 17: Marvel Zombies, wave 18: original Thunderbolts, wave 19: Bring on the Bad Guys Again, wave 20: Avengers Assemble, Wave 21: Earth X, and Wave 22:Age of Apocalypse series 1. Right now it's 2009 and for 17 months I chose to tackle one 3-person team from the SNK video game King of Fighters. It's now 2010 and having buckled under the pressure of making one 3-person custom team a month I gave up after making 7 teams out of seventeen. I might go back little by little one day, but this year I want to focus on Anime character customs.
Comments:I like belonging to a community such as this looking forward to the effort and creativity that every customizer puts forth in his or her customs to have or better a toy that they always wanted. I, myself am a customizer who 98% of all customs I have put on this website are made from odds and ends of other figure pieces, some or little fixit sculpt, apoxie sculpt. Any pieces I can find from 70's toys to recent toys to everyday household items are used in my quest to make in-scale, correct versions of every custom I make.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:39First Places:2
User Voted Rating:3.57Second Places:3
   Third Places:3

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jan 31, 2015 Cyborg Science FairDeathlok Prime - Tomorrow Dies Today Version964.18 
Dec 31, 2014 Big BrutesMister Hyde1113.43 
Dec 31, 2012 Way of the BladeGuts - the Black Swordsman1063.47 
Apr 30, 2012 Fairy TalesFuture Fables: Little Redd Riding Hood1133.10 
Apr 30, 2012 Fairy TalesFuture Fables: Cinder-E11a1113.18 
Mar 1, 2012 Vile Volitions IIHeadsman1013.07 
Mar 1, 2012 Vile Volitions IIGreen Goblin1073.64 
Jan 16, 2012 JapanimationYami Yugi1043.24 
Jan 9, 2012 JapanimationCale - Warlord of Corruption984.01 
Jan 9, 2012 JapanimationCasshan - Robot Hunter983.97 
Jun 30, 2011 Brat PackReptil - Avengers Academy1173.99 
May 31, 2011 Armor UpAnubis: the Dark Warlord of Cruelty1223.63 
Dec 1, 2010 Mirror ImagesNightbat & Raven1053.67 
Oct 31, 2010 Gender Bender 2Erica Brooks - Blade: Vampire Hunter1253.58 
Sep 30, 2010 Ostentatious Originals #3Crimson Rage983.81 
Aug 31, 2010 Legendary RidersVampire Hunter D & Cybernetic Steed1083.90 
Jul 31, 2010 Way They Should BeSteel Clan Robot - Gargoyles1243.14 
Jul 28, 2010 Way They Should BeMarvel's Hercules: the Prince of Power1283.05 
May 31, 2010 Past Toys RebornGoliath - Gargoyles1034.43 
May 17, 2010 Past Toys RebornButtons Mcboom Boom - C.O.P.S. REBORN923.83 
Mar 30, 2010 Star WarsLuke Skywalker (Jedi Final Battle)1103.25 
Dec 29, 2009 CyberpunkCyber Punk Superman902.93 
Dec 29, 2009 CyberpunkCyber Punk Batman933.26 
Oct 31, 2009 Post-ApocalypticIron Coffin923.76 
Sep 29, 2009 Four HorsemenDeath - Scythes of the Fallen Seraphim914.05 
Aug 30, 2009 Clown ContestSlap Hand: the Clown without Feeling784.19 
May 31, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2Damion Chaser: The Hellhunter683.35 
Dec 27, 2008 Gender BenderWolverina1003.49 
Oct 31, 2008 Sinestro CorpsSinestro Corps - Freddy Krugger713.31 
Sep 26, 2008 Hell's BellesMagik/Darkchilde in Soul Armor703.40 
Sep 26, 2008 Hell's Belles"Sacred Vows" Polaris733.37 
Aug 31, 2008 Vile VolitionsStilt-Man873.69 
Aug 31, 2008 Vile VolitionsThe Fallen (Mutant X)873.34 
Aug 31, 2008 Vile VolitionsMaster Pandemonium762.75 
Jun 25, 2008 WebComics ContestDr. McNinja from "The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja"464.15 
Apr 30, 2008 Ostentatious OriginalsChaos Emperor724.00 
Mar 27, 2008 Tales of the WestPhantom Rider (Slade) & Banshee (his horse)624.19 
Feb 27, 2008 SidekicksWildchild (Age Of Apocalypse)663.14 
Jan 31, 2008 Winter of WomenEcho (Maya Lopez) "New Avengers"633.40 

All Customs by chaosemperor
"Sacred Vows" Polaris (Marvel Legends)Aaron Stack - Machine Man (Marvel Legends)
Angel (Age of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)Anubis: the Dark Warlord of Cruelty (Ronin Warriors)
Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)Ares "Mighty Avengers" (Marvel Legends)
Atlas - Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)Belasco (Marvel Legends)
Billy Kane (King Of Fighters) (King of Fighters)Bishop (Age of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)
Blue Mary (King Of Fighters) (King of Fighters)Buttons Mcboom Boom - C.O.P.S. REBORN (C.O.P.S.)
Cale - Warlord of Corruption (Ronin Warriors)Captain America (Earth X) (Marvel Legends)
Carrion - Malcom McBride (Marvel Legends)Casshan - Robot Hunter (Anime)
Chang Koehan (King of Fighters) (King of Fighters)Chaos Emperor (Marvel Legends)
Chizuru Kagura (King of Fighters)Choi Bounge (King of Fighters) (King of Fighters)
Citizen V - Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)Clark still (king of fighters) (King of Fighters)
Classic Ultron (Marvel Legends)Crimson Rage (Marvel Legends)
Cyber Punk Batman (Marvel Legends)Cyber Punk Superman (Marvel Legends)
Cyclops (Age of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)Damion Chaser: The Hellhunter (Marvel Legends)
Daredevil (Earth X) (Marvel Legends)Dark Beast (Age of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)
Dead Man Wade (Age of Apocalypse Deadpool) (Marvel Legends)Death - Scythes of the Fallen Seraphim (Marvel Legends)
Deathlok Prime - Tomorrow Dies Today Version (Marvel Legends)Dr. McNinja from "The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja" (Marvel Legends)
Echo (Maya Lopez) "New Avengers" (Marvel Legends)Enchantress (Marvel Legends)
Erica Brooks - Blade: Vampire Hunter (Marvel Legends)Future Fables: Cinder-E11a (Marvel Legends)
Future Fables: Little Redd Riding Hood (Marvel Legends)Ghost (Dark Reign Thunderbolts) (Marvel Legends)
Goliath - Gargoyles (Gargoyles)Green Goblin (Marvel Legends)
Guts - the Black Swordsman (Berserk)Hawkeye (Dark Avengers) (Marvel Legends)
Headsman (Marvel Legends)Heidren (King of Fighters) (King of Fighters)
Iori yagami (king of fighters) (King of Fighters)Iron Coffin (Marvel Legends)
Iron Maiden (Earth X) (Marvel Legends)Iron Patriot - Dark Avengers (Marvel Legends)
Isaiah Bradley (TRUTH: Captain America) (Marvel Legends)Jason Todd - I AM BATMAN (Marvel Legends)
Jean Gray (Age of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)Jolt - Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)
Kim Kaphwan (King of Fighters) (King of Fighters)King (King of Fighters)
King Britian (Earth X) (Marvel Legends)Leona heidren (king of fighters) (King of Fighters)
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Final Battle) (Marvel Legends)M.A.C.H 1 - Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)
Machine Man (X-51) (Marvel Legends)Madame Masque (Marvel Legends)
Magik/Darkchilde in Soul Armor (Marvel Legends)Magneto (Age of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)
Mai Shuranui (King of Fighters)Marvel's Hercules: the Prince of Power (Marvel Legends)
Master Pandemonium (Marvel Legends)Mature (king of fighters) (King of Fighters)
Meteorite - Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)Mister Hyde (Marvel Legends)
Moon Knight (Universe X) (Marvel Legends)Mr. X - Dark Reign Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)
Ms Marvel (Dark Avengers) (Marvel Legends)Nightbat & Raven (Marvel Legends)
Norman Osborn (Marvel Legends)Original Thunderbolts - Team Picture (Marvel Legends)
Phantom Rider (Slade) & Banshee (his horse) (Marvel Legends)Ralf jones (king of fighters) (King of Fighters)
Red Skull - WW2 Uniform (Marvel Legends)Red Skull (Earth X) (Marvel Legends)
Reed Richard's Doom (Earth X) (Marvel Legends)Reptil - Avengers Academy (Marvel Legends)
Ronin (New Avengers) Unmasked (Marvel Legends)Ryuji Yamazaki (King Of Fighters) (King of Fighters)
Sabertooth (Age Of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)Scourge (Marvel Legends)
Scourge - Dark Reign Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)Scourge (Jack Monroe) (Marvel Legends)
Seisyu Kusanagi (King of Fighters) (King of Fighters)Sentry (Dark Avengers) (Marvel Legends)
Sinestro Corps - Freddy Krugger (DC Universe)Slap Hand: the Clown without Feeling (Marvel Legends)
Sleepwalker (Marvel Legends)Songbird - Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)
Spider-Man (Dark Avengers) (Marvel Legends)Steel Clan Robot - Gargoyles (Gargoyles)
Stilt-Man (Marvel Legends)Takuma Sakazaki (King of Fighters) (King of Fighters)
Taskmaster (the Initiative) (Marvel Legends)Techno - Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)
The Fallen (Mutant X) (Marvel Legends)The Hood (Marvel Legends)
The Hood (Marvel Legends)Triathlon (Avengers) (Marvel Legends)
Vampire Hunter D & Cybernetic Steed (Anime)Venom (Earth X) (Marvel Legends)
Vice (king of fighters) (King of Fighters)Wildchild (Age Of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)
Winter Soldier (Marvel Legends)Wolverina (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine (Dark Avengers) (Marvel Legends)X-Man / Nate Gray (Age of Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)
Yami Yugi (Yugioh)Zombie Colonel America (Marvel Legends)
Zombie Iron Man (Marvel Legends)Zombie Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)
Zombie Spider-Man (Marvel Legends)Zombie Survivor Black Panther with Wasp head (Marvel Legends)
Zombie Wolverine (Marvel Legends)