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Customizer:cuztomizaFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:202
Honorable Mentions:Windsor and Newton Painting competition Finalist 2002, National Centenial Panting competition 3rd place, Finalist in metro bank and other painting competitions, 1999 to 2003, My entry ranked 10th in the most recent Cosmic creatures action Figure contest in Figure realm
Comments:I believed Customizing Action Figure is another Dimension in ART.Since in combines my Skill in painting ,Sculpting and Toy toy hobby.I see to it my works speaks rather than I talk about it...

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:84First Places:4
User Voted Rating:3.64Second Places:7
   Third Places:4

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jul 15, 2013 Alternate Realities IIWonderwoman in Lobo Realm1043.91 
May 15, 2013 DC NationApache Chief1033.47 
May 15, 2013 DC NationGiganta1103.75 
Apr 27, 2013 Small FriesBarbarian Dwarf King874.05 
Mar 15, 2013 Sight UnseenAvp Hotwheel Racing Car662.80 
Mar 15, 2013 Sight UnseenArachne Olympian753.79 
Dec 31, 2012 Way of the BladePsylocke1123.73 
Dec 25, 2012 Way of the BladeUltimate Bishamon1174.29 
Dec 25, 2012 Way of the BladeSpiral Marvel1174.13 
Nov 30, 2012 Cancelled FiguresInvisble Woman (White Costumed-Long Haired)1063.53 
Oct 26, 2012 Patraw Master of MiniaturesLobo Vs. Despero803.95 
Oct 25, 2012 Patraw Master of MiniaturesFox Demon "Painted Skin" Movie784.08 
Aug 27, 2012 Alien vs. PredatorPROJECT: Alien BULLDOG954.26 
Aug 27, 2012 Alien vs. PredatorROGUE Alien Queen874.17 
Aug 15, 2012 Swimsuit SpecialStorm1043.46 
Jul 29, 2012 Sidekicks IIZalera & Shamaness1114.12 
Jul 29, 2012 Sidekicks IIBlack Widow Movie Version1003.13 
Jul 14, 2012 Make Mine MarvelEmma Frost1243.29 
Jul 14, 2012 Make Mine MarvelAres1293.64 
Jun 23, 2012 Make Mine MarvelStryfe1363.83 
May 30, 2012 Scales & TailsHell Serpent Zuma1103.57 
May 13, 2012 Dioramas IIWrath of Red Sonja1233.51 
Apr 15, 2012 ShapeshiftersMystique1253.65 
Apr 14, 2012 ShapeshiftersUltimate Witchblade1224.00 
Mar 14, 2012 Digital BeatdownMitsurugi1154.10 
Feb 11, 2012 Independent SpiritVampirella1263.91 
Jan 28, 2012 Vehicular ToyslaughterSkull Queen's Chariot874.28 
Jan 15, 2012 JapanimationKefka Palazzo (Kefuka Parattso?)1024.47 
Dec 31, 2011 Frigid FestivitiesSnow Queen Princess Koguya1033.84 
Dec 31, 2011 Frigid FestivitiesGurrog the Frost Giant1084.55 
Dec 14, 2011 Thundercats Ho!Sslithe1203.75 
Dec 13, 2011 Thundercats Ho!Grune the Destroyer1254.20 
Nov 26, 2011 MechanizedSpiral-Mecha984.11 
Oct 29, 2011 Group DynamicsSnow White Queen & the Seven X-Men Dwarfs1293.82 
Oct 28, 2011 Group DynamicsHellfire Club1274.28 
Sep 24, 2011 Golden OldiesThe Phantom1184.15 
Sep 11, 2011 Golden OldiesMs. America1043.48 
Aug 28, 2011 Dearly DepartedLori Limaris1153.38 
Aug 22, 2011 Dearly DepartedSatana Hellstrom1274.21 
Jul 31, 2011 Tabletop ClashSEVERE & DEVORA Warhammer923.46 
Jun 26, 2011 Brat PackCherub Dooms 11093.35 
May 28, 2011 Armor UpQueen of Blades (Infected Kerrigan)1314.02 
May 28, 2011 Armor UpLady Deathstrike (Armored Version)1333.62 
Mar 30, 2011 CapcomicalBishamon Copcom1484.05 
Dec 28, 2010 Just Bug Off!Ultimate Armored Wasp1183.87 
Nov 30, 2010 Mirror ImagesEmanated Genghis Khan1043.46 
Nov 15, 2010 Mirror ImagesEnchantress1143.75 
Nov 15, 2010 Mirror ImagesPoison Ivy1153.63 
Oct 17, 2010 Gender Bender 2Mistress Lobo 21303.48 
Sep 30, 2010 Ostentatious Originals #3Wonderoid Aristomache923.21 
Sep 27, 2010 Ostentatious Originals #3Golden Samurai893.21 
Sep 20, 2010 Ostentatious Originals #3Iron Damsel954.15 
Jul 17, 2010 Way They Should BeAphrodite Ix1373.68 
Jul 10, 2010 Way They Should BeValkyrie Profile1323.77 
Jul 9, 2010 Way They Should BeUltimate Superman1523.98 
Dec 20, 2009 CyberpunkLee Loo 5th Element1003.35 
Dec 19, 2009 CyberpunkCy-Empress953.45 
Dec 11, 2009 CyberpunkAphrodite963.20 
Jun 29, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!Manga Devil Warrior Spawn-2803.48 
Jun 28, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!MANGA-LOTUS ANGEL-SPAWN844.15 
Jun 24, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!MAMMOTRON873.29 
May 31, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2Madamme Dragon683.10 
May 31, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2SERPENTINA673.49 
May 30, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2Fur673.19 
Jan 27, 2009 Dioramas IFairies & Goblins892.54 
Dec 30, 2008 Gender BenderAlexa Luthor963.12 
Dec 29, 2008 Gender BenderHellstrom943.36 
Dec 27, 2008 Gender BenderMistress Lobo1063.77 
Oct 18, 2008 Sinestro CorpsDuel Eknham743.59 
Aug 23, 2008 Vile VolitionsWhite Queen983.81 
Aug 13, 2008 Vile VolitionsMoondragon913.57 
Aug 10, 2008 Vile VolitionsTrigon983.94 
Jun 3, 2008 Ostentatious OriginalsUnderkill643.08 
Apr 24, 2008 Ostentatious OriginalsDevasto633.33 
Mar 21, 2008 Tales of the WestCheyenne - Young Indian Chief603.78 
Mar 16, 2008 Tales of the WestBig Bad News Harry613.39 
Feb 22, 2008 SidekicksGamora663.74 
Feb 16, 2008 SidekicksScarlet Witch683.21 
Feb 12, 2008 SidekicksCygor-2622.76 
Dec 6, 2007 Winter of WomenSpawn Woman673.15 
Dec 3, 2007 Winter of WomenBlood Elf623.16 
Dec 2, 2007 Winter of WomenDarna602.55 
Nov 29, 2007 Cosmic CreaturesMean Girls - Twin Specie Assasins373.27 
Nov 27, 2007 Cosmic CreaturesThe Cosmic Cyborg: Witch Hunter382.55 

All Customs by cuztomiza
12 Inch Enchantress (Marvel)Alexa Luthor (Justice League)
Angelus (Darkness)AOA Gladiator (X-Men)
Apache (Warhammer)Apache Chief (Justice League)
Aphrodite (Original)Aphrodite Ix (DC Universe)
Aquaman (Justice League)Arachne Olympian (Marvel Universe)
Archangel Vs. Lucifer (Religion)Ares (Marvel Universe)
Armored Link (Legend of Zelda)Armored Red Sonja (Marvel)
Artemis (DC Universe)Artemis(Spawn) (Spawn)
Avp Hotwheel Racing Car (Aliens)Balrog (Lord of the Rings)
Barbarian Dwarf King (Warhammer)BARONESS (G.I. Joe)
Battle Damaged Sabertooth (X-Men)Beast Master (Original)
Big Bad News Harry (Original)Big Moma's House (Movie Maniacs)
Bishamon Copcom (Capcom)Black Cat (Avengers)
Black Cat Avengers (Avengers)Black Darna ("V")
Black Queen (X-Men)Black Widow (Marvel Legends)
Black Widow (Marvel)Black Widow (Yelena Belova Version) (Marvel)
Black Widow Movie Version (Marvel)Blok (DC Universe)
Blood Elf (Warcraft)Cat Woman (Justice League)
Cherub Dooms 1 (Doom)Cheyenne - Young Indian Chief (Original)
Classic rogue (X-Men)Cy-Empress ("V")
Cygor-2 (Spawn)Dark Ninja (G.I. Joe Sigma 6)
Dark ninja master (G.I. Joe)Darna (Misc)
Darna ("V")Dawnstar (DC Universe)
Dazzler (Marvel)Death Dealer 2 (Misc)
Death Dealer Variant (Warcraft)Demon Entrigan (Justice League)
Despero (DC Superheroes)Devasto (Original)
Duel Eknham (Sinestro Corps)Emanated Genghis Khan (Image)
Emma Frost (Marvel)Enchantress (Marvel)
Enchantress (Marvel)Enchantress (Marvel)
Fairies & Goblins ("V")Fox Demon "Painted Skin" Movie (Anime)
Frankenstein (Halloween)Fur (Marvel Universe)
G. I joe scarlet (G.I. Joe)G.I.JOE'S COVER GIRL (G.I. Joe)
Gamora (Annihilation: Conquest Starlord)Giganta (DC Universe)
Gladiator (X-Men)Goblin Queen (X-Men)
Goblin Queen (X-Men)Goblin Queen (Marvel)
Goblin Queen (X-Men)Goblin Queen2 (X-Men)
Golden Samurai (Marvel)Goro (Mortal Kombat)
Goro (Mortal Kombat)Grune the Destroyer (Thundercats)
Guan Yun(Orochi Warriors) (Manga Heroes)Gurrog the Frost Giant (Original)
Harley Quinn (Variant) (Batman)Harleyquinn Arkham (DC Superheroes)
Hell Serpent Zuma ("V")Hellfire Club (Marvel)
Hellstrom (Marvel Legends)Inez Temple (Marvel)
Invisble Woman (White Costumed-Long Haired) (Fantastic Four)Invisble Woman-Sue Richards (Avengers)
Invisible Woman (White Version) (Avengers)Iron Damsel (Original)
Jubilee (Marvel)Ka-zar & Sabu (Marvel)
Kabuki - Assassin (Figure Realm)Kazar & Sabu! (Marvel)
Kefka Palazzo (Kefuka Parattso?) (Final Fantasy)Lady Deathstrike (Armored Version) (X-Men)
Lee Loo 5th Element (Movie Maniacs)Lobo (Justice League)
Lobo (DC Universe)Lobo Vs. Despero (DC Direct)
Lobos Mutt (DC Universe)Loki (12 Inches) (Marvel Legends)
Loki Enhanced (Marvel Legends)Lori Limaris (DC Universe)
Madamme Dragon (Original)Maestro Hulk (Marvel)
MAMMOTRON ("V")Manga Devil Warrior Spawn-2 (Spawn)
MANGA-LOTUS ANGEL-SPAWN (Spawn)Mean Girls - Twin Specie Assasins (Original)
Medusa (Marvel Universe)Mistress Lobo (DC Direct)
Mistress Lobo 2 (Original)Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur)
Moondragon (Annihilation: Conquest Starlord)Ms. America (Marvel Legends)
Ms. Marvel ("V")Ms. Marvel (Marvel)
Mystique ("V")Mystique (X-Men)
Nativity ("V")Odin (Avengers)
Ogrin (Original)Onaga-Spawn (Spawn)
Onaga-Spawn (Original)Poison Ivy (DC Universe)
Polaris (X-Men)PROJECT: Alien BULLDOG (Alien vs Predator)
Psylocke (X-Men)Psylocke (X-Men)
Psylocke (Marvel)Psylocke (X-Men)
Psylocke (X-Men)Queen of Blades (Infected Kerrigan) (Starcraft)
Queen of HELL -Satana (Marvel)Red Monica ("V")
Red Sonja (Marvel)Red Sonja 2 (Marvel)
Ripclaw Enhanced (Justice League)ROGUE Alien Queen (Alien vs Predator)
Rogueb (Marvel Select Style) (Marvel Legends)Ronin the Accuser (Annihilation: Conquest Starlord)
Satana Hellstrom (Marvel Legends)Scarlet Witch (Avengers)
Scarlet Witch (Avengers)SERPENTINA (Original)
SEVERE & DEVORA Warhammer (Warhammer)Severus! (Original)
She Devil-Shanna & Zabu (Marvel Famous Covers)She Hulk (Marvel)
She- Hulk (Marvel)Skull Queen's Chariot (Spawn)
Snow Queen Princess Koguya (Anime)Snow White Queen & the Seven X-Men Dwarfs (Fantasy)
Spawn Woman (Spawn)Spawn's Cygor (Spawn)
Spiral Marvel (Marvel Icon)Spiral-Mecha (Marvel)
Sslithe (Thundercats)Storm (X-Men)
Storm (X-Men)Stryfe (Marvel)
Supergirl (Justice League)Supergirl (Justice League)
The Cosmic Cyborg: Witch Hunter (Cyborgs)The Phantom (Phantom)
The Phantom (Phantom)Thunderbolt (X-Men)
Tigra (Avengers)Torn Apart! Wolverine (X-Men)
Trigon (Teen Titans)Ufc She Hulk (Marvel)
Ultimate Armored Wasp (Avengers)Ultimate Bishamon (Darkstalkers)
Ultimate Elektra (Marvel Icon)Ultimate rogue (X-Men)
Ultimate Scarlet Witch (Avengers)Ultimate SCARLET WITCH (Avengers)
Ultimate Silver Samurai ("V")Ultimate Superman (Justice League Unlimited)
Ultimate Witchblade (Witchblade)Underkill (Original)
Valkyrie Profile (Final Fantasy)Vampirella (Vampires)
Vampirella (Independent Comics)Vampirella! (Vampires)
WANDA Scarlet Witch (Avengers)White Queen (X-Men)
White Queen (Emma Frost) (X-Men)White Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)
Wildcat (with Whiskers! ) (Justice League)Wingspan Batman (Batman)
Winter Soldier (Avengers)Witchblade (Witchblade)
WITCHBLADE-ANIME VERSION ("V")Wonder Woman (Justice League)
Wonderoid Aristomache (Original)Wonderwoman (Justice League Unlimited)
Wonderwoman in Lobo Realm (DC Universe)World War Hulk (Avengers)
Wrath of Red Sonja (Marvel)Xerxes (300)
Yellow Daredevil (Avengers)Zalera & Shamaness (Final Fantasy)