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Customizer:LobãoFirst Made:Pyro X3 Movie
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Lady Deathstrike
Crowd Favorite:Frost Giant 12"(Movie Version)Total Customs:60
Current Projects:SpiderMan2099; Colossus(John Byrne Era),Nightcrawler (John Byrne Era); Ciclops(John Byrne Era), Beast(John Byrne Era), Kitty(John Byrne Era), Angel(John Byrne Era), Callisto (X3 Movie), Elektra (Daredevil movie); Saint of Killers; Valkyrie; Wonder Woman; Venger (D&D cartoon), Shadow Demon (D&D cartoon), Warlock (New Mutants), Os Trapalhões(Dede, Mussum e Zacarias), Reese, Cole, Malcom, Lady Deathstrike, Donald Pierce, Daredevil Movie, Marty Mcfly, Dr.Doom,

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:1First Places:1
User Voted Rating:4.17Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Feb 6, 2015 Symbiotes and ParasitesVenom - Vrs Mark Bagley1034.17 

All Customs by Lobão
Abomination - Movie (Marvel Legends)Agent Phil Coulson - (Avengers Movie Version) (Marvel Legends)
Angel AOA (Marvel Legends)Angel X3 Movie - Articulated Wings (X-Men)
Banshee Classic Version (Marvel Legends)Black Cat (Spider-Man)
Black Widow (Movie Version) (Iron Man 2)Bobby, the Barbarian (Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon - 80's) (Dungeons and Dragons)
Bonebreaker (Reavers) (Marvel Legends)Bullseye Movie - Colin Farrell (Marvel Legends)
Caretaker's Horse - Ghost Rider Movie (Ghost Rider)Colossus Classic (Marvel Legends)
Cyclops Classic (Marvel Legends)Deacon Frost (Blade I Movie) (Blade)
Diana, the Acrobat (Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon - 80''s) (Dungeons and Dragons)Didi Mocó (Marvel Legends)
Donald Pierce Classic(Hellfire Club) (Marvel Legends)Dungeon Master (Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon - 80''s) (Dungeons and Dragons)
Eric, the Cavalier (Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon - 80's) (Dungeons and Dragons)Frost Giant 12"(Movie Version) (Marvel Legends)
Gambit X4 Fake Trailer (X-Men)Hank, the Ranger (Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon - 80's) (Dungeons and Dragons)
He-Man (Filmation Version) (Masters of the Universe)Hellcat Classic (Marvel Universe)
Howard Saint - Punisher Movie 2004 (Punisher)Jamie Madrox - Multiple-Man (X3 Last Stand) (Marvel Legends)
Jesse Custer - Preacher (Preacher)Jigsaw - Punisher (Marvel Legends)
Kingpin (Marvel Universe)Kingpin - Movie Version (Marvel Legends)
Kitty Pride Vrs Classic (Marvel Legends)  on eBay Now!Kitty Pride X3 (X-Men)
Lady Deathstrike (X-Men - Movies)Lockjaw (Marvel Legends)
Luke Cage (Marvel Universe)Maria Hill (Avengers Movie) (Marvel Legends)
Mary Jane MJ (Marvel Legends)Nightcrawler Classic (Marvel Legends)
Nomak - Blade II Movie (Blade)Presto, the Magician (Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon - 80''s) (Dungeons and Dragons)
Pretty Boy (Marvel Legends)Pyro X3 Movie (X-Men)
Quicksilver Vrs 03 (Marvel Legends)Red Skull 6" (Captain America Movie) (Marvel Legends)
Reinhardt - Ron Perlman (Blade)Sheila, the Thief (Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon - 80''s) (Dungeons and Dragons)
Skullbuster (Marvel Legends)Storm (Classic) (X-Men)
Sunfire - Vrs Classic (Marvel Legends)  on eBay Now!Super Skrull (Marvel Universe)
Thunderbird Clissic (John Proudstar) (Marvel Legends)Unii, the Unicorn (Dungeons and Dragons)
Venom - Vrs Mark Bagley (Marvel Legends)Vision Classic Marvel Legend 6" - Avengers (Marvel Legends)
Vision Classic MU (Marvel Universe)Vulture Classic (Marvel Universe)
Warbird S'hiar (Marvel Legends)Wasp MU (Marvel Universe)
Whisplash IM 2 Movie (Iron Man 2)Whistler (Blade Movie) (Blade)