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Customizer:StevidFirst Made:Classic Black Goliath
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Daredevil Shadowland
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:462
Current Projects:Marvel legends and DCU customs.
Comments:I started doing custom in 2007, learned a lot about customizing in the last few years from reading all the great tutorials and asking many questions. I love the all the classic Marvel characters from the 70's and 80's, so hard to keep up with comics today with all the different universes. Still have plenty to learn in this great hobby! I met many friends and learned many tricks from this great site!

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:3First Places:0
User Voted Rating:4.43Second Places:1
   Third Places:1

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jul 9, 2012 Make Mine MarvelSKAAR Son of Hulk1474.26 
Feb 25, 2012 Vile Volitions IIDoomsday1344.58 
Feb 21, 2012 Vile Volitions IIBlastaar1234.46 

All Customs by Stevid
Absorbing Man (Marvel Legends)Absorbing Man (Marvel Legends)
Acroyear (Marvel Legends)Aeon Flux (Aeon Flux)
Age of Thunder Thor (Marvel Legends)Air-Walker (Marvel Legends)
Alpha Flight Team (Marvel Legends)Amalga Beast (Avengers)
American Eagle (Marvel Legends)Ape-Man (Marvel Legends)
Apocalypse (Marvel Legends)Apocalypse V2 (Marvel Legends)
Arabian Knight (Marvel Legends)Archangel (Marvel Legends)
Ares (Marvel Legends)Ares (Marvel Legends)
Ares (Marvel Legends)Ares V2 (Marvel Legends)
Astonishing Wolverine (Marvel Legends)Attuma (Marvel Legends)
Backlash (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Bane (DC Universe)
Bane (DC Universe)Bane (DC Universe)
Baron Mordo (Marvel Legends)Baron Mordo (Marvel Legends)
Baron Zemo (Marvel Legends)Basilisk (Marvel Legends)
Batman (DC Universe)Batman (DC Universe)
Batman (DC Universe)Batman (DC Universe)
Batman (DC Universe)Batman -Batfleck (DC Universe)
Batman Arkham Style (DC Universe)Batman Movie Masters (Movie Masters)
Batman New 52 (DC Universe)Batman TDK (Movie Masters)
Batman V2 (DC Universe)Batroc (Marvel Legends)
Bi-beast (Marvel Legends)Bi-Beast (Marvel Legends)
Bi-Beast V2 (Marvel Legends)Bishop (Marvel Legends)
Bishop (Marvel Legends)Black Goliath (Marvel Legends)
Black Goliath (Marvel)Black Goliath (Marvel Legends)
Black Goliath (Marvel Legends)Black Panther (Marvel Legends)
Black Panther (Marvel Legends)Black Widow (Marvel Legends)
Blade (Marvel Legends)Blade (Marvel Legends)
Blastaar (Marvel Legends)Blastaar (Marvel Legends)
Bucky (Marvel Legends)Bucky Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Bulldozer (Marvel Legends)Bulldozer (Marvel Legends)
Bulldozer (Marvel Legends)Bulldozer V2 (Marvel Legends)
Cable (Marvel Legends)Cable (Marvel Legends)
Cable (Marvel Legends)Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Captain America (Marvel Legends)Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Captain America (Marvel Legends)Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Captain America (Marvel Legends)Captain America Bucky Barnes (Marvel Legends)
CAPTAIN AMERICA MOTU Style V2 (Marvel Legends)Captain America Olivetti Stye (Marvel Legends)
Captain Britain (Marvel Legends)Captain Mar-Vell (Marvel Legends)
CAPTAIN MARVEL (Marvel Legends)Captain Marvel (Marvel Legends)
CAPTAIN MARVEL Ed Mcguinness Style (Marvel Legends)Captain Marvel Genis-Vell (Marvel Legends)
Captain Wonder (DC Universe)Champion (Marvel Legends)
Charlie-27 (Marvel Legends)Classic Ultimo (Marvel Legends)
Classic 13" Black Goliath (Marvel Legends)Classic Avengers (Marvel Legends)
Classic Beetle (Marvel Legends)Classic Beetle (Marvel Legends)
Classic Black Goliath (Marvel Legends)Classic Black Goliath (Marvel Legends)
Classic Black Goliath V2 (Marvel Legends)Classic Boomerang (Marvel Legends)
Classic Drax the Destroyer (Marvel Legends)Classic Grey Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Classic Growing Man (Marvel Icon)Classic Hawkeye (Marvel Legends)
Classic Mimic (DC Universe)Classic Mimic (Marvel Legends)
CLASSIC MIMIC V2 (Marvel Legends)Classic Nova (Marvel Legends)
Classic Nova (Marvel Legends)Classic Nova (Marvel Legends)
Classic TigerShark (Marvel Legends)Classic Triton (DC Direct)
Classic Unicorn (Marvel Legends)Classic Wonder Man (Marvel Legends)
Classic Wonderman V2 (Street Fighter)Classic wonderman v3 (Street Fighter)
Classic Wonderman V4 (Marvel Legends)Clint Barton Goliath (Wrestling)
Conan (Marvel Legends)Constrictor (Marvel Legends)
Count Nefaria (Marvel Legends)Crossbones (Marvel Legends)
Crossbones (Marvel Legends)Crossbones (Marvel Legends)
Cyber (Marvel Legends)Cyborg Superman (Marvel Legends)
Daredevil (Marvel Legends)Daredevil (Marvel Legends)
Daredevil Shadowland (Marvel Legends)Dark Flash (DC Universe)
Darth Maul (Star Wars)Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Deadpool X-Men Costume (Marvel Legends)
Deathstroke Arkham Origins (DC Universe)Diablo (Marvel Legends)
Doc Samson (Street Fighter)Doc Samson (Marvel Legends)
Doc Samson (Marvel Legends)Doc Samson (Marvel Legends)
Doc Samson (Marvel Legends)Doc Savage (Doc Savage)
Dooms Day V2 (DC Universe)Doomsday (DC Universe)
Doomsday (DC Universe)Doomsday (DC Universe)
Doomsday V?? (DC Universe)Dr Doom (Marvel Legends)
Dr. Doom (Marvel Legends)Dr. Fear (DC Direct)
Drax (Marvel Legends)Drax (Marvel Legends)
Drax (Marvel Legends)Drax the Destroyer (Marvel Legends)
Drax the Destroyer (Marvel Legends)Drax the Destroyer (Marvel Legends)
DRAX the DESTROYER (Marvel Legends)Drax the Destroyer v2 (Marvel Legends)
Drax V2 (Marvel Legends)Drax V3 ("V")
Dreadnought (Original)Drizzt (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
ELECTRO (Marvel Legends)Evil Goliath (Atlas) (Wrestling)
EXECUTIONER (Marvel Legends)Executioner (Marvel Legends)
Executioner (Marvel Legends)Falcon (Marvel Legends)
Fantomex (Marvel Legends)Fantomex (Marvel Legends)
Fire (DC Universe)Flash (DC Universe)
Flash Thompson Venom (Marvel Legends)Fly V2 (Marvel Legends)
Frog Man (Marvel Legends)General Thunderbolt Ross (Marvel Select)
Ghost Rider (Marvel Legends)Giant Man Marvel Now (Marvel Legends)
Gladiator (Marvel Legends)Gladiator (Marvel Legends)
Gladiator (Marvel Legends)Gladiator (Marvel Legends)
Gladiator (Marvel Legends)GLADIATOR V2 (Marvel Legends)
Graviton (Marvel Legends)Graviton (Marvel Legends)
Grizzly (Marvel Legends)Guardian Young Justice (DC Universe)
Guardsman (Marvel Legends)Hawk Man (Marvel Legends)
Hawkeye Bullseye (DC Universe)Heather Mason (Silent Hill)
Hercules (Marvel Legends)Hercules (Marvel Legends)
Hercules (Marvel Legends)Hercules (Marvel Legends)
Hercules Classic (Marvel Legends)High Evolutionary (Marvel Legends)
Hulk (Marvel Legends)Hulk (Marvel Universe)
Hulk Killer (Incredible Hulk)Hush (DC Universe)
Hyperion (DC Universe)Hyperion (Marvel Legends)
Hyperion V2 (Marvel Legends)Ice Jlu (DC Universe)
Icon Young Justice (DC Universe)ICON Young Justice (DC Universe)
Incredible Hulk (Marvel Legends)Incredible Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Incredible Hulk (Marvel Legends)Incredible Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Iron fist (Marvel Legends)Iron Patriot (Marvel Legends)
Ironclad (Marvel Legends)IT (Hellboy)
Jack of Hearts (Marvel Legends)Juggernaut (Marvel Legends)
Juggernaut (Marvel Legends)Juggernaut V2 (Marvel Legends)
Justice Lord Superman (DC Universe)King Leonidas (300)
Korg (Marvel Legends)Korra (Avatar)
KORRA and NAGA AVATAR (Avatar)Lizard (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Luke cage (Marvel Legends)Luke Cage (Street Fighter)
Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)
Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)
Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)
Luke Cake (Marvel Legends)Maestro (Marvel Legends)
Maestro (Marvel Universe)Maestro (Marvel Legends)
MAGUS (Marvel Legends)Maleficent (Fantasy)
Man-Ape (Marvel Legends)Masked Marauder (Marvel Legends)
Mimic (Marvel Legends)  on eBay Now!MIMIC V3 (Marvel Legends)
Miss Marvel (Marvel Legends)Modern Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)
Moon Knight (Marvel Legends)Moon Knight (Marvel Legends)
Ms. MARVEL (Marvel Legends)Ms. Marvel (Marvel Legends)
Ms. Marvel (Marvel Legends)Ms. Marvel Aka Moonstone (Marvel Legends)
Namor (Marvel Legends)Namor (Marvel Legends)
Namor (Marvel Legends)Namor (Marvel Legends)
Namor (Marvel Legends)NAMOR THE SUB MARINER (Marvel Legends)
Namor the Submariner (Marvel Legends)Namor the Submariner (Marvel Legends)
Nate Grey X-Man (Marvel Legends)Netflixs Daredevil (Marvel Legends)
New 52 TALON (DC Universe)Nighthawk (Marvel Legends)
Nightwing Young Justice (DC Universe)Nightwing New 52 (DC Universe)
Nightwing New 52 (DC Universe)Nightwing Young Justice V2 (DC Universe)
NOVA (Marvel Legends)Nova (Marvel Legends)
Nova (Marvel Legends)Nova (Marvel Legends)
Nova Annihilation (Marvel Legends)Nova Annihilation (Marvel Legends)
Nova Annihilation (Icons) (Marvel Legends)Odin (Marvel Legends)
Odin (Marvel Legends)Odin (Marvel Legends)
Odin V2 (Marvel Legends)Old Man Logan (Marvel Legends)
Orka (Marvel Legends)Pike (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Piledriver (Marvel Legends)Piledriver (Marvel Legends)
Piledriver V2 (Marvel Legends)Planet Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Plant Man (Marvel Legends)Plant Man V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Power Man Classic (Marvel Legends)Prowler (Marvel Legends)
Puck (Marvel Legends)Punisher (Marvel Legends)
Punisher Olivetti Style (Marvel Legends)Quadrant Ace‏ (Fast Freddie)
Quasar (Marvel Legends)Quasar V2 (Marvel Legends)
Quicksilver (Marvel Legends)Ra's Al Ghul (DC Universe)
Ra's Al Ghul Young Justice (DC Universe)Radioactive Man (Wrestling)
Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)
Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)
Radioactive Man V4 (Marvel Legends)Rage (Marvel Legends)
Rage V2 (Street Fighter)Rage V3 (Marvel Legends)
Red Hood (DC Universe)Red Hood (DC Universe)
Red Hood (DC Universe)Red Hood (DC Universe)
Red Hulk (Marvel Legends)Red Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Red Hulk (Marvel Legends)Red Hulk Aka Rulk (Marvel Legends)
Red She Hulk (Marvel Legends)Red Skull (Marvel Legends)
Rhino (Marvel Legends)Rhino (Marvel Legends)
Rhino (Marvel Legends)Rhino (Marvel Legends)
Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse)Ringmaster (DC Direct)
Ronan the Accuser (Marvel Legends)Sabretooth (Marvel Legends)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends)Sentry (Marvel Legends)
Sentry (Marvel Legends)Sentry (Marvel Legends)
Sentry (Marvel Legends)Sentry (Marvel Legends)
Sentry V2 (Marvel Legends)Shazam (DC Universe)
Silver Samurai (Marvel Legends)Silver Samurai (Marvel Legends)
Silver Surfer (Marvel Legends)SKAAR Son of Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Skurge the Executioner (Marvel Legends)SKURGE the EXECUTIONER (Marvel Legends)
Snake Eyes (Marvel Legends)Space Ghost (DC Universe)
Space Ghost Olivetti Style (Marvel Legends)Spawn (Marvel Legends)
Starlord (Marvel Legends)Steve Rogers Super Soldier (Marvel Legends)
Stonewall (Marvel Legends)Super Adaptoid (Marvel Legends)
Super Adaptoid (Marvel Legends)Super Adaptoid (Marvel Legends)
Super Adaptoid V2 (Marvel Legends)Super Skrull Juggernaut (Marvel Legends)
Superboy (DC Universe)Superboy (DC Universe)
Superboy (DC Universe)Superman (DC Universe)
Superman New 52 (DC Universe)Superman V2 (DC Universe)
Superman V3 (DC Universe)Supreme (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Supreme (Image)Supreme V2 (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
SURTUR 10 Inch (Marvel Legends)Swordsman (Marvel Legends)
Tarantula (Marvel Legends)Taskmaster (Marvel Legends)
Terminator T-800 (Terminator)Terrax (DC Superheroes)
Terrax (Marvel Legends)Terrax V2 (Marvel Legends)
Thanos (Marvel Legends)The Destroyer (Marvel Legends)
The Fly (Marvel Legends)The Gladiator (Marvel Legends)
The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Legends)The Mighty Thor (Marvel Legends)
The Mighty Thor (Marvel Legends)The Phantom (Phantom)
The Phantom (DC Universe)The Protector (Marvel Legends)
The Rocketeer (Rocketeer)The Vision (Marvel Legends)
The Watcher (Marvel Legends)The Watcher V2 (Marvel Legends)
Thor (Marvel Legends)Thunderball (Marvel Legends)
Thunderball V2 (Marvel Legends)Thunderstrike (Marvel Legends)
Thunderstrike (Marvel Legends)Tiger Shark (Marvel Legends)
Tiger Shark 1st Appearance (Marvel Legends)Tiger Shark V2 (Marvel Legends)
Tiger Shark V3 (Marvel Legends)Tumbler (Marvel Legends)
Udon Taskmaster (Marvel Legends)Ulik (Marvel Legends)
Ulik the Troll (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Black Panther (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Captain America (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Captain America V2 (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Colossus (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate DR. DOOM (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Falcon (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Giant Man (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Giant Man V2 (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Hawkeye (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Rhino (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Thor (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Thor (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Thor (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Thor (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Thor (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Thor V? (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Thor V2 (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Thor V3 (Marvel Legends)Ultron (Marvel Legends)
Union Jack (Marvel Legends)Union Jack (Marvel Legends)
Union Jack V2 (Marvel Legends)Unstoppable Colossus (Marvel Legends)
US Agent (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)US AGENT (Marvel Legends)
Vandal Savage Young Justice (DC Universe)Victoria Hand (DC Direct)
Vision (Marvel Legends)Vision V2 (Marvel Legends)
Warpath (Marvel Legends)Warpath (Marvel Legends)
Warpath (Marvel Legends)Warpath (Marvel Legends)
Warpath (Marvel Legends)Warpath (Marvel Legends)
Warpath (Marvel Legends)Warpath X Force (Marvel Legends)
Warpath X-Force (Marvel Legends)Warpath Xforce (Marvel Legends)
Whirlwind (Marvel Legends)Whirlwind V2 (Marvel Legends)
White Tiger (Marvel Legends)White Tiger (Marvel Legends)
White Tiger (Marvel Legends)White Tiger (Marvel Legends)
Winter Soldier (Marvel Legends)Wizard (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine (Marvel Legends)Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine (Marvel Legends)  on eBay Now!Wonder Man Classic V2 (Marvel Legends)
Wonderman (Street Fighter)Wonderman (Marvel Legends)
Wonderman (Marvel Legends)Wonderman (Marvel Legends)
Wonderman Marvel Now (Marvel Legends)Wrecker (Marvel Legends)
Wrecker (Marvel Legends)Wrecker (Marvel Legends)
Wrecker (Marvel Legends)Wrecker V2 (Marvel Legends)
Wrecking Crew (Marvel Legends)Wrecking Crew (Marvel Legends)
X-Force (Marvel Legends)Yondu (Marvel Legends)
Zauriel (DC Universe)Zha-Vam (Marvel Legends)