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 Rocketeer Creations 
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Customizer:Rocketeer CreationsFirst Made:Jango Fett
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Darklon
Crowd Favorite:DestroTotal Customs:17
Current Projects:Crimson Guard, Croc Master, Tomax & Xamot, Overlord, Interrogator, Big Boa, Wild Weasel, and an Iron Grenadier
Comments:I think that customizing is more than a mere hobby like most people think. Its a thrill and to make the best custom you can make, the inner reward is priceless. I currently love to make drawings for future figures I plan to work on. But I think that the fun part is actually making them. Being an artist I tend to make actual characters my own personal way. Not the way they are supposed to be. But I love to stay true to the original so I get the best references I can get my hands on. Being only 12 years old, that can be hard sometimes to aquire.

I truly must thank my Father, Jim, and my Mother, Regina, and my Grandparents and uncle Joe. They all encourage me to do the best work that I can do and buy me the action figures and supplies that I need.

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