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Customizer:manomight1974First Made:Lex Luthor
Showcase Rank:Lord BaronPersonal Best:Superboy (Legion of Super-Heroes Costume)
Crowd Favorite:Bizarro SuperboyTotal Customs:169
Current Projects:Currently, I am working on several figures. Among them, a series of classic Silver and Bronze Age Superboy characters.
Comments:I think that customizing figures is very therapeutic. It's a great way to relieve stress and it gives you a great outlet for your creativity. I've been customizing for a few years now, and I have to say that I'm glad I started. Only thing though, is that it seems like every time I finish a new custom figure, some company (whether it's DC Direct or Mattel, etc.) comes out with it. But, don't let that discourage you. Just keep plugging along, and try and find the most obscure characters out there to make a figure of, because that seems to be the only way to not have to take a figure that you worked on for ages and put it in a box in the back of the closet.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:2First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.09Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Nov 29, 2013 Super ClonesKid Supreme I (First Costume)763.08 
Aug 21, 2011 Golden OldiesMighty Boy I993.09 

All Customs by manomight1974
Adam - Leader of the Eternian Resistance (Masters of the Universe)Battle Damaged Mirror Kirk (Star Trek)
Bigfoot Creature (Superboy Classics)Bizarro Superboy (Superman)
Bizarro Superboy (Superboy Classics)Bizarro Supergirl (Superman)
Blackthorne (DC Direct)Bloodsport (Superman)
Bonechill (DC Direct)Bronze Age Atomic Skull (Superman)
Bronze Age Blackrock (Superman)Cadet Kirk (Star Trek)
Cadet Sulu (Star Trek)Captain James Tiberius Kirk (Next Generation Movie Uniform) (Star Trek)
Captain Spock (Star Trek)Captain Spock (Star Trek)
Captain Zoom (DC Universe)Chandu the Gorilla with X-Ray Eyes (Superboy Classics)
Clark Kent (Superboy Classics)Col. Steve Austin (Six Million Dollar Man)
Commander Thelin (Star Trek)Commodore Robert April (Star Trek)
Connor Kent Superboy in Classic Superman Costume from Superboy and the Ravers #9 (DC Direct)Cyber (Superboy Classics)
Dark Supergirl (Superman)Dark Superman (Superman)
Divine (DC Direct)Doctor Chaos (Superboy Classics)
Doctor Leonard "Bones" Mccoy (Star Trek)Doctor Magnetic (DC Direct)
Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana (DC Universe)Don Blake (Superboy Classics)
Dworn the Super-Weakling from Space (Superboy Classics)Earth 2 Superman (1950's Costume) (Superman)
Earth 2 Superman (1980's Costume) (Superman)Earth 2 Superman (WW II Costume) (Superman)
Earth-2 Alexei Luthor (Superman)Earth-2 Clark Kent (1950's Era) (DC Direct)
Earth-2 Clark Kent (1980's Era) (DC Direct)Earth-2 Clark Kent (WWII Era) (DC Direct)
Earth-2 Clark Kent, Jr. (DC Direct)Earth-2 Eradicator (DC Direct)
Earth-2 Supergirl (DC Direct)Earth-2 Superman II (DC Direct)
Earth-2 Superwoman (DC Direct)Earth-2 Vril Dox (DC Direct)
Ensign Chekov (Star Trek)Faker (Masters of the Universe)
Faora - Pokolistan (Superman)Faora - Return to Krypton (Superman)
First Appearance Luthor (DC Direct)Ghost (DC Universe)
Golden Age Atomic Skull (DC Direct)Hellcat (DC Universe)
Hyperion (Marvel Legends)Iron Munro of the Young All-Stars (DC Direct)
Johnny Quick (Golden Age) (DC Universe)Johnny Quick (JLA: Earth2) (DC Universe)
Jor-El (Council Garb) (Superman Returns)Kid Fate (DC Direct)
Kid Johnny Quick (DC Universe)Kid Lantern (DC Direct)
Kid Supreme I (First Costume) (DC Universe)Krypto as Skip (Superboy Classics)
Krypto the Superdog (Earth-116) (DC Direct)Krypto the Superdog (Universe of Evil) (DC Direct)
Kryptonian Solar Suit Superman (Superman Returns)Kryptonite Power Lex Luthor (Superman Returns)
Lana Lang (Superboy TV Series) (DC Direct)Lex Luthor (Superman Returns)
Lex Luthor (Superboy Classics)Lex Luthor (DC Universe)
Lex Luthor as the Light (Superman)Lex Luthor in Lexorian Battlesuit (Superman Returns)
Lightning Master (Superman)Lois Lane (Superman)
Lois Lane Version 2 (Superman)Lyrl Dox (Adult Years) (DC Direct)
Lyrl Dox (Teenage Years) (DC Direct)Major Sivana (DC Direct)
Matrix (Superman)Matrix (Superman Returns)
Metalo, Jr. (DC Direct)Mighto (Superboy Classics)
Mighty Boy I (Superboy Classics)Mighty Boy II (Superboy Classics)
Mirror Captain Christopher Pike (Star Trek)Mirror Scotty (Star Trek)
Molecular Master (DC Universe)Mongul (Superman Returns)
Operation Counter Invasion Aliens (Superboy Classics)Pete Ross (Superboy Classics)
Pete Ross as Superboy (Superboy Classics)Pod Suit Superman (Superman Returns)
Police Chief Douglas Parker (Superboy Classics)Power Girl (Second Costume) (Superman)
Power Ring (DC Universe)Professor Lewis Lang (Superboy Classics)
Quicksilver Kid II (DC Direct)R-Ban (DC Direct)
Red Sun (DC Direct)Sandboy (DC Universe)
Security Chief Lieutenant Pavel Andreievich Chekov (Star Trek)Sentry (Marvel Legends)
Sentry (Age of the Sentry) (Marvel Legends)Silver Age Brainiac (Superman Returns)
Simon Valentine (DC Direct)Smallville Black Canary (DC Direct)
Smallville Lana Lang (DC Direct)Smallville Milton Fine (DC Direct)
Smallville Superman (DC Direct)Super Lex Luthor (Superboy Classics)
Superboy (Young Justice)Superboy (Adventures of Superboy 1960 TV Pilot) (DC Direct)
Superboy (Alternate Costume) (Superboy Classics)Superboy (Bronze Age) (Superboy Classics)
Superboy (Cadmus Field Agent Costume) (DC Direct)Superboy (Conner Kent) (DC Universe)
Superboy (Earth-116) (Superboy Classics)Superboy (Fan Fiction - Brave New Smallville) (DC Direct)
Superboy (Fan Fiction - Earth-491) (DC Direct)Superboy (Fan Fiction - Earth-547) (DC Direct)
Superboy (Fan Fiction - Earth-606) (DC Direct)Superboy (Fan Fiction - Earth-656) (DC Direct)
Superboy (Fan Fiction - Earth-860) (DC Direct)Superboy (Fan Fiction - Earth-898) (DC Direct)
Superboy (Fan Fiction - Fleischer) (DC Direct)Superboy (Legion of Super-Heroes Animated Series) (DC Direct)
Superboy (Legion of Super-Heroes Costume) (DC Direct)Superboy (Silver Age) (Superboy Classics)
Superboy (Superboy TV Series) (DC Direct)Superboy (Universe of Evil) (DC Direct)
Superboy (Young Justice Season One V1) (Young Justice)Superboy (Young Justice Season One V2) (Young Justice)
Superboy (Young Justice Season Two) (Young Justice)Superboy the Boy Wonder (DC Direct)
Superboy-Prime (Superman)Superman - Long Hair (Superman/Doomsday Animated Movie) (Superman)
Superman (Earth-2) (Super Powers)Superman (Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds) (DC Universe)
Superman (Long Hair) (Superman)Superman (Our Worlds at War Costume) (Superman)
Superman Secundus (Superman)Swifty the Superdog (Superboy Classics)
Syrene (DC Direct)Telegirl (DC Direct)
The Brain (Superboy Classics)The Director (DC Direct)
The Insect Queen (Superboy Classics)The Kryptonite Dog (Superboy Classics)
The Kryptonite Kid (Superboy Classics)The Ringmaster (DC Direct)
The Ringmaster (Superboy Classics)The Son of Lightning/Lightning Master II (DC Direct)
Tom Turbine (DC Direct)Turlock the Berzerker (Superboy Classics)
Ultra-Humanite (First Appearance) (DC Direct)Ultraboy (JLA: Earth2) (DC Direct)
Ultragirl (JLA: Earth2) (DC Direct)Ultraman (Superman)
Ultraman (Classic) (DC Universe)Ultraman (Golden Age) (DC Universe)
Ultraman (JLA: Earth2) (DC Universe)Ursa U-Ban (DC Direct)
William Wright (Superboy Classics)Wonder Boy (DC Direct)
Young Jor-El (Council Garb) (Superman Returns)Young Jor-El (Judge's Garb) (Superman Returns)
Zatara the Magician (Superboy Classics)

Custom Tutorials by manomight1974
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