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 Hammer of the Gods 
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Customizer:Hammer of the GodsFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:DukePersonal Best:Frankenstein from DC Seven Soldiers/ Flashpoint
Crowd Favorite:D-Compose - InhumanoidsTotal Customs:67
Current Projects:I'm hell bent on completting all 9 characters from The Warriors (still have 5 to go).

I plan to get some Thundarr the Barbarian villains on my shelf soon.

Anybody remember the Herculoids? It was another great 80's cartoon that had Alex Toth as a lead designer (he worked on Thundarr and Space Ghost too). I want to tackle these characters in 2012.
Honorable Mentions:My Mouse Guard and Afrodisiac figures were both featured in blogs by their respective comic/character creators. Quite an honor.
Comments:As you will see from my featured customs, I have a soft spot for 80's characters and figures that no one has attempted before. As an adult i finally have the skills to create the toys I wished were made when I was a kid. I most enjoy making figures that present a challenge in terms of unique look, scale or detail.

I'm open for commi$$ion work - just PM me or hit me at wharris4th@gmail

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All Customs by Hammer of the Gods
"Handyman Grant" (Marvel Legends)Afrodisiac (Urban Legends)
Ajax from "the Warriors" (Warriors)Beta Ray Bill (Marvel Legends)
Bjorn the Northlander (Realm Of The Underworld)Black Dynamite (Adult Swim)
Black Panther (Marvel Legends)Blackstar and Warlock (Masters of the Universe)
Buzz Lightyear (Marvel Legends)Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Celenawe, Black Axe Of The Mouse Guard (Mouse Guard)Classic Thor MOTUC (Marvel Legends)
Cleon from "the Warriors" (Warriors)Conan (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Conrad Of The Mouse Guard (Mouse Guard)D-Compose - Inhumanoids (Inhumanoids)
Darkwolf (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Darkwolf (2.0) (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Darkwolf (MOTUC Style) (Masters of the Universe)Destroyer Thor (Marvel Universe)
Fang-Ra (Realm Of The Underworld)Fiendish Dr. Wu (Adult Swim)
Frankenstein from DC Seven Soldiers/ Flashpoint (DC Direct)Gemini (Thundarr the Barbarian)
General Gronn (Realm Of The Underworld)Goliath - Fearless Warmount (Realm Of The Underworld)
Gwendolyn Of The Mouse Guard (Mouse Guard)Hoggle from Labyrinth (Labyrinth)
Inhumanoids Redlen (Inhumanoids)Inhumanoids Tendril (Inhumanoids)
Iron Man (Marvel Legends)Jonah Hex (Marvel Legends)
Kenzie of the Mouse Guard (Mouse Guard)Larn of Fire and Ice (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Legends of Olympus - Clash of the Titans Set (Clash of the Titans)Lone Wolf & Cub (Justice League)
Ludo from Labyrinth (Labyrinth)Metlar - Inhumanoids (Inhumanoids)
Midnight Of Mouse Gaurd (Mouse Guard)Mouse Guard Figure Set (Mouse Guard)
Mr. T (A-Team)Mr. T as Clubber Lang (My Heroes)
Muppet Whatnot - Jasper Thibodeaux, Muppet Gigolo (Original)Muppet Whatnot Workshop (Original)
Ookla the Mok (Thundarr the Barbarian)Ookla the Mok (Thundarr the Barbarian)
Princess Ariel (Thundarr the Barbarian)Princess Ariel (Thundarr the Barbarian)
Princess Teegra of Fire and Ice (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Rand Of The Mouse Gaurd (Mouse Guard)
Rischa Vale (Original Exalted RPG Character) (Original)Sadie Of Mouse Guard (Mouse Guard)
Saxon of the Mouse Guard (Mouse Guard)Sheriff Woody (Marvel Legends)
Sir Didymus & Ambrosious (Labyrinth)Snow from "the Warriors" (Warriors)
Space Ghost (DC Universe)Stan Winston's TRAKK (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Stelara (Sectaurs)Swan from "the Warriors" (Warriors)
Thor (Movie 10 Inch Fig) (Marvel)Thundarr the Barbarian (Thundarr the Barbarian)
Thundarr the Barbarian (Thundarr the Barbarian)War Chief - Time Walking Spirit Warrior (Realm Of The Underworld)
X-59 Starhammer Ray Gun (Dark Horse)Z-72 AETHER WOLF Matter Displacer Raygun (Dark Horse)
Zeus - Lord of Olympus (Realm Of The Underworld)